(Long read alert)

First I remember being on this space station, and everyone was wearing weird suits, the legs were connected like flying squirrels, and they were white with blue splotchy writing on them. The setting was like a big mall in space, and someone fell in slow motion through a display window.

After that, I was walking around this city street, and I thought I had met up with a friend of mine. From there, we got separated for some reason and I went my own way. I turned into a corner where these two huge boxers wearing tights were (Scary, let me tell ya ). They got pissed at me for some reason and started chasing me (I started yelling for my friend to come help, but no cigar). As I was running, I came to this pond with a tree hanging pretty high above it. I jumped up, and grabbed a branch. One of the boxers jumped, missed the branch but grabbed me! I managed to get him lose and he fell. Than the other one tried the same thing. For some reason we both flew or swinged over to a nearby roof. I was still holding a branch from the tree and I used that to stab his face and hands and he fell.

Suddenly, I realized "Theres no way that could've happened!" and I was lucid. I did a reality check by looking at my hands. I had nine fingers on one hand. I spent a minute just looking around from where I was, impressed with how detailed everythng was. I could feel the shingles of the roof beneath my finger tips, and slightly dizzy from being a few stories above the ground.

The city itself was full of lots of yellow toned colors, but that's as far as I remember the city, I was eager to start exploring and doing lucid stuff. From there, I climbed down into the ally where I first saw the boxers (They seem to have disappeared the moment I gained lucidity). The entrance to the ally was narrow, there were crates and other garbage piled around, and there were a couple of large signs. Every time I tried to read a sign, I would blink (Or it felt like a blink) and the text would change so I stopped bothering to read them.

From there, I decided I was gonna fly out of the alley, but a cloth tarp of some sort acted as a roof, blocking my view of the sky above the city. I didn't think of trying to teleport or anything like that, but I did want to do the basic task of the month. I was in an alley, so I figured I'd climb to the top of the alley, and go find a wine store. (As you can see, I wasn't 100% lucid, I should've just left the alley from the way I came in)

There was plenty of stuff to climb on to reach the top, there were crates and scaffolding circling most of the alley, so I made pretty good progress.
Near the top, something happened (I don't remember what) and I was suddenly in some sort of room like I was back on that space station I mentioned earlier. There were two other people talking (about what I don't remember) and they turned to leave and my dream started to fade. I tried to spin to save my lucidity, but it was too late and I awoke.

I'm pretty happy, it has been months since I had a lucid where I was actually in control a little bit. Heres to the hope that I have many more soon, cheer s