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      Had a longer, semi-lucid dream

      I was actually pretty lucid in a DILD I had last night, which was for lack of better terms, pretty cool.

      I woke up in my dream after being around the neighborhood with my brother and dad and was in a supermarket or something, when I realized: I'm actually dreaming!
      I want to say I was semi-lucid, because even though I kind of new I was dreaming, I was still befuddled by being in a dream. While I was doing things to control my dream, I was still kind of in the dream, so to speak.

      Nevertheless, I held out my hand and summoned a huge fireball. And proceeded to launch it. But I thought because I was technically dreaming, it wouldn't effect the supermarket, and it just dissolved. My brother was there, and I said, "HEY, Alex, I'm in a dream, so look what I can do!" And summoned electrical balls/fireballs and launched them. The same thing happened.
      And whenever I held up my hand for a fireball and nothing came, I thought "I'm still dreaming, so there should be fire" and there was.

      In a way, it felt just a little beyond dreaming that I was in a lucid dream.

      And I am against doing drugs in real life, so I thought "Hey, now I can try something..." So I summoned up weed. It didn't look the way I saw it on tv or anything, so I changed the thing until it looked real, and summoned a lighter out of thin air, and lit it.

      Then, of course, a DC came up to me and told me that I was lucid long enough, and the dream was over.. And then, it was all over.

      Has anyone else felt like they weren't 100% lucid, but lucid enough to take a bit of control?
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      Heh, well yeah, when I am lucid I still can't get enough control, and I doubt I could do so much things like you, so you got plenty more control then me in my Dreams bastard

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      Yes, I agree! I've had dream crack in a non-lucid...I don't remember what it felt like, except for the thought of it being good.

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      I've never taken drugs like weed or anything and I never intend to in reality, so I'll have to in a dream to see what happens. :3

      Often I'll get lucid but I'll still involve my self in the dream events. For instance I might be dreaming I'm in a shopping mall with friends. Rather than become lucid and just do my own thing, I'll still follow along with the story just to see where it takes me.


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