Just to share with you some of my dreaming experiences as follows:

Lucid Dreams
All of my lucid dreams happened when I somehow realized that I am in a dream. I did not perform any reality checks or other techniques, it just occurred to me suddenly that I am dreaming. I did try out some of the fun stuffs like flying, stopping cars etc. although sometimes unsuccessful.

Sadly to say, I had far more experiences with OBE than LD. I had many unsuccessful or partial OBEs where I can only move part of my upper body. Once, I could only managed to lift both phantom arms out. Hence, I tried touching my left arm with my right hand. It has kind of a fluffy feel to it (my right hand cannot go through my left arm). I wonder if I could relieve a itch by scratching my phantom (will try it next time lol). In another case, I felt that I could lift the whole of my upper body out, but the more I do so, the more distorted my face become. Finally, the distorted feeling on my face become so awkward that I gave up and lie back down.

There were a few instances where I performed a full OBE. There was one case was fully detached and found my phantom self floating above my real self. I was so light that I was flying up phasing through the ceiling and up into the sky. In another instance, I did a roll to the right and found myself standing beside my bed. I bent down and felt the cold hard marble floor when I touched it. This was different from the previous case in the sense that I could not phase through objects. I walked into my parents room and saw my dad watching tv. I was so excited that I decided to wake up and tell my dad that I saw him. But sadly when I opened my eyes, the whole house was dark and everyone was asleep.

There was a interesting case where I detached myself while sleeping with the pillow over my eyes (as the light was on). I could feel that the pillow is glued over my eyes (although I could still see) as I walk around my house! It was as if the 'soul' of my pillow become detached together with my phantom self.

And yes, I had multiple hallucination experiences like rapid acceleration, white noises (thought I was undergoing surgery) and vibrations. Once, I could feel my whole bed shaking so violently that I thought to myself "Omg, its another earthquake." Interestingly, this vibration cue let to a related dream where I drag myself out of my bed rushing to my parents' room to warn them. Sadly, I was not lucid in this case as I panic and really thought that the building would collapsed.

However, the more interesting hallucinations are related to the sense of touch. In one instance, something was tugging my hands trying to drag my 'soul' out of me. In another instance, I could feel 2 hands touching my back (was sleeping face down). Since I knew it was a hallucination, I simply ignored it and enjoy the 'massage' lol. There was a odd case where I could feel that I was being touched all over my body (yes, that part of the body too) by many pairs of hands! It was like my whole body was being violated. The feeling was so intense and awkward that I had to force myself to wake up despite knowing the fact that it was not real.

Multiple False Awakenings
I think these are partly due to my laziness. Sometimes when I fall asleep with the lights on, or when it get too cold in the middle of the night, I had to wake up like 3 to 4 times to switch off the light or the fan before I really woke up. I also wet my bed once as I really thought I had woke up and went to the bathroom. I was peeing halfway in the virtual bathroom when I realized something was wrong but it was too late...

I think it's time to stop and finish with "That's just my two cents worth". Wondered if anyone has similar experiences?