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      i need to have a new lucid dream soon
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    Flying, False Awakenings, Shared Dreams _ DILD #3

    by brettWp on 10-30-2010 at 05:18 PM
    Here is how this happened.
    I had two alarms set up to attempt a WBTB WILD this morning, one at 4:30AM, and the other at 6:00AM. I woke up at 4:30 and fell back asleep, same with the 6:00 alarm. I woke up again around 7:00, went back to bed, woke up around 8:00, fell back asleep, and had this LD. I think I have strong REM rebounds from 7:00-9:00AM. So failing a WILD isn't always a bad thing.

    Low Lucid awareness/vividness
    Higher Lucid vividness/awareness
    Normal dream

    This whole thing starts off with my friend Rich and I. We were in a large field at this Marine Corps base where Marines and other soldiers were training. I was sort of in the mindset that we were dreaming, because I remember having dialogue with Rich about how we would go mess around and steal weapons in the dream. So I'll say this is lucid. So we crossed this field and were inside the base, we ran into this courtyard past Marines running in formation and everything. We run along a walkway and see all these plastic, fake looking M4's and other rifles lying around that looked like the blank firing training rifles they use. Then we found this large plastic bin full of old tactical vests, and after digging through I found a cool tan vest that had an inflated top part for water operations I guess? As we're digging through everything, this drill sergeant comes up to us and asks who we are. I mumble something as we still look through everything, and he says something like "Oh, keep doing inventory." He must of thought we were personnel checking equipment. Then he looked at my friend Rich and asked, "How old are you guys?". He then realized we broke in and got pissed off. I remember him saying something like, grab your stuff, and meet in the stalls, like he wanted to give us swirlies in the toilet..? He grabbed a clipboard and asked Rich what his name was, Rich hesitated and then gave him a fake name. He wrote the name down and told Rich to get out of here and have a nice weekend. (I had this dream on Saturday morning too, hehe) I realized Rich gave him a fake name because this sergeant was trying to enlist us in the Marines. Rich then hopped over the wall back into the field and darted away. He then asked me what my name was, and I said Brett Harris. (Can't believe I can remember that!) Suddenly another drill sergeant came in and mumbled something to him. I remember this other guy wearing a lot of colorful wrist bands you get at concerts and stuff. The sergeant went back to me and asked what we were doing here. "Well, we're dreaming right now and none of this even matters, there are no consequences!" Or maybe I said something along those lines... I then started to run out of there, with the sergeant chasing me. I jumped over the wall, flipping, and flipped the sergeant off as I landed. I saw Rich 50 feet in front of me still walking. I ran over to him, screaming at him to wait up. I caught up to him, grabbed his hand and we both started flying. (Lucid vividness went up a lot here) The Marine base below us turned into a school of some sort filled with all my fellow High School classmates. They were all cheering, waving, and yelling at us. I kept flying with Rich, circling the school. It was such an awesome feeling. I remember seeing small hills surrounding the area, and there was a lot of dead grass covering the field. I remember passing friends in the school as I flew low, they were all cheering me on for the fact that I was lucid, and was flying. I then flew over a hill, and told Rich I was gonna let him fly on his own, I let go of his hand and he took off too. I was then on my own. I wanted to be able to fly better, so I told myself and believed I could fly faster and without falling, and it worked. I then looked at my hands and yelled, clarity, as I rubbed them together. It's an amazing feeling. The dream started to fade, and I remember spinning and rubbing my hands, trying to get the dream going again. It then faded to black.

    False Awakening...
    Next thing I remember, I'm sitting shotgun in my red 1994 F-150 with my friend Forrest. For some reason, I thought Forrest was the one who I just had that awesome LD with, not Rich. I was trying to type on this weird keyboard in the car, thinking about how I have to post this on Facebook and let everyone know that I had this LD. I thought everyone would have dreamt they saw me flying in their dreams too. I asked Forrest if he had the same dream I had, and then we looked at our hands. We both had the same markings on our hand, (it looked like indentations from where a tight rubber band would have been) and I realized that we had a shared dream. I was thinking about how awesome it was to share dreams. Anyways, we were both in my driveway, and my dad was there waving at us as we backed out. Forrest put in the clutch, went into first, gassed it and released the clutch and we were off.

    Then I wake up instantly. And now here I am.

    First Ever Lucid Dream _ DILD!

    by brettWp on 09-24-2010 at 03:23 PM
    3 (WILD)


    The first thing I remember is being at a school that was kind of like a mix of Flory (my old Elementary school) and my middle school. I was in a classroom with my Pre-Calculus teacher, and there was a bunch of little kids around the age of my brother, (12-13ish). Next thing I remember is seeing two of the little kids starting a fight. They both turned the whole classroom into a huge fight. I suddenly remembered my little brother was in the class, and went to go find him in the circle. He was alright. Then I took all of them outside, angry that these little punks started a huge fight. Then my Calculus teacher switched to one of the football coaches, Mr. L. We all were outside his class waiting to go in. When he said "I'm suspended, I condoned a fight in class." And he shut the door.

