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      Strange first lucid dream

      Well I finally had a LD(after about 2 months of trying), I don't quite remember how it started, it seemed to be a WBTB but it also seemed that I fell asleep right into a REM cycle. The dream seemed to take place inside of a computer screensaver that consisted of a gymnasium where there were a bunch of people dancing. One person stopped dancing and walked around and I decided to try moving one of the characters around by using a keyboard (which there was none but I still somehow pressed the arrow keys). I started to control one person that I was looking at in third person and then somehow realized that it was a dream. My view immediately switched to first person and I started walking around and looking at how realistic it was. After about 30 seconds I tried doing a RC, but then everything faded out very quickly and I woke up.

      My dream recall is usually pretty bad, but I can remember almost every detail of this dream (except for sound, which I can't ever remember from dreams)

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      I have dreams where I am on or in some computer world, if I was on the computer too much during that day. I hate those dreams because I don't want my dream to be more fun then being on a stupid computer game.


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