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    My Second Lucid

    by chelvander on 07-17-2016 at 04:05 PM
    A dream I had last night, probably the longest dream I've ever been able to recall. It had several scenes that I'll try to get in the right order:

    I know I was in my backyard, but I can't really remember the moments leading up to lucidity. I didn't even have to do any reality checks with this one, the thought just popped into my head Am I dreaming?" and there it was. I started to fly across my neighborhood. Houses were still there, and trees, but there was an ocean where the grass would be. I found myself not being able to fly very high, but I did dip in and out of the water as I flew across it. I remember being able to feel the cool sensation of the water on my skin very vividly. The colors were amazing; light blue, green and pink reflected off the top of the water and the rocks underneath. The song "Gifts and Curses" by Yellowcard was playing throughout that dream and remained stuck in my head when I woke up that morning.

    I decided that while I still had control, I wanted to see two of my favorite characters kiss (I am a writer). The dream took me to a beach, and I found myself sitting at a small piano. The trouble was, I couldn't remember the wedding song! I kept striking random keys, thinking the dream would teach me how to play, but it didn't (lol, I guess that's not how it works). Finally, I thought screw it, I'm still going to see them kiss. The moment their lips met, I physically felt my heart skip. Seeing them smiling and enjoying each other was amazing. I'm pretty sure I was invisible in the dream, or else that might've been weird...

    I was taken up to an arial view. I'm led to believe that this was a different beach than the previous scene. A hurricane materialized from the waves VERY quickly (I'm talking milliseconds here), ramming into a nearby glass building and shattering it. Several more hurricanes peeled off the water and ravaged the coast, though it didn't look like too much damage was done.

    Next thing I knew I was in a car along an open road with someone I know from church, and neither of us were driving but I don't know who was driving. There was a GIANT-TASTIC tornado swirling on the grass off the road, and I remember bowing my head and praying like crazy. When I looked up, a Bible verse appeared on the tornado as it vanished into the ground.

    Then, I was in a restaurant. Going by what I was going to order (a fruit cup and waffle fries), I figured I was in Chick-Fil-A or something. It was weird, because I didn't actually get to order, I realized I was actually going to be taking orders. I got to work some really cool dream finesse: my mother would not stop telling me to come with her, and there was a customer who really wanted to order a smoothie from me, so I actually put my mother on pause and then went behind the counter. While I was making the smoothie, I realized I was getting bored with that part of the dream but wanted to finish making the smoothie, so I fast-forwarded that part (or did it SUPER fast), gave the customer the smoothie, and moved on with the dream.

    By now, I was feeling like I couldn't keep my eyes open (and I guess that's because I was losing lucidity). I was back in my backyard. I was thinking it would be cool to know what it's like to die. A van appeared (like the church van in The Middle, if you've seen that show), but instead of plowing into me it ran into a hill at a speed of about 2mph. I guess I made a red Jeep appear (a Wrangler, I reckon), and it's headlights were on bright and there was no driver. I think it just sat there in protest. I thought fine, never mind, and looked at the palm of my hand to try that "world-collapsing" thing again, but my vision just blurred so I figured the jig was up. I told myself to wake up, and BOOM it actually worked! At least I went out on a high note

    And apologies if I don't have the lucidity stuff just right, there were some parts where though maybe I didn't have complete control of the dream, I was VERY aware of details and such. I was also able to recall extremely well for a second lucid.

    Updated 07-17-2016 at 04:08 PM by chelvander

    lucid , memorable

    The Greenhouse

    by chelvander on 07-17-2016 at 03:24 PM
    This was actually a dream from a few weeks ago, but I thought I'd journal it anyway since it was my first lucid:

    I'm in my backyard by my pool, and my parents are yelling and raving at me for growing pot in my greenhouse. I walk away from them confused, because I've never even smoked pot in my entire life, much less grown it. I'm walking across my lawn to my greenhouse laughing, thinking to myself "I must be dreaming." BOOM, LUCID. I wanted to experience it before it all went away, so I did the first thing that came to my mind: flying. All I had to do was think about flying, and woosh I was in the air, flying over my greenhouse and trying not to fly into a tree. I went a little crazy with the lucid thing, since this was my FIRST lucid dream, because I wanted to try the whole "look at your palm and the world will collapse" thing, but instead of world-collapsing my vision started to blur and I thought I was losing it. I told myself to wake up.

    It was a false wake up. If I can remember correctly, I was lucid as I recounted the whole dream to my sister: the accusations of growing pot, the lucidity, everything. When I actually did wake up, I wasn't sure if I actually HAD told my sister the dream, that's how aware I was even in the false wake up. I asked her if I had told her about a dream, and she said no.