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    Thread: I can't tell

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      I can't tell

      Wether i woke up or not this morning.

      Yesterday i went out and drank a lot.
      This morning i "woke up and smoked a cigarette, even checked dreamviews" but i can't remember what i checked. and went back to sleep.

      My room is pretty tidy and not big, my pack of cigarettes is gone, nowhere to be seen, i haven't left my room yet except for taking a shower and it ain't in the bathroom.

      lol ?

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      lol the other day my father asked me if someone ran out of the driveway as he was pulling up. then I had a dream about being in the van as well as looking in the window shouting not to come out. Without listening I opened the door and ran just as his truck was pulling up. The dream was strange; running from police, then running towards them. After getting arrested we talked casually and went to the drivers house instead. Meeting the family the girl showed me to a room and I knew something that they did not seem to be aware of. We were all walking in the land of the dead! Upon remembering A rush of thoughts about immortality imagination and flying power came and I looked at a peice of paper that listed words coming to one that said A foul wind blows. Then I ascended back into waking life for her to see the world through my eyes with the knowledge that We could always visit each other. It had started off with me digging with a group of friends I couldn't quite remember just outside my cottage; even though as I continue the typeface it was clear they were from a recent visit taking the car of a friend up for a few days. We were tunneling into the underworld with shovels but gave up, so I returned later to finish the job the dali lama was there giving me a nod and blessing to proceed. I found a cave entrance amidst the dirt and past the entrance I found myself in the previously mentioned van. There is whole universe the more is said even greater amounts remembered.
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