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    by AnthonyMo on 10-10-2010 at 06:31 AM
    I wake up in the morning, not remembering much, So I decide to lay still and try to give myself sleep paralysis or something.. eventualy everything goes silent I wake up.. but do it again... and again.. and eventually a picture comes into play... I see, Im lying down in my bathtub.. looking to the left of me, The dream is a bit grey, and a tiny bit blurry, But I see the tub is filling with water... RAPIDLY. I tell myself "Screw this, I dont want to have another drowning nightmare." I shake myself rapidly to remove the numbness from my body BTW THIS was the most advanced Sleep paralysis I had... all other times I didnt even have a dream. And after about 3 seconds of struggling I wake up... I try to sleep again but I figure oh well...
    non-lucid , dream fragment

    Restarting my Dream journal

    by AnthonyMo on 10-08-2010 at 05:35 AM
    Okay here we go. After months of not lucid dreaming, I have gotten tired of not having dreams.. I am going to have lucid dreams again and i will have to start up this journal again.

    Tomorrow there should be a sort of dream recall anyway..

    My first DEILD

    by AnthonyMo on 07-06-2010 at 04:16 PM
    Im lying on my bed, My heart beating fast because im afriad my mom is dieing, Shes getting better, I see this mountain and i feel tingly abit all over my body, I shake the image, then resume. Im not asleep and i feel my self sinking and i see the beautiful tree covered mountain again.[COLOR="green"] I let the feeling go and all of a sudden everything goes quiet. I move my head and i see the mountain move away from my view, I bring up my hands and see 5 fingers, but i already know im dreaming. Theres these blue cylinder like things that looked to be from a point of view of the bottom of the mountain to be about 3 meters tall and 5 or 6 meters wide, i guess like a carnival. I walk around and find this shed in the middle of an opening of trees, Instead of flying i decided to do something different, I spawned a spring like thing - like mario - and i jumped on it. Its springyness sent me off balance and i fell. I walked to my right and found our neighbours house. A man says "Hello" and walks away. and i put my hand on the ledge and a very energetic woman says "Oh look, he sees the box, now i guess this young man needs a cookie, right?" I smile and she walks away. I wait about 5 seconds and walk away.. I try to end the dream.. but no not again... I wake up and since my clock was not set i knew it was only 6 am.

    The Summoning

    "We dont have enough money to buy a new carpet." Says Rico.. I say "Thats easy" I look to our couch, close my eyes, and think carpet. I look back to see a rolled up carpet, "Oh...that can come in handy" says rico.