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      My First Lucid!!! (Since TRYING anyways)

      So I have had 2-3 Lucid Dreams in the past, Im 16 (almost 17) now. So this morning, I woke up at 0600, got up, told my parents I wasnt going to school because I wasnt feeling well. Went back to bed and tried to WILD. Hit SP and Hallucinations, but didnt remain conscious. Once dreaming, I was walking through a forest like area with a road called "Edison Street" which I found odd.. Then my phone buzzed and I checked it. I had received a text from "The Dave". I remembered I didnt have any "Dave" in my phone book, and I never put "The" in front of a contact, so I figured, huh what if Im dreaming... Plugged my nose, and sure enough, I could breathe! So I put my fist in the air and started flying. I started to fall (I think I was losing Lucidity, so I rubbed my hands) and then I kept soaring up. I did some barrel rolls to keep lucidity. And then I landed on a cloud and begun to envision my Dream Guide. The dream faded, and I had a false awakening (grrrrr, I didnt realize it at the time...) The false awakening was me getting up and telling my parents I wasnt going to school because I wasnt feeling well, and then told them about my lucid. Then went back to bed. Soooo confusing! Haha. But Im stoked that the Reality Check worked..

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      Nice! For a first lucid, flying and making it to the clouds is amazing. Most people will just freak out and wake up. Great start!


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