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      I'm andrew. I found this forum because I was looking up dream control on the internet a couple of weeks ago since I had an odd dream.

      I was in a dream, i was actually going to the bank when some guy exploded a wall with c4 and tried to rob the bank (I dont understand the dream). So i tried to stop him and he punched me. I didn't feel any pain so i was like "oh my god im in a dream!". So then I tried to control the dream. I tried to make handcuffs appear but it didn't work. I was kinda fighting with the bank robber, and he was about to win, but then Jack bauer appeared and shot him (i watch too much 24 ). It was so excited so I woke up.

      So then when I woke up i immediately got out my laptop and searched dream control and I found this forum.

      I have been lurking this forum for a while reading your posts and tutorials, and last night when i had a lucid dream I was prepared.

      I applied a bunch of techniques I learned on the forum like spinning to keep the dream and passive control and verbal commands (like yelling to increase lucidity and to turn off gravity and stuff). I also successfully flew and had super strength (to fight the robber )

      I have a lot of goals and stuff for lucid dreaming for example:

      1) trying to teleport
      2) try to do kamehameha ()
      3) do the task of the year thing (i already did task of the month)
      4) trying to make stuff appear

      I tried the task of the month last night, i succeeded!
      please give me some tips if you know any to help me complete those goals!

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      Hi! Cool. Welcome!


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