Hi friends, it's been a long time. Thought It was time to share another Lucid Dream I had, there are many others, but when I have the time I come share..

This is how it was:

I remember walking at night on this very big tree bark
that had fallen over a prescipice that seemed to have no end.
The place was a fictional one, not a real life place I had known.
That's how high it was. As I was walking slowly on it, somehow
I realized I must be dreaming. A little girl was walking behind
me, and I am almost certain it was my daughter. It's been a long
time and we all know that some parts of a dream can be fuzzy or
hard to understand. Then she slipped off the bark falling down the
abyss. Now as I watched her fall and very quickly she had vanished,
I tought to my self, well since this is a dream, let me fly down
to rescue her and i even remembered the movie Superman when he swoops down
to rescue Louis lane after she had let go of the seat belt of that helicopter in the first Superman movie.
(Yes, I watched that a lot, in fact it was the very first movie I had ever seen in a movie theater when I was a kid,
and I liked it a whole lot)
I don't remember if I had the thought that she might not
be alive or not, I guess I had faith that she was alive. I then swooped
down and after a moment flying down I could see her lying on the rocky floor.
She was not lying flat, but in a somewhat sitting position.
According to my best memory she was fine. As in any dream, anything we believe
is possible. So I held her like Superman and I remember feeling the weight of
her body in my arms, then I thought, oh wow, now, will I be able to fly back up
with this extra weight? I forced my mind into it, and lifted off, but
I could feel that my speed was so much slower, slower to the point of worrying,
but then in the middle of the flight the dream started to fade off and so it
ended there.