I had a strange lucid experience the other night, but I'm quite unclear on what it actually was - so without making any conclusions I just want to report what seemed to happen.

I had fallen back asleep in the morning, as I usually do (this is when I have most rememberable and/or lucid dreams) and I found myself to be what I can only describe as having a lucid dream with my eyes open (although this could always be a case of my mind imagining the said situation). All I could see was a blurry and unfocused account of the view from my pillow, and I could see part of one of my hands next to me. I couldn't move my view at all, I could only slightly change my focus, but things still always remained quite unfocused, a kind of 'double-vision' like when you cross your eyes.

I became lucid from as early as I can remember entering this dream, but I experienced what felt like a kind of sleep paralysis. So it was like all my senses were split; all with the exception of vision were feeding of imaginary lucid dream stimulus, whilst my frozen vision was stuck in sleep paralysis, which seemed to be because my eyes were left in an open state (if thats even possible, this could have just been a tricky semi lucid dream experience that was cunningly convincing).

I became irritated by how my paralysed vision and all the concepts that that vision intailed were getting in the way of my lucid dreaming purposes, so i tried to change things. First I wanted to be certain that I was dreaming so I did the reality check of moving my finger through my palm. Since my frozen view of the bed entailed that I couldn't move, well I found it impossible to move, as if gravity was so strong, however, with effort, I could slowly move my arm and hand that was outside of the field of view. I managed to perform the finger through the palm reality check as far as it didn't contradict with my sight - so the result was a bizzare experience of feeling my finger moving through the solid object of my palm, but since seeing it poke out through the visible side of my other hand would contradict my sight, I could only feel it happening but not see it. It felt so odd experiencing the feeling that my senses of touch and sight were in different worlds.

I also tried to actually close my eyes in order to enter a proper lucid dream, and this resulted in me simply seeing black momentarily and feeling that I was losing a lot of stability, so i stopped trying this. I started to try stabilising the dream further by trying to focus my vision on certain details, but this further destabilised the dream and I eventually woke up. I was creeped out to notice that when I 'woke up' my eyes didn't open to a different real sight, but rather just became properly focused on the sight I had been seeing all along.

I hope anyone else can share their thoughts or comments on this experience.