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    About aerilith

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    About aerilith
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    I'm a 22 year old guy living in Denmark.
    I recently discovered Lucid Dreaming, and thereby this community - although I have very vivid dreams prior to joining, they have never involved any dream control - I hope to become better at having LD's and better at controlling them.

    I try to be a creative person, I love playing around with images and ideas in my head, and eventually create something - I also love music, and enjoy looking at various types of digital art.
    I love the feeling when I see a picture with just the right composition and blend of colors.

    I also love learning languages, meeting new cultures and discovering new things, it all helps to keep my mind active and ready to absorb new knowledge.
    Currently I am studying Japanese, and I think the culture is fascinating - one of my biggest wishes is to live in Japan for an undefined period of time.

    There are loads of other things to say, but I'm sure people will ask if they feel the need to. :)
    Thank you for reading my profile, and sweet dreams. ^_^
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    Programming, Photoshop, Cycling, Languages, Anime
    How you found us:
    From a thread about Lucid Dreaming on another forum


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    by aerilith on 09-10-2012 at 11:31 AM
    Lucid dream - Monday 10-09-2012 - "Seventeen" - Looking for my bag at a trainstation

    it must've lasted for about 5-10 minutes, as I remember being awake and staring at the alarm clock, thinking to myself that I had to get up soon.

    Sadly, I wasn't able to remember any of the important questions I wanted to ask DCs, but I did end up with an interesting reply.

    Regular = black
    Lucid = blue

    I was with a few friends, and we were riding the train to get to a city (Århus).
    We got off the train, walked up to a cafeteria and got something to eat - afterwards we went towards the exit.
    On the way there, we went past some toilets, I figure they all had to go, since they were gone for the remainder of the dream.
    I put down my bag, but after a while of waiting I decided to go on and wait near the exit.

    After a few minutes of walking, I noticed that I had forgotten my bag - which seemingly surprised me into becoming lucid.
    I figured I'd try my hand at summoning - I held out my hands and 'wished' for the bag to appear. A bag came flying into my hands, one very similar to
    my old school-bag, but the colors were slightly off. I gave it another shot, but with the same results.
    I went towards an open indoor-plaza, where I saw two men searching through luggage - figuring my bag might be amongst them, I started
    picking bags up and slinging them around through telekinesis, until I spotted a DC. (Not sure why I didn't consider talking to the luggage-men)
    She was an employee at what appeared to be an info-booth, I went up to her and figured I'd talk to her (It's been my goal for long to talk to a DC).

    "Excuse me? Miss?" She looked at me.
    Suddenly I got the idea of asking her a rather strange question, hoping for an interesting reply.
    "What is the name of this dream?"
    She replied "Seventeen" - which kind of caught me by surprised...
    "Huh..? Seventeen? How can that be true, what kind of system(naming convention) is that?" I was quite confused at her answer. >_<
    "Well, you didn't ask me anything personal" She replied in a sort of cheeky voice, hinting that she didn't HAVE to tell me the truth if it wasn't something personal.
    I thought to myself, alright then!
    "What color are your panties?" Not sure why that was the first 'personal question' that popped into mind, but yea...
    She replied "Purple" - needless to say, I didn't actually check...

    I turned around, where I spooted two girls, they looked kind of similar but for some reason one of them stood out to me as being really pretty.
    I went towards them and as I approached, one of them turned around to leave (It didn't seem related to the fact that I was moving towards them).
    I hurried over there and grabbed her arm, turned her around and said "Hi" - she seemed sort of startled, but she replied with a "Hi" nonetheless.
    After I turned her around, I couldn't think of anything to say, so I ended up staring at her for a while, then let her go and said
    "I'll just go grab my bag, if you're still around when I get back..." - I didn't have time to finish my sentence, as she was already leaving towards the exit.
    I turned to the other girl (The really pretty one), who had just been watching curiously and said "I guess I had that coming..." and smiled.
    She laughed.

    I then went back to the luggagecart, checked through some of the bags and in the back I found one that looked exactly like mine.
    I was a bit surprised, since it wasn't the bag I had 'thought of' when I tried summoning it - I looked at it for a while.
    At that point, my alarmclock rang.

    Funny 'coincidence' - though it might be overthinking it - the whole 'plaza scene' was kind of airport-like, and it just so happens that I was 17 the first time I went to an airport/took a flight somewhere.

    A fruity poker tale

    by aerilith on 01-29-2012 at 09:16 PM
    I was standing outside my home, and things seemed rather normal, but suddenly a space shuttle-like craft flew across the sky.
    This made me realize that I was dreaming - and I did some stabilization techniques.
    I walked towards the point in the sky, which the craft had passed by, but it was already gone. When I stopped trying to chase down the craft, the scenery had completely changed, and I found a small cottage. I went in and saw an old man.
    I talked to him for a while, though I don't remember much of the conversation. I ended up asking him if he knew anything about my dream guide (since this has been a goal of mine lately).
    He pointed me towards a bar/casino-ish establishment, by showing me a picture of their logo - it said "POKER" with each letter enframed by the outline of a card.

    I went in the direction of the place, and finally found it. Though to my surprise it looked more like a cave than a house on the inside.
    I walked through a corridor and found 4 people within. They seemed to be playing cards - seemed to be texas-hold-em. I greeted them when their game was over, and told them why I was here.
    They told me about a doll, which was supposedly buried in the cave - which they figured could be related to my dream guide. I think my level of lucidity was rather low, as I didn't really question it, but rather summoned a shovel in my hands and started digging.
    After a while, I did indeed find a doll - but it was made from what seemed like pumpkins and apples.
    I digged a little bit further and found a hollow space filled with various types of fruit.

