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      Talking I Finally Had A Lucid Dream =]

      If you want to read about it, I shall start a DJ soon.

      I got up at like 5:30 in the morning, did my business and browsed DV for a while. Then I decided to try to WILD. I had a count going. "1 *Breath In* I am dreaming. *Breath Out*, 2...etc" I got to roughly 70 and I had a weird sensation come over me, like I got really warm, but then it faded. I didn't get any HI or anything. My mind started to stray from the count and daydreamed a scenario so I just fell asleep. I woke up later and did move a bit, so I can't really count this as a DEILD can I? And then went back to sleep with the previous image in mind and It worked. I was like "Woah!" and then I did an RC, by plugging my nose and breathing, it was the strangest sensation breathing while my nose was plugged, I did it several times throughout the dream just because It was so cool. Needless to say I acheived lucidity at this point and enjoyed a 30 minute LD (in dream time, it was actually 3 hours real time).

      For those of you interested: I have had decent recall my entire life, I do have a DJ and it probably helped push me over the edge to LDing. And I have been attempting this for only 3 weeks, so I think this was good time to get a LD after. Although it felt like it took forever to get one!

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      Sounds good and you should of included details about it and you have the times mixed up because dream time is slower than real time and anyway 30 mins of 3 hours or whatever it was is really good for a begginner, I have had about 15 LD's and most I think i've had in dream time would probably be 7 mins

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      Great Lucid!!!

      Hopefully now you will have more and more, just keep focused and they will come to you!

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