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      First Lucid!

      I had just awoken from another dream and had gone back to sleep, not time to be awake quite yet. I found myself playing an older game, the first version of The Sims, but I was playing as a young Mrs. Crumplebottom (lol, if you play the second game you'll know) and she was at work. I was able to control her interactions at work, unlike the actual game. I was playing for a while until the dream froze and I found myself standing in the middle of a big green, grassy area with lots of cliffs and waterfalls. Suddenly some random omnipotenent voice tells me to 'find a big cliff'. I smile, thinking 'sure, easy!' and my view zooms out from myself, so I bring my sight over to a big cliff. The voice tells me good job and I'm me again, but I realise that I could move my sight, that I'd never even seen this place before. I become lucid and am so excited, knowing that I can do anything. In my excitement I sprint and leap off a nearby tall cliff, feeling exhilerated as I fall. I land on my hands and knees, but experience no pain at all. Suddenly a phone-type-thing or an instant messenger appears in the air in front of me, and someone with the name/username/phonenumber 49 messages me "Are you in?". I refer to being lucid as "getting in" quite often, so I send back "Yes!" and wait for a reply while revelling in lucidity. 49 sends back a message that I can't read, and in my struggle to read it and understand the new keys I'm using to type (they've changed) I wake up.

      Questions in my Head: Was this a DEILD, a DILD, or a MILD (I used MILDing while getting back to sleep again)? Could this 49 be my/one of my dream guides? Was I losing lucidity when the text got distorted? Was 49 the omnipotent voice trying to get me to gain lucidity, though 'voice' is a hard description because I didn't hear the words/what it wanted me to do so much as see them?
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      I'm not sure what the difference is between DILD MILD and DEILD, but I'd say it was definately one of them. Sounds like a great dream!


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