    Next part is fuzzy for a little.

    Then I remember sitting in some room with this beautiful girl. I kept looking at her and she started doing all these weird poses because I noticed her. She sent me a text message saying that she drank a lot and wanted to have do stuff with me.
    ? Haha. Then I remember being in another room with S and and J sitting on the floor next to me. I was on a laptop looking at Facebook. S was trying to flirt with me and I noticed something on Facebook about her saying she wanted me, so I scrolled up so she didn't see that I noticed. Then S got up and walked away for a second, and J was telling me how I shouldn't flirt back if I didn't want to lead her on. Then J was laying on my back and we were both laughing at something...nice.

    THEN. I was at a large hotel, I only remember the interior first. There were a lot of people there. T, N, B, and some other guys that are all friends of mine. J and I were on both there together, dancing in the hotel/casino's ball room. We were both laughing and having a fun ol' time. When we walk down a hallway, I get cornered by all the previously mentioned guys. B comes up to me, in tears, and yells at me cause I ratted on him for something about drinking. N was backing him up. I was trying to tell them I didn't do anything. I told J to go back to the room. I was about to go ape shit. I threw a punch into one random guy's face, they all came after me. I somehow blocked all their blows and kicked or punched them all down. I started running, and saw T walking down the hall away from me. I sprinted after him and did a wall run. I lunged off the wall and kneed him into a large glass picture frame, knocking him out.
    Badass, I know Then I proceeded to run to the elevator. I slid inside and hit the 1st floor button. Once on the first floor I was in the parking garage of the Casino. I ran outside sprinting, thinking these guys were still after me. It was dark.

    Later I forgot about them chasing me, and I was in a desert type place, still outside what I think was the casino and some other house with silouhette's dancing and watching TV inside. I was looking for a nice car to steal,
    I almost kind of knew I was dreaming here. I couldn't find a BMW, so I just took a Honda. I jumped in the car which was already on and the setup was weird. There was 3 pedals at the bottom, but it wasn't a manual. Left to right, there was a super speed gas pedal thing, a normal gas, and brakes. I drove out of the parking lot on a narrow paved road, passing a cop. I glanced breifly at the mirror, and noticed I still had my backpack on? So I took it off and threw it in the other seat. After driving for a while, I stopped at a red light. Here is where I think I went semi-lucid.

    I realized, I'm dreaming, and should be in control. I didn't even RC, I just knew. (Even though I still wish I reality checked) I said, let me just park the car somewhere so I can get out and explore. I think I crashed and got out somewhere by a river. I kept looking at my hands and rubbing them together. The dream was still dream-like to me, therefore not fully lucid, and I had no control. I started to climb up this rock face by the river, and I did a nose-plug reality check. I was amazed that I could breathe.

    Dream skip.

    I was in a parking lot surrounded by one or two large, 20-30 story buildings. It was slightly dark. I still knew I was dreaming, and I constantly was looking at my hands, thankfully. They looked normal, until the right one morphed and looked like it was beaten with a hammer and disfigured. I said, eh whatever, and noticed the large buildings again. I thought i should try to fly to the top. I jumped forwad, flying extremly fast. I didn't reach the height of the building, and fell back down. I was afraid it was gonna hurt to land, but it didn't actually. I tried two more times, on one try I made it over the building but then fell back down.
    Still a nice attempt though. Then there was a gang meeting in this parking lot, there were guys in black hoodies all meeting at the center. I could jump really high, about 30 feet. So I hopped over one guy and hit him on the head playfully. Then I hopped away. It was peerrty sweeeeeeeet.

    Skip forward.

    My good friend RT was with me outside my High School. We were walking to class. I said, R, we're dreaming and can do whatever in class! He said something doubting it, and was said, "But you can also wake up and your dream world will conform to the real one, and you'll suffer the consqequences, so be careful."
    I replied, "That's not true, and remember to keep rubbing your hands and spinning to stabalize."

    I then ran in the classroom and said, watch this R! I ran up to the hottest girl in the class and pulled her shirt off. I did it to two other girls, and R was laughing. My teacher, Mrs. D,
    Actual teacher of mine, told me to stop and sit down. I grabbed a pen and launched it at her face. It made a plasma like explosion and vibration and the class laughed. She didn't flinch when it hit her though. Then I dreamed about feeling light headed, and I dreamed I was in the same class, but it merged into real life. Mrs. D sent me outside and told me I was in a lot of big ass trouble. I walked out and said something to R, damnit! When outside, I tried to explain to Mrs. D what lucid dreaming was. She said she knew, smiling. I told her I was sorry, I thought i was dreaming. Fade out....

    Wow. Amazing dream. All I did the night before was go on DV a lot, and I was extremely confident. I told myself on the computer, I will lucid dream. And really felt it. I also watched a subliminal lucid dreaming video. The main point was that I was extremely confident before going to bed.

    I also woke up to my alarm at 4:00 and tried to WILD but dozed off. I had the dream after I WILD'd and fell asleep.

    Updated 09-24-2010 at 07:56 PM by brettWp

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