So, last night I got into bed feeling terrible. After laying down for a while and not being able to sleep I decided to try some meditation to calm my mind down. After about five minutes of meditation (which I never do BTW) my mind cleared up and sleep took me over. I'm not sure how it happened, but during one of my dreams I became lucid. I've only had one LD before so I'm not very experienced, but I managed to make some of my surroundings change since I knew I could. Not long after becoming lucid I woke up for about 30 seconds and just let sleep take me over again, and there I was back in the dream world with full consciousness of being there. So, two lucid experiences in one night! It was amazing, to say the least.

I was wondering, does meditation aide in the ability to become lucid? Any info would be great. It was the first time I really did deep meditation, and the second AND third time I have become lucid.

Also, has anyone noticed that in dreams what you expect usually happens? If you expect something bad it usually happens. For example: The other night I was dreaming about camping with my friend. I was like, "I bet there's bears out here" and sure enough I turn my head and a grizzly was wandering toward me. It's just an interesting thing I have noticed.