I had my first fully lucid dream at about 4:40 am on New Years Day. It was completely unexpected. I was laying in bed one second, and the next, I was in my cousin's house which confused me because my cousin had just went home earlier that day and was 100 miles away. I saw my cousin and immediately realized I must be dreaming.

Suddenly, my uncle came into the living room and sat at his computer. My cousin seemed disappointed that his dad was home because we were planning to drink. Knowing that I was dreaming, I asked my uncle, "What do you represent?" He looked at me like he was confused and responded "I represent what is on my computer."

Next, I began to walk around the house excitedly exploring and asking out loud if it was a dream. A disembodied voice told me that it was a dream. Next, I walked down a hall to the kitchen and saw an old acquaintance Zeke, only he had white hair. We greeted each other and I asked him If I could change his hair color. He said yes and I waved my hands around his hair and made it multicolored. He was very happy and didn't say much so I continued into the kitchen where I found my best friend David. His hair was shorter so I waved my hands and made him look like he does in real life.

This is when random people started appearing in the kitchen each time I turned around. The only person I got a good look at was a nicely dressed black man with dreadlocks and tribal makeup. I next walked out of the kitchen and found the living room had little kids in it like a day-care was being run in my cousin's house. Two little girls watched tv sitting in the same recliner, and two other little girls sat at a table coloring in a coloring book. I tried to tell the kids that it was a dream but they were more interested in what they were doing and ignored me.

Two women who looked like daycare teachers appeared next to the wall and started talking about me like I was dangerous, or crazy because I was so excited that I was lucid. This frightened me because I didn't know what they might be able to do, so I told David "We should get out of here". We walked to a sliding glass door and I wanted to check if pain existed in a dream. I got up onto a table and was going to fall off of it onto the ground but was too scared so instead I got down and fell from a standing position. "No pain!" I yelled. David smiled and happily agreed with me.

We walked out into the night and I immediately called to the sky "Show me another scene!" When I looked down, there was a type of carnival scene in front of me. I didn't really want to explore it so I blinked and the scene changed to a dark, muddy, road sized path through a forest. David commented on how boring it looked, so I turned to him and decided it might be better if we had more light. I called to the sky "Show me daylight!" and immediately the morning sun rose. When I looked down there were only the backs of houses and an above-ground swimming pool. I wanted to see if the water would even be cold in my dream, so I jumped in and David got in with me. The water was not cold or warm, although it felt very real.

Suddenly, a boy appeared at the side of the pool. My friend David recognized him as our best friend Josh, although this boy was very fat and had a different face than Josh. When I reached out to try to make Josh the thin person I knew, I opened my eyes and was back in bed.

I have had many vivid dreams, but this was the most vivid and completely lucid dream I have ever had. I can't wait to have another one. By the way, anyone interested in learning the secret meanings of lucid dreaming should read "Lucid Dreaming: Gateway to the Inner Self" By Robert Waggoner. It is full of tips, tricks, and experiments to try while lucid, and I wouldn't have had as much fun as I did if I hadn't read it.