After having a few recent lucids in a roll and not knowing what they were or what they are called, I attempted to have one for the first time in my life!

I posted this in the newbie section, but thought I should also post my first attempted Lucid dream here.

Here it is:

I went to bed and tried to WILD but fell asleep and dreamed non-lucid of being in parking lot drinking beer at midnight with someone I knew and I could clearly see my house all lit up in the distance. From then it turned into friends bringing their children to the parking lot play ground and they were all swinging on the swings. I think I woke up and said damn I fell asleep and missed my opportunity. I looked at the clock and closed my eyes and immediately my body got numb and my head felt weird. (Perhaps SP) I scared myself and decided I wanted to fully wake up. At this point its 3am. I struggled to WILD for an hour but couldnt fell asleep.
I was about to give up and then I thought it would be nice to dream of a beach with a beautiful woman making love in the sand. After a few minutes, I started seeing images thru the darkness and knew I was close! Not sure if I fell asleep or WILD?
But I am now lucid and in my bed thinking I am making love to a woman but when I look up, I see myself humping me! I said Ugh! I concentrated and was able to materialize a brunette and we started making so much noise, I consciencely thought I better awaken or I would wake my wife up!

(False Awakening) Now I think I am awake in bed with my wife, I look over to her and she's undressing ready to make love. She tells me I took my clothes off and some how told her I wanted to make love to her. So now she's getting naked. Just as we are about to do it, the door bell rings. It was some delivery in the middle of the night that I was expecting. weird. I get up and I am naked, cant find my clothes and need to answer the door. I finally say screw it and open the door but now I have my underwear on. I quickly tell the guy to put the delivery over there while I move quick so he doesnt notice me in my underwear.
Now, I am walking downstairs in a long winding staircase and now I notice I am in my pajamas. I said thats strange! I went from naked to underwear to pajamas. I decide to to a RC, I look at my hand and I have 2 thick fingers and a long thumb! I was actually happy to see the disformed hand. I get lucid and I try to jump up. Sure enough I jumped and floated slowly down. I then say let me try jumping down the long stairs. I am airborn floating gracefully down! I attempt to fly and I was succesfull! I flew thru 2 windows in a breast stroke manner. I got so excited I wanted to wake up and make sure I remembered the dream. I lost detail and woke up for real!

I never thought I had so much power over my dreams. It is a true life altering experience!