A couple nights ago I had my 5th LD since learning about them. It was pretty interesting. I was riding this roller coaster inside this building with some friends and then all of a sudden the coaster disappeared and we were all just walking through this empty building. The sudden change/disappearance was what made me aware that it must be a dream, and so immediately I started to fly around because I LOVE that sensation in dreams. I flew around outside for a while before I caught sight of a strange piece of art. It was like this black cloth torso with swirly rainbow breasts. I remember thinking, "my dad would love this" and after staring at it for a while I started to lose lucidity. Immediately I tried spinning around in circles because I heard that keeps you lucid, but I started to worry that I was going to roll out of my bed so I woke up. But overall it was a very interesting and fun dream. I want to recreate the piece of art I saw!