    I awoke a few times during the dream, but was able to re-enter it by DEILDing - after this point however, I seemed to be too awake to fall asleep again.
    The dream lasted for quite a while due to the re-enterings, and this is just an outline - the lucidity was rather low, but the contents sure were weird :/

    A brief encounter and an FA.

    by aerilith on 01-18-2012 at 07:00 AM
    Tonight I decided to try out Galantamine and Choline - which resulted in very vivid dreams and remembering more dreams than usual.

    One of them, although not lucid, really impressed me. It was an FA and it went like this.
    I woke up, looked at my alarm clock and realized it was almost 7 AM. I usually get up at 5:30 and go to work, so I panicked thinking I overslept.
    I rushed to the shower, washed and when I stepped out I woke up (for real this time).
    I looked at the alarm clock and realized it was only 3 AM.
    It was a very short dream, but it was certainly the most vivid FA I have ever had - it seemed to incorporate what I read about Galantamine making you sleepy/drowsy during the day. (Making me think I overslept)

    Anyway, on to the lucid!

    I found myself standing in a two-room building, it was very small and I noticed I was dreaming, due to my vision being blurry/wavy - almost as if I was underwater.
    I knelt down to stabilize by touching the carpet - first I looked at it, and my vision became super clear - it felt like I could see all the tiny details in the fabric. Then I tried touching it, closing my eyes to emphasize the feeling.

    I struggled a bit to open my eyes, and I was afraid for a moment that I was waking up.
    I succeeded and figured I needed to stabilize a little more.
    I looked at my hands, my fingers were sort of squirming around making them seem snake-like.
    I rubbed my hands together while looking at them.

    The dream now seemed stable, so I went outside.
    Outside I saw a bunch of DCs walking in a market-like square, I calmly walked around wanting to interact with one of them.
    I finally picked someone to talk to, she was holding what seemed like a bag of bread - I walked up to her and said "Hi, how are you?".
    She replied by saying "I'm having lunch!" and shoving me away with her arm - this surprised me a bit, and I woke up.

    I stayed still to re-enter the dream, and I found myself back in the small house.
    There was a girl with long brown hair, asking me which shirt I would like - a brown or a black.
    The shirts had numbers on them, like the ones used at some sport events - turned out that's exactly what they were.
    I chose the black one, not knowing that meant I had to take part in a long-distance run (I really dislike running!).

    I went out and lined up for the event. When we started, I was lacking behind after a very short time.
    I figured I could run faster if I expected to - this was my dream after all.
    It took quite an effort at first, I had to really push my legs to move faster and faster, but after a while it seemed natural.
    I ended up winning the race, and the excitement woke me up.

    I re-entered the same dream a couple of times that night, but they were either very short or I don't remember a lot of detail.
    When I finally woke up to get started with my daily routine, I found that the galantamine had not made me any more drowsy than usual - might be the excitement of having a very nice LD

    Chased by the police

    by aerilith on 11-28-2011 at 12:09 PM
    This is the second LD, which I remember from tonight, although it is very short - my fourth LD.

    I was being chased down a sidewalk by three cops, they were shooting at me and I realized how strange it all was - I dived behind a wall and did an RC.
    Realizing that I was dreaming, I figured they couldn't hurt me, so I tried summoning up two guns - which sort of failed.
    I looked down at my hands, and rather than holding a gun in each hand, my hands were transformed into a gun-shape and had weird colorations on them.

    I stepped out from behind the wall and fired towards the people chasing me - I completely forgot to stabilize due to the rush of trying to escape.
    I fired two bullets, one of the cops was hit in the chest. Sadly, by stepping out from behind my cover, I was an easy target and they shot at me.
    I was hit by one of the bullets and it caused me to wake up.

    I had a few other LDs that night, but I don't really remember them, so lucidity must've been rather low.
    lucid , dream fragment

    Asian girl and a word-play?

    by aerilith on 11-28-2011 at 11:56 AM
    I figured I should get my DJ started now, as I had quite a few LD's last night (5 I think, but I only really remember two of them).

    Here is the first one of them - my third LD after joining this site.

    I was standing in front of a huge university-like building, it looked very old yet the architecture and the design were very well thought out.
    I realized that it looked like something from a game I knew, and did a nose-plug RC, all this resulted in me becoming lucid.

    I remembered about dream-stabilization (I forgot doing that in the first two LDs), so I looked around and saw a huge garden, in which I was standing, placed in front of the building.
    I looked up at the building and examined it closer, it was sort of U-shaped, with a huge spire in the center. It had a large round window on the spire, which almost made it resemble that of a church.
    I knelt down and felt the grass between my fingers, which still looking around at the garden and the sky. I remember being amazed at how real it all seemed - the vividness was so much better than my previous dreams.
    After stabilizing, I figured I would try to summon up a DC, since I couldn't see anyone around.

    I created a strong intent, that when I turned around a DC would be there. I was really happy when it succeeded, and I found an asian-looking girl behind me.
    I asked how old she was, and she told me that she was five years old. I stood rather perplexed, as it was obvious she wasn't five. She was almost as tall as me.
    I explained my confusion to her, and asked her how old she really was.
    This time she said she was 23, which seemed very likely - she also explained that the previous answer was based on a joke, originally in Chinese but she had tried to transfer it to English.
    I didn't really see how something like that would be funny in any language, but I started comparing it to the Japanese I know - which made me lose awareness of the surroundings and ultimately wake up.
    lucid , dream fragment