Yesterday a friend and I went to CVS and bought some valerian root pills (buy 1 get 1 free deal). I had read about it's use on this website, and although I was skeptical at first, I believe it worked.

I get lucid dreams rarely (maybe around 10 in the last year), and I have pretty good dream recall. My friend hasn't remembered a dream in months, and he never had a lucid dream before.

Around 10 minutes before going to bed I took 4 pills (1800mg), and I had one extremely vivid dream and a lucid dream.

My friend told me today that he made tea out of two of his (he can't swallow pills, but idk how he could stand to drink the stuff), and he had his first ever lucid dream! He also told me he gave 2 to his girlfriend, but I haven't asked yet how that went.

Overall, I would say that this was extremely successful, and I believe that it actually was the valerian causing the effect, not placebo.