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      Talking Fun Lucid Dream

      For a while I have been neglecting my dreams and smoking weed. Now I'm clean and the dreams are flowing like crazy.

      Last night, I had the most Lucid dream I've had for a few months. It started of in New York Penn Station, where I saw a few of my favorite musicians. Everything felt normal until a cop came up to me and told me to complete some sort of task that included going down an escalator and talking to the guy on the right. When I went down there it looked like a costume party and "the guy on the right" was the same cop dressed up in a suit and tie and all of the guys in costumes were prisoners. He began laughing at me and then put me in jail. While in jail I was with my friend mike and we were looking for a good set of weights to lift, but they were all strange and nonfunctionable. I began talking to an inmate about bodybuilding for a while, and began to question reality. As I was about to become lucid, a crazy guy with a gun started running around and threatening to kill everyone. Everyone, including myself, hid underneath these big desks that filled the jail. After pacing back and fourth for a while the gunman decided to lie down under the same desk as me. I was so scared until I looked at him and was like "wait, this is one of my best friends, Brandon.....HAHAHA". From then on I had the best time of my life. I got out from under the desk and walked the halls of my old high school. I was just running around punching people in the face, talking to people I would have never talked to, and trying to have sex with every girl I saw. I then thought it would be funny to get naked in dream public, but my clothes were all glitchy and would only come off for a little while. After having a blast in high school, I went outside where I found my truck parked. I hopped inside where I found one of the waitresses from work sitting in the passenger seat. I started talking to her about how funny this dream was and then asked her to give me road head. She accepted my request and it was great and very realistic feeling. As this was going on I looked up at my gps and thought it would be fun to turn it on and see what kind of wacky shit it would say. The little icon for the map was a monkey and the time was 20:85. After driving for a while, I drifted off and woke up.

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      That sounded really fun!


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