the dreams starts off in a building and i see this huge lion it had to be at least 10 ft tall and there was this trainer keeping the lion in check, all of a sudden the lion attacks and eats the trainer, suddenly i become lucid and remembering what i've read from stephen laberge book "exploring the world of lucid dreaming" that confronting your fear in your dream is confronting a personality flaw you have in your mind, so i confronted this lion and it started to shrink and change into something unintimidating, looked like a balloon animal, suddenly it starts to run down a hallway so i gave chase, it runs into a room then it tries to go through the wall to the other side but i grabbed what i think is its soul, it turns into a bubble and i start to eat it, as i was eating it i can hear a low growl, so i left the room and stood in the hallway. I was extrememly lucid at this point that i remembered to ask the question "whats the meaning of the universe or life" forgot which i said but i got an answer a voice out of nowhere sounded almost like a whisper but it was very clear. it said something to this description "your body does not understand values or virtues and your soul does not understand values or virtues" choose which makes sense lol because i heard these words i know i heard the words virtues and values. I feel as though i got the answer i wanted, to be a good person it is essential to have good virtues and values and maybe thats the meaning of life,.. what do you guys think about this dream??, and if you have any similar dreams i'll like to hear em