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    DEILD and DILD

    by bb316 on 11-25-2013 at 04:43 AM
    I took a nap about 2 hr after I woke up for about 10 min.
    Exited a dream, and then kept my eyes closed. I slipped directly into a dream. Had minor HH and then started dreaming.
    So I had a DEILD.
    Had another short DILD, both ended very quickly.


    by bb316 on 11-06-2013 at 09:37 PM
    Very strange LD. I woke up at 645. I did my normal morning routine and then took a power nap at 810 to catch a REM cycle. I then went to class. I got back around 1115. I laid down for a nap at 1130. I woke up once or twice between 1130 and 1230. Then I had this WILD. I'll call it WILD because I don't think it was a DILD and went the way most of my WILDs go, where I just accept that I'm dreaming and then participate in the dream.
    It was a zero-awareness LD. I was in a castle type of thing as if in a video game with a bunch of guys from my hall and some girls we hang with. Gravity was defective and jumping and floating around was fun. Then we went outside. I had seemed to know I was dreaming the whole time, but I did no RC's, no stabilization and did not change the plot of the dream at all. When we got outside we had to fight a buch of strange super heroes that had been explained earlier in the dream. I recognized them, but they were not real superheroes. I was fighting, but most of the group was afraid to come help me. I went back and yelled at them that they were all dreaming. A few of them picked it up and began to help me fight.

    I had one WILD dream last night.

    by bb316 on 10-28-2013 at 06:56 PM
    I'm witty right?
    Strange how my REM worked last night. Got to bed around midnight and woke up at 4 am. I drank a bottle of water before bed, which sometimes isn't enough to get me up before my alarm. Not sure why 4 am... Usually I'm on 1.5 hour intervals. Who cares though? I got lucid.
    I stayed up for 75 minutes, until 5:15 working on my new LD guide :http://www.dreamviews.com/attaining-...technique.html
    I went to bed using the mantra, "I notice details and become aware"
    I had one dream and was not lucid and when I went into the next one I knew I was dreaming. I used no RC, but I also did not exercise great control over my dream. It just seemed natural. I noticed the brick in my room had grains. I was surprised to see such great detail in a dream. I was able to leave my room and change the scene a little bit and encounter my girlfriend by deciding where she would show up. It was good. I still feel I wasn't completely aware though, I used an RC and it worked, but I was not very sharp.. hard to explain

    It's Been A While. But, unintentional WILD!

    by bb316 on 10-26-2013 at 07:32 PM
    Yeah. So Its been over two weeks since my last LD, hopefully it will be a dry spell if I can manage to LD more frequently.
    Today I woke at 6:45 - very slowly. I was so groggy. I worked out, had breakfast, showered and went to two classes. I got back to my room and took a nap. I fell asleep quickly. Its been a long week. I have been using the mantra 'I notice details and become aware' before I fall asleep and sporadically throughout the day. When I use it sporadically, I practice noticing details in my environment.
    So how'd I get lucid? Well, as I was falling asleep I pretended to become lucid in the short daydreams I experienced before bed. I asked where one of my friends where he was going next year and he said, "Toyota." I then thought, Toyota is not a place, and pretended to become lucid. Then, as I fell deeper asleep I had some H.H., I offended a dog somehow and it Put its mouth over my bent knee and began to bite it. This got me aware and woke up my mind as I fell asleep. I then decided to wait for a dream scene to begin.
    I could feel my consciousness floating thru my mind and thinking how relaxing it was. When the dream scene formed, I was not completely in control of my actions. I was also not completely aware. I was lucid, but not aware, just kind of going thru the motions. I was going to kiss this girl in my dream. I did an RC to check that I was dreaming, as to not screw up my normal life if I wasn't dreaming. Everything faded after that, or I simply do not remember.
    I am going to try to focus more on control than doing things in my dreams.
    Thanks for reading
    ~ BB316

    Interesting Experience

    by bb316 on 10-11-2013 at 04:51 PM
    I got to bed last night around 1:30am. I woke up at 6:07 after a dream and decided to do a quick WBTB. I only got out of bed, stretched and then quickly hopped back. I started a mantra. I really tried to believe this mantra and put all my autosuggestive energy into making it true to my brain. I repeated, "I notice details in my dream/environment and become lucid." I obsessively was repeating this in my mind.
    The interesting part is that when I was dreaming the thought of lucidity and a dream sign were present. Playing volleyball was somehow a dream sign in the dream and I was talking about it with my room mate. I said that I should have gotten the dream sign, but I didn't. Not really sure how I didn't get lucid. Oh well.
    I find it fascinating that I woke up just before a new sleep cycle and could only stay up for 5 minutes and still have lucidity permeate my dream logic.
    I think the takeaway is that a mantra must be practiced obsessively and with a burning intent to make it true. This may sound extreme, because it is.