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    SCUBA from a dorm; kissing

    by BossBadger on 04-11-2012 at 02:48 PM
    Dream 1:

    I often have dreams that I am in a dormitory (even though I never lived in one in college) or staying in a hostel. In this case it was a dorm and the room that I was in was actually the home ec room from my old high school, only redecorated/repurposed (I didn't know this during the dream.)

    I was there with a woman that I used to work with and there were some people SCUBA diving, including her husband. He was going to go into some underwater cavern with another guy to retrieve something and she was worried. I was annoyed with her. I told her I'd been there and that it was nothing to worry about and started talking about all the cool things to see there, and while I was doing this we started watching a video someone had taken of the area. I remember distinctly that there were some really cool looking tortoises-not like sea turtles but more like giant Galapagos turtles that lived underwater. They were eating from the ocean floor.

    We were all sitting on beds on the floor and the room was mostly decorated in red, with a shag carpet and white clothes dressers. It seemed like afternoon by the light coming in through the curtains but it felt later.

    The ex-coworker put on her gear and went to wait for or meet her husband near the entrance of the cave. There was a small pool on one end of the dorm room where everyone went into the water and she was just going to go down there and wait. I thought it was stupid of her to do it but I didn't try to stop her.

    I really missed diving and I wasn't sure I could remember how to use a dive computer so I thought I may as well go down too under the pretense of keeping her company so I could get used to having the gear on again and reading my gauges. I put my gear on and headed towards a bedroom to get the rest of my things, thinking that I might need to borrow a mask from someone. When I hooked on my bc some girl in the main room said 'You can't go down now, we're going to be leaving in a few minutes' and I covered by saying I hadn't been planning on it and that I was just getting my things around to leave.

    As I loaded up my backpack I noticed a red gift bag with a card inside. I remembered that I had bought it for a friend for Valentine's day but never given it to her and I wondered if I could re-gift it and give it to the bf for V-day, since it was coming up. The bag was a little dusty but otherwise in good shape. There were dice in the bottom of the bag. I took out the card (white with red lettering) and it said 'Thinking of You' so I decided I couldn't use it.

    Dream fragment:

    I dreamed about kissing a woman with strawberry blond hair, I remember distinctly commenting on her hair and playing with it. I got the distinct feeling in the dream that she'd never kissed another woman and I was afraid to kiss her at first because I thought she was straight. It was a lovely kiss. It seemed to be in the parking lot of a store not far from the house I lived in way back in high school. As I was walking away I started to feel a little bad, though, because I figured it would probably never amount to anything.

    Woke up with Ozzy Osbourne's "Road to Nowhere" stuck in my head.
    non-lucid , dream fragment