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      my most beautiful lucid yet.

      hello, iv'e not posted a dream in quite a while, and i think that this one deserves a bit of my time, and yours because it was, truely the best yet.

      I woke up around 3:15 am, id'e had a bit to drink earlier and was feeling a little parched and wousy. I lay in bed for 5 minutes and then i got out of bed and rushed to the bathroom to gulp down a glass of water. Feeling better i went back and got in bed. My alarm for a WBTB went off as i pulled the covers over me. I turned it off and thought, well i pritty much just got up and out of bed, i rarley have the will power to do this on other night so im not gonna stay awake any longer than i already have. I lay back down and attempted a WILD. i lay there for 5 or so minutes and as i was looking into the black abys behind my eye lids, for about 2 seconds a long dark hallway appeared and got more vivid as i focused on it. It then Faded out and then a second later it happened again. It was a long dark hallway with windows trailing down eather end, quite high up. It tilted inwards on me and the floor seemed to sort of wobble. It then dissapeared again. giving up i rolled over on my side, at this very moment i felt very uneasy. I got a strange vibrating sensation down my right leg, i stayed very still. Within a minute or so, i decided to sit myself up. Sure i was still awake, i did a lazy reality check for the sake of it, and put my hand right through my bed. I was inconsolable, i hadn't had a lucid dream in a while.

      Quickly the scene and a black and white tall wall appeared infront of me, it's colour filled in and it got more vivid, i took things very quickly and started filling in the time i had in the dream world. after a static run around feeling things and trying to fly, i fell to my knees and picked up some grass off the ground. I picked it up and it fell through my fingers like sand. I looked up at the wall, it was no longer there, instead a vast landscape of building high grass now covered as far as i could see. I began pasing through this grass quickly. I came to a long pathway of mud that was through one of the gaps. And at the other end there was a person. i ran after them as quick as i could, attempting to fly, but failing i fell to my knees and did a quick reality check. I got up and the person was gone. there was a load buzzing noise all of a sudden, i looked up and in just above the thick canopy of the tall grass, a large disc floated slowly overhead, with blue windows all around it. instinctivly, i stepped off the road into the grass to hide myself. The shadow that the disc created against the bright sun was moving in a diffrent motion to the object. It was like it was looking for me. all of a sudden the ground fell in, i was now in a dirty old shack made out of rotten wood, all cluttered together, there was a musty smell to it, like it had been there for a long time. out one of the windows there was a long white strip of sand leading to the sea. I paced out the rotten door, as i pushed it, it flung off right across the beach, and landed in a pile, it then sunk into the sand. I walked across the beach, and my bare feet then began to burn. I consontraited all my engery and beleif into hovering, i then slowly took off. I felt very un incontrol and un steady. i then slowly dropped into the water, on wich i thought was shallowe. But instead i dropped in and was all off a sudden up to my kneck.

      I went under the water, holding my breath for some reason. i was looking for something. i then saw the same person i saw earlier, standing a few yards away in a colourful reef, inhabbited by many fish and sea creatures. Un effected by the water, HE turned around and ran off across the sea floor. i swam afterhim, getting intercepted by the beauty of this undersea world. I then tryed to breath, and with every breath, i got a shock. like when you fall into cold water and you gasp for breath, i then got used to it, and began swimming around real fast. I large manta ray thing swam past me, and i touched it. it twiched quickly and swam away. i then noticed a plug at the bottom of the sea bed. it was like an ordinary bath plug. i swam down to it, and pulled it right off. all gravity came back to me and i fell to the floor. the force of the water draining into the plug hole was rediculouse i was holding onto the sand as it all washed away. eventually it was all gone. leaving a sandy jungle in it's remains, i was outstanded by the sheer quality of what i was seeing, it was so vivid and beautiful that i thought i was going to cry. i then felt a very big wave of lightness in my body. and i was able to float. i floated close to the ground, with my feet dragging accross the strangly hot sand, warming my toes. and then, in a large palm tree opposite me, that boy was there. i shouted for him. i don't rember the exact dialog i used but it was something like "oi, excuse me" and he simply walked up to me confused, i don't rember what was said then, but i do rember not knowing who this boy was, id'e never seen him before. He had long blonde hair, a freckly nose, tanned skin and was pritty much my height. He then spoke a language im not familiar with and vanished. i then felt the dream fade and could feel my real body. i put my knees on the ground feeling the sand and just let the transition into the real world happen. I woke up and ammeadiatly wrote it down.

      thank you for reading, i hope you enjoyed it. and i hope to have luck with this again. it's 2:47 on a saturday night now, and im hoping for a nothing lucid tonight. wish me luck.
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      Good luck! Hopefully, Im hoping to do a WBTWILD tonight
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      wow, that is so exciting! i can't wait to experience some kind of lucidity like this. good luck on future tries!
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