Ok, first lucid dream I had was when I was very little. I dunno if it was a lucid dream exactly, but for some reason it stuck with me all these years in vivid detail because it felt so real when I was in it, and because I think during the dream I was wondering if that was real or a dream, but decided it was real because it felt so real, even though the situation was impossible. Let's call it a proto-lucid dream.
So I had this teddy bear in real life that I really liked. One night I was looking down the window in my grandparents house, and holding that teddy bear in my hand. Below me by the side of the house were a wolf and a small bear, almost a cub. They had their tongues out but every time I would show them the teddy bear their tongues would go back in, as if they were afraid of it.
This dream must have occurred a quarter of a decade ago yet I can always remember it vividly.

So more recently I became interested in lucid dreaming and had a couple of unsatisfactory experiences. One I was out in the city in a big crowded intersection and nothing much happened, another dream as soon as I realized I was dreaming I went to grab a girl's boobs and I woke up right away. neither dream felt any more vivid than a regular dream.

Then I had what I consider my first true lucid dream, a few months ago I believe. I realized I was dreaming and started touching a wall, and felt the texture incredibly detailed on my finger, and then where I was touching started to turn to sand. Then I saw this vase-like object made of greenish strands, and for some reason it came really clear in focus, as if the world revolved around it, and then I lost lucidity and a regular dream ensued.