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    Aaeull's Journal: Of the more notable lucid experiences [5.17.11]

    by Aaeull on 06-18-2011 at 09:11 PM
    Previous Dream

    The weather looked rough. The mood grim. I peered out of the window, noticing thick, dark clouds and, finally, the twister about three blocks north. I was on the top floor of a school. I headed towards the staircase, hurried down, and warned others as I saw them. The basement looked safe enough, but there were many windows in the rooms. I searched for a room then an object that seemed safest and hid underneath it; it was a large, heavy wooden object. Soon after a bunch of school kids came crowding in that room. I left and went to another, not sure why. I grabbed onto what seemed to be a heavy objected and braced myself for impact. The wind howled. The twister was here. I could hear cracking, squealing, the tearing of metal and the crash of debris. Water blasted through the windows flooding the room. The twister seemed almost tsunami-like I hugged tightly to my support as the water rose to waist, flailing around in the wind and water.

    Lucid I:
    I became aware, it was nighttime, dark, shadowy people walked the streets of a large urban district filled with skyscrapers. l took off flying because I didn’t like the vibe. As I struggled to take off for the first time I felt someone running after me, as if they were going to jump on my back. I even expected them to do so, but nothing happened except a failed attempt to take off. I tried again. My flying abilities seemed diminished and I couldn’t properly take off or gain speed. Eventually, I swirled off to the left, almost in a three quarter circle, and then found a small body of water, a lake. It was too dark. The dream made me uncomfortable. I prepared myself briefly for what would be one of my more impressive feats – to summon the sun. I first looked down though, noticing my height above the water, thought I might fall, wondered what the dark, murky water would feel like. I didn’t want to fall. I looked back up towards the faint horizon and focused until I saw a small glimmer of light increase on the other side. I flew faster and focused harder. The glimmer grew and grew. I could see an outline of a ‘ghost’ sun trying to materialize in front of me. The landscape became brighter, but still very dim, as if it was sunrise. Off in the distance I saw explosions. Soon after the dream became unstable and turned dark once again. Then, everything was dark. I snapped out of the dream.

    The Void: I noticed what felt like my body, in darkness. I noticed my breathing. I was aware and awake, to an extent, in my bed. Without movement, I waited for the next lucid experience to begin. After what seemed like a few minutes I started losing faith that another would begin. Still, I stared into the darkness. I began trying to astral project. I wasn’t entirely sure because I had never truly astral projected before, but I did seem to feel my upper torso detach from my body. Everything was still black. I struggled for a while trying to fully detach but I noticed my physical body too much and felt hopeless. Soon, the dream took me away.

    Lucid II: I became aware in a school. Went outside, bunch of kids playing games, etc. I wanted to interact with them. I talked to some with nonsensical responses. I asked on for a name, he responded “That’s cool.” I dismissed it immediately, went to a group of four others who were sitting on the ground. I asked if I could borrow their basketball. Their answer wasn’t decisive, but it seemed to be no. I wandered away over to a basketball court and summoned a basketball to my hand. It felt perfect. I bounced it a few times on the court then realized that I had done this before and wanted to do something else. I took off flying.

    Daytime flyby: I flew away from the school area and towards a rural landscape. Trees about 20 or so feet littered the landscape, long grass, sparse housing. When I did fly by a house they seemed older and run down, farm-like. As I flew for a few minutes I noticed that I had jeans and shorts on. The jeans were slowly falling off of my hips and sliding down so that my shorts were exposed. I could imagine myself looking like a gangster with pants down to mid-thigh. I superman flew, but then took a few ‘swimming’ strokes to speed things up. Did the trick nicely. I passed a few farm houses then I noticed another more modern house with two people sitting down at the table, ready for dinner. I flew to them and landed outside their large windows. I gave one knock on the window and it swung open slowly.

    DC: Why would you do that?
    Me: I thought I would ask for some advice.
    DC: Don’t knock on other people’s windows.
    Me: Fair enough.

    I was content with the answer, and happy that my lucid dream had lasted this long then turned right and took off. Scene faded, back to the black. I waited and again a lucid dream began.

    Lucid III: Soon after, I found myself in a narrow hallway. Dirty, yellow tiles lined the walls. Dim yellow lights scarcely lit the place. I spun around and saw the same hallway extending backwards. I didn’t like this place. Hurriedly, I turned in a room and around a stall-like corner to find a older witch-like women hunched over, her back turned away from me.

    DC (witch): The END is near!!

    She tried to scare me. Didn’t work. I grabbed her and threw her into the wall and she disintegrated (or vanished). I looked up and began levitating towards the ceiling. Trying to escape this grim place. I grabbed hold of what seemed to be a fire alarm, it broke from the ceiling as I tried to pull myself up. I fell with it. Then tried again. I slowly lifted up and then phased through the wall, somewhat struggling but not too bad. Above this building was a brightly lit, inviting blue sky and two planes. I made my way over to one and tried to phase into it. Did not work. The plane started taking off and was gone. Then I made my way to the other one and entered through a window. There were two people seated, pilot and co-pilot. The pilot women encouraged me to fly with her. At this point I felt like a mist of some sort, detached from a body. It took a while to fully merge but eventually I took control of the co-pilot dream character and began flying the plane. I pulled back on the flight control and boosted. I noticed I had a little aimer and triggers. This was a game of some sort and we both began shooting up the little creatures in the water below.

    After a while I then found myself at the end of this ‘game’ and into a mini-game of some sort. The details have faded for this part.

    This was a notable dream because

    1. I had my first DEILD, and my second DEILD.
    2. I morphed through walls, which I had never done before.
    3. I merged into a dream character body, which I had never done before.
    4. Every experience was highly detailed, there was no struggle to maintain lucidity