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      Angry I HATE being woken up from LDs

      So today I woke up cuz I slept on the couch and my roommate and his mom were talking about what groceries to get and whatnot. I woke up and added all the things I wanted and when everyone went back to their rooms, I felt sleepy again and decided to WILD. I lied down and waited for SP and it kinda came in waves, but was never very strong, so after an hour I rolled over and hoped I would just have a regular DILD. I kept having mini dreams and waking up remembering to become lucid.

      I finally had a dream where I was Harry Potter for a second (it was on the TV) and was using my powers to save this girl and myself. I realized it was a dream, so i just started making out with this girl, and it felt so real and we started going further when I heard my roommates mom say something really loud and it woke me up. Thank God I had a thick blanket on cuz umm u know... morning wood.

      What are some of the LDs you wish you HADNT been woken up from?

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      Every one of them!!

      Though last night I actually managed to DEILD (dream chaining) myself back into the dream I got woke up from... amazingly I was still lucid, too, but the dream wasn't very stable and I forgot to stablize it, so I lost control pretty quick after that.


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