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    First DILD!

    by amazing on 07-23-2012 at 10:31 AM
    Red = Lucid Dream
    Blue = Dream

    23-July-2012 10:00

    I was participating in a martial arts class in a dojo I used to go to. A childhood friend I haven't seen in years appears and it becomes known that he is leading the class today (he has martial arts experience so that's not too strange). He starts guiding us through warming up and does to by throwing really sloppy, weak, punches. I copy but am not impressed. I start looking around and notice the room is a lot bigger than I remember. Some staff members are removing big plastic curtains to reveal the room to be huge! At this point I become lucid and decide to bail on the class and just jump up real high through the room. At some point I start flying to the ceiling and grab in between the ceiling plates. The plates are made of balsa wood and are colored dark brown or yellow. I notice the extreme detail in which I can see things. I try to climb into the room above the ceiling plates but struggle and fall down. During my fall I assure myself I can't be hurt, I calm down and start flying again. When I try get to the room above again I struggle again and decide to take a different approach. I tell myself the floor of the room below me is only feet away instead of dozens of feet. I let go and step onto the floor below me.

    Then I want to fight someone and know the person I want to fight is coming around the corner. A fat Chinese man with a stern look on his face appears and before I can punch him he walks into me knocking me to the floor. He ignores me and walks on, another fat Chinese person appears around the corner as I start to lose the dream. I wake up in my bed with sleep paralysis, the urge to move becomes so extreme I can't help but roll over and wake up.

    Why did the Chinese person knock me down without fighting me? Why couldn't I climb through the ceiling plates?

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    by amazing on 05-23-2012 at 12:18 PM
    Red = Lucid Dream
    Blue = Dream

    On Sunday (20-05-2012) I had my first real lucid dream since joining DV. It was also the first lucid dream I actually did something in.

    I woke up in bed still having my body and half of my face paralyzed, I decided I wouldn't move and go back to sleep. Moments later I found myself waking up in the bed of my childhood home. I did a reality test (pinching the nose and breathing) and decided I was dreaming. The dream was really fuzzy and I forgot to stabilize the dream but I had some time to do things. I decided to walk to the bathroom where I would find a cute girl. On the way to the door I bumped into some electric guitars. There must have been 20 of them. I knocked a few over but didn't feel concerned as this was a dream anyway. I then got to the bathroom and found the cute sitting on the floor in darkness. Then the dream faded.

    Again I decided to stay still and go to the next dream. The first image was one of two poorly rolled joints, I used my concentration to turn them into one well-rolled joint. As I lit it and took a toke a room materialized around me. It was a living room with two couches and a TV and an open kitchen. I recognized two friends, but there also was a third unidentified person. I did a reality check and then one of my friends started talking to me. Intuitively I knew he was only talking to me to distract me from having a lucid dream to I interrupted him and said 'Hold on'. I stood up and walked to a window, opened it, choose a part of the night sky to fly towards and jumped off. The flying was really cool, I felt as if I was being pulled towards the area I was focusing on. The night sky had more stars on it than I had ever seen before, it was amazing to watch. I decided to fly into space so I banked up and watched the stars fly past me. I decided I wanted to make space more psychedelic but my attempt failed and looked more like white paint thrown on black canvas. The dream faded and I woke up.

    This morning (23-05-2012) I had another lucid dream. It was a wb2b. I found myself walking through a town street with red brick buildings everywhere. I knew I was lucid but did a reality check anyway. This time I did so some things to stabilize the dream. I rubbed my hand and started focusing on the world around me. On the wall of a church I found a brick with a blue-glazed square on it and a circle indented on the middle of it. I decided to focus on the brick and send my consciousness closer to it so I could fly through the minute details of the brick. I felt myself flying, as a speck of awareness, towards the brick and I started to have a real good look at it. The blue square disappeared and I found myself back in my body.

    I decided to do something else and imagined a group of hot women waiting for me inside the church and I was going to have a sex ritual performed on me. There was a door near me in the side of the church and I walked in. There was a large group of attractive women and I thought this couldn't go any better, but as I got closer to the altar I saw a lot of my family in the crowd. I sent out a mental message for them to leave the church and everyone except my aunt left. When I told my aunt she had to leave she became confused and started asking me why and telling everyone how confused she was.