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    Thread: First Lucid?

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      First Lucid?

      I've been reading up on lucid dreams for quite a while now, but never really tried to initiate one. Last night, I had a dream that I was driving down a dirt road by a lake, when I all of a sudden swerved and landed in the lake, the water encompassed my lungs and i remember not being able to breathe but then a click went off in my mind during the dream saying, "this is just dream! I can't really drown!" so I all of a sudden jumped out of the water, i then plugged my nose and was able to breathe ( i guess a reality check?), only to later realize something (i cant remember what) scared the living daylights out of me and i just told myself "WAKE UP ALREADY! I CANT STAND THIS" in the dream, so i woke up. I'm just trying to understand if this dream counts as lucid, and if it is, how would i go about having better control of my lucids, because i strictly remember knowing i could control my dream within the dream, but i didnt know what to do to defend myself against whatever it is that scared me, so i just panicked and purposely woke myself up. any advice on better control?
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      Wow, that's amazing! If you knew you were dreaming, then yes, it was a lucid dream. I had my first the other night and I had the opposite problem - I was trying not to wake up! You just need to remember that it's only a dream; everything is controlled by your own mind so you can manipulate it in any way you want.

      One technique I've heard people talk about is dream spinning: spin your dream body round and round and imagine yourself ending up in a different place. This is supposed to be an effective way to escape from an undesirable situation, as well as keeping the dream vivid if it starts to fade. Hope that helps!


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