So last night I had my first DILD since joining the forum. The night before that I had a great DEILD...
I really believe that there are three factors that helped me easily get back into the lucid realm.

Lots of reality checks during the day
Keeping a dream journal and improving dream recall
Being enthusiastic about LD's and not getting down on myself when I dont have an LD or any recall.

So anyway, last nights dream was very interesting so Ill briefly describe it.

I had to go to my cousins wedding in lake tahoe. I for some reason took ecstasy before driving up to tahoe. Before leaving for tahoe I saw my good friend and did a RC and became lucid. I taught him how to fly superman style and then I tried to conjure up a flying machine so I could fly into space in a capsule. I manage to create the machine but it was the size of a micro-machine and I couldnt fit into it. LOL! After this I forgot I was lucid and I started driving to tahoe while being really high on E.
I did an RC while I was driving and I could breathe through my nose with it plugged and the sky was changing colors every second (really vivid and amazing colors!). Because I thought I was really high on E and I was driving I thought that there was a good chance that I was just really High and thats why the RC had failed! All sorts of other shenanigans happened and it was a very vivid and crazy dream.
Man I love dreams and Lucid dreams. So amazing.