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      I travelled across the universe

      Ok first off i would just like to say that i've been controlling my dreams for a long time but this dream was the most remarkable one yet...

      I was standing on dark road in the middle of a town (don't know where) and there were a few girls there trying to hover over the ground but each time they tried they would fall. I walked over to them and said "it's easy you just have to know that you can and you will" and then i showed them. While i was hovering over the road i all of a sudden knew i was dreaming and i said to myself " this is it i can do anything i want to now" so i said i want to see god. I immediatly starting shooting up into outer space, past planets, then galaxies until i ended up in a white room where it felt really void of anything.
      I seen half circles above me, thousands maybe many more and below me i saw the other half of the circles and then all of sudden they started coming together to bond with each other. when they were complete a large hand reached into the middle of them all and took out just one then placed it on a silver platter and put a glass covering over it. I said aloud " I'm never going to see god am I?
      The voice said No you are not, and then i made a demand that i wanted to see who i was going to fall in love with someday and in an instant i was sitting in an auditorium type room and my mother was sitting next to me. There was a man singing and he started to make his way down the aisle to me then he stooped down in front of me and then our eyes locked....time and space disappeared and all that was left was him and I. It seemed like we looked and each other forever and the more we stared at each other the more this feeling so intense was growing, and growing, i thought i was going to explode, then my mom whispered in my ear and she said " you have to go now, go find something else to do, and just like that the dream was over.

      I remember his eyes were so beautiful brown with flecks of green in them and when he smiled at me i couldn't help but smile back at him because we just knew...I wished i would have asked him his name but i guess that's for another dream.

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      Don't get too caught up in dream love. Could get messy.

      Cool dream btw xD
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      Ahhhhh. Dream love.

      Awesome dream. I was right there with you while reading it.


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