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    Thread: First LD ever!

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      First LD ever!

      I found out about lucid dreaming a couple years ago. Initially, I was really into it for a couple of months, but after trying a bunch of things (dream diary, MILD, WILD, reality checks, etc) I never got a LD and eventually I gave up.

      Anyway, I was taking a nap today and I finally had one!! It started with 3 false awakenings, finally after the third one, I realized that it was a dream.

      At this point, I tried to control my surroundings and ended up at my grandparents house, at which point I ran outside and started flying . I spent a couple of minutes looking at the sky and the surrounding mountains (the colors were very vivid), then I lost focus and ended up in a department store. I walked around for a little bit, then woke up.

      One thing I noticed was that you really have to believe that things are going to happen for them to happen - I couldn't just be like "fly", I had to actually believe that I was going to fly before I started flying. weird.

      But this really motivated me to get into LD again, and I hope this is the first of many to come!

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      Quote Originally Posted by Black)Waltz View Post
      This really motivated me to get into LD again, and I hope this is the first of many to come!

      Getting back into lucid dreaming is very exciting, especially when it's sparked by non-induced lucidity. Good luck with your future attempts!


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