I had like an hour long (real time) lucid this morning. Dream time, it felt like it lasted FOREVER.

Did I mention it was awesome? Might have been my longest (feeling) lucid yet.

I only slipped out of lucidity once. In the exact middle of the dream and it was only a very short amount of time. During this time I was still slightly lucid, I knew I was dreaming, but I didn't feel as if I had much control for the moment.

In the dream I had just got done partying all night and the sun was rising. (Found a huge bag of weed on my floor at that party too, sweet!) I was walking outside and their were houses around and I had the feeling I was on a University Campus. Suddenly something caught my eye from the corner of it.

I looked over and saw, man this was weird, I looked over and saw a man with goat legs come out of some brush. A fucking faun? The man held out his hand and a woman faun came out the brush and took it. The two looked my way and disappeared into the tree line behind them. The jolt sent me back into full lucidity and I went on, having lots of fun and almost forgetting about it. When I woke up, I remembered some minutes later as I was recalling the dream.

I haven't thought about fauns in waking life in forever. Hell, honestly, I forgot they even existed. Why did they show up for that split second in my dream? Why did it feel so different from the rest of my dream? Anyone else have weird happenings like this?

P.S. I looked up fauns in dream interpretation and apparently it means "mischievousness". Ironically enough I had just got done messing around with someone in my dream that wasn't my girlfriend before they showed up. Is it just me or is it even weirder that people can interpret that kind of stuff?