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      Flying across plains/Village

      (the following is a direct rip from my dream journal, January 2nd, 2010)

      Lucid Dream!

      The glimpses of dreams prior (that night) have been overall forgotten by now, knowing their contrast with the point where I became lucid. However, I do remember bits and pieces of them: sitting in a car, or a house, using my computer while a bunch of my sisters friends were over, in a darker room. It felt much like a camping/slumber party for some reason. I think my friends Josh and Kenny arrived at some point, wondering what I was doing. That was all I remember of their visit.

      The more memorable of my non-lucid memories consisted of me, standing in the middle of a wide open plain, on a black tarmat with a bunch of monsters apparently. I considered some of them were Pokemon, or perhaps creatures from the game Spore. Why they were there... it was quite beyond me. I seemed to be trying to avoid them,… not standing in their way. A little pigmy creature started running across the tarmat in my direction, but not at me. I simply walked out of its way and allowed it to do whatever it wanted.

      I decided to walk away from them. I stepped further out by myself, and gazed out.

      It was at this point that I awoke. I knew I was dreaming, and the world seemed to open up to my whims. It was an instance of clarity. I grinned, ready to take ahold of my dreamstate!

      I stepped forward, began to run, and then lept into the air. I began to fly with extreme ease, soaring across the landscape, over countless hills and rocks, at an incredible speed. The ground was cast the color of a faint yellow,… a vast sea of dead grass covering the entire plains. The sky was clear, with a bright yellow sun directly over; midday. As I flew, I decided that perhaps I wanted to see something different emerge on the horizon; perhaps a range of mountains. I continued to fly at will, until I soon came upon a lone mountain standing out in the middle of the field. It had no other mountains nearby. It was simply one, lonely mountain. An alien mount amongst wide, rolling plains. Not bad! I thought, seemingly satisfied with the results anyhow.

      I decided to fly closer, and then I landed at the far edge of a forest near the mountain. Ahead of me lied a village. I gazed about the village, and noticed the many buildings coming into view. Of course, some of them changed location and presence the first time I looked away, but I remedied this by gazing around once more to keep them in memory, and prevent them from disappearing on me. I began to tred forward, my curiosity guiding my exploration amongst a few interesting buildings.

      I managed to hear a boy sing to himself, in a rather strange way (using the syllable ‘Bah’?). It seemed to be coming from the window of one of the buildings (what I considered was a tavern, or just a house.) The building itself had light browd siding, two levels, small windows with +'s in the frame. and a white door. I stood and listened, intruiged that there was another being amongst my current dream. I decided it would be fun to play a little game of ‘Call and Answer’. He sang a random tune, and I started to reply back with my own melody. He heard, and likewise returned with his own, and I finished with a melody ending in a deep-voiced low note (I might like to point out that in RL, I am an excellent Bass/Baritone), and the boy laughed jovially. I smiled, hearing the laughter of the boy. …

      I had yet one final epiphany while I was standing there outside of the building. As I turned to gaze to one of the other buildings, which rested at the end of a T in the road, I wondered to myself if I could call upon my spirit guide/companion angel. … I stood, having not quite centered myself, I simply questioned the air around me. “Sun Dance?” … I heard a reply,... promptly, that seemed to reverberate from every direction skyward. “I am here.” I stood in amazement for a moment, and I thought I could even see the outlines of the buildings vibrate with the sound of my guides voice, as if my dream itself was affected. “Come this way.” Said the voice. From that point, I simply allowed my feet to leave the ground, and for me to float up into the sky. The sky dissipated, and it went black. I did not see anything, but I kept hearing small references in my head, and I did not know if they were my thoughts, or somebody elses, but they were concerning someone referenced as ‘he’. My own rambling thoughts? A conversation going on above me? I initially assumed that Sundance had revealed its gender, but then it could have been a reference to me as well. …

      The last thing I remember was the thought of dwelling on my bed, lying still, and thinking “Crap. I must have moved my body. I don’t think I’m dreaming anymore.” Ironically, I was dreaming still, but I was dreaming that I was awake, and that I was grabbing for my laptop ASAP, so I could type as much of my dream as possible. It was strange, because my reaction to finding myself at my bed was that I grab for my laptop to record the dream, and it turned out that I was still dreaming. ...

      I woke up a final time, and... grabbed for my laptop. ^_^


      I thought this dream was quite the progress, considering that I haven't had an LD in quite some time. ... Not only that, but I managed to will myself off the ground, create a mountain, and interact with a dream character. ... How I obtained lucidity was through two methods that I managed to conjoin incidentally. The first being the Video Game method (the one being discussed in the Induction Methods subforum) and by way of listening to Hemi-Syncs Lucid Dreaming Exercise 1 halfway, and then discontinuing (I've never been able to listen to it the whole way through for some reason. =/)

      So, I'd say LDing was only half-intentional, considering I was intending it, but without one concrete method. More like a fusion of two, and quite half-assed. Still, it resulted in a successful DILD, and I am proud of my progress.
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