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      Awesome lucid

      I just had a wicked LD that's slipping in memory every second...
      I just remember having more control then ever... I'll recall what I can

      I was in the heart of downtown on top of a building. There were these two super chicks chasing me trying to kill me as part of some evil hunt to exterminate what good was left in the world (me). I realized I was dreaming on the building and started fighting better then i've ever fought in an LD. I was deflecting blows, kicking super high, and kicking ass. It had seemed that I won so I jumped off of the highest building but landed as if I had jumped off a much lesser height. When I landed a surge of ultimate lucidity hit me. I was looking around taking in all of the surroundings. I remember running into a subway tunnel away from my enemies (which were now many more than 2) I exited the subway via a staircase that lead into a nice park. I looked up into the air and saw the most breath taking mountains as well as the tallest sky scrapers. I remember that it helps sometimes to paint the dream scene while dreaming to remember how it looks. So I decided to make a canvass and paint appear in my hand via forced control. It wasn't quite working which made me slightly doubt my powers. I ran up the stairs and realized the sheer number of people chasing me. They were all closing in. I starting charging up an energy ball like in dragon ball Z and told myself that it would be fire. I could feel the energy vividly. It was an intense pressure jerking around in between my hands. When I approached some youngings who were trying to kill me, I realized that unlike most of my lucids, I now had the ability to make my enemy scared of me. This gave me a huge confidence boost and affected the sucess of my energy ball which I immediately unleashed. Everyone when flying out of sight but instead of a fire ball it was more like just a plain old energy ball. I decided to continue looking for paper and paint so I used some passive control. "the professor left some parchment and oil paints somewhere in the park" I said to myself. Then I came across some parchment. There was no paint so I got a bit annoyed and crumpled the paper up. I stood on the stairs and looked up at the sky scraper. "i'm gonna throw this paper to the very top of the sky scraper" I said to myslef, knowing that it was a feat impossible in reality. I attempted to push it with my mind once and it made it very close to the top but started coming back down. As if my hand was a magnet for paper, I sucked it back to my hand and tried again. This time I pointed my finger at it as it left my hand and guided it onto the roof. At this point I had a false awakening in which everything went black and I "woke up" in a trailer. I tried to get back to sleep and WILD by staying still but my bed was real uncomfortable. "you know you can keeping having more lucids if you just stay still" said my friend who was in the room. "yeah I know and i'm trying but I need a more comfortable bed" Anyways at this point I woke up.
      I'm excited because I haven't been obsessing the same way over lucid dreaming as I have in the past, and the result is more frequent DILDs! I just gotta get back into the WILD. Thanks a lot if you've read this far!
      Good luck Oneironauts!

      - Jamal
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      Hey, congratz!



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