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    Series of insane dreams

    by CrimpJiggler on 06-22-2014 at 12:32 PM
    I'm withdrawing from a few meds right now and been having some fairly crazy dreams.

    Crazy dream 1:

    A bunch of pikeys moved into my bathroom. It was pretty awkward going in there to use the toilet because they'd all stop talking and stand there watching me. I felt bad that I would be stinking the bathroom up when I'd do a number 2, but I had no choice in the matter, when you have to go you have to go.

    Crazy dream 2:

    I was in some twisted gameshow, involving animals and children and the fat guy from Hangover 2 (the fat gangster that was after them for the gold, he was the host of the gameshow). The first episode it was nighttime, and I was in a paintball fight with a bunch of kids, they were annihilating me, and the whole time I had a chicken down my pants. It was disturbing and I felt bad for the chicken so I had to get him outta there. By the end of the gameshow, the fat guy from the hangover 2 was telling me what the next episode was gonna be, it involved my head stuck in this trap thing, there was no way I was gonna do another episode so I smashed the trap device thing and told the fat guy he "no more of this ****ed up game show, I'm done", so I went on a bit of a rampage destroying things. My strategy worked, I came to an agreement with the fat guy and one of the kids, that there'd be no more episodes. I woke up covered in sweat, relieved that it was over.

    Crazy dream 3:

    I was planning a way to get on a plane for free, there was a teenaged girl helping me with the scheme, the plan was that I hide in a corner, then when a car is pulled out of the drive way, I sneak into the trunk and hide in a suitcase. Things must not have gone as planned, I didn't get in the suitcase and next scene I was hanging off the side of the plane in mid air, trying to get the door open. There was anoter guy hanging off the side of the plane with all his suitcases. I was shouting "open the door, open ****ing door" but it wasn't working, they wouldn't open up. I understood because opening it up would mean the crew would probably get sucked out the door. Then I noticed there was this cabin thing on the side of the plane which people weren't supposed to use in mid flight. There was an African guy in there, he told me this is how he always travels and that you just need to hang onto the railing when the plane is descending so you don't get sucked out the door. We both had a laugh about it because we knew we had the right idea, we didn't pay a penny for tickets, and this method of travel was much more fun than being stuck inside the plane.

    Raiding my own meth lab

    by CrimpJiggler on 12-24-2013 at 10:50 AM
    I was working for the police and I was part of the team that was raiding a meth lab, but it was my meth lab we were raiding so rather than searching for evidence I was hiding it in any way I could. It wasn't just my meth lab, there were a group of us in this police team who owned the lab so we were all working together to hide the evidence from the ones who weren't in on it. It was very stressful as we seemed to have an endless amount of contraband in this lab which I was stashing under beds, inside the walls, even in the dish washer in a hopeless attempt to hide the evidence.

    The place where dead people go

    by CrimpJiggler on 12-16-2013 at 12:23 PM
    I was in some kind of parallel world with an old childhood friend who died a few years ago. I wasn't supposed to be there since I hadn't died yet and everyone was suspicious of me, even my friend. My friend was convinced that I was planning on killing someone, but I had no idea where this suspicion was coming from because I had no violent plans at all. He was also convinced that something bad was going to happen because I was there, and he gave me some advice, he said "if you feel a tingling in your nose, then theres no danger, stay where you are, but if you feel shaking in your knees then theres danger, you better kill someone or run". So he walked into a house, there were bouncers and people in the front garden so I stayed behind. About 10 seconds later a police man walked up to me, I thought I might have felt a bit of shaking in my knees so I followed my friends advice and proceeded to kill him with the only weapon I had which was a pen, it was very brutal, I must have stabbed him in the face and neck about 30 times while he was trying to defend himself, but eventually he died. Then it occured to me that maybe I didn't actually feel this shaking in my knees, it was just a mild tingling I felt so then I felt bad and realised this was why everyone was so suspicious of me, they knew something like this was bound to happen so I decided to get outta there.

    I was able to fly but I couldn't get away. It was like there was a magnet dragging me back to the house and the murder scene. I realised it was pointless so I just let this magnet drag me back to the spot, so I decided to make my way into this house, and as I was queing up to get in, I felt this tingling in my nose. Then 5 seconds later I felt the shaking in my knees. This time I was surrounded by people, so I didn't know whether to kill a specific person or go on a rampage and kill everyone. I decided to run for it. When I looked behind me I noticed there was an agent from the Matrix chasing me. So this was who I was supposed to kill. This time I didn't have a pen, I had a cork screw. My plan was to stab him in the eye with it, but things didn't go as planned, he drop kicked me before I could even get close enough and we started fighting and I was getting the crap kicked out of me. The fight triggered lucidity so I knew it was a dream. This agent was still insanely tough though, he was using those lightning speed dodge moves so I couldn't even hurt him so I decided to just run for it. I flew over a row of houses and landed on the next street and started my usual lucid rampage. I stole a car and decided to go back to this house for the fun of it, I crashed the car through the fence of the front garden but I woke up before I could do anything else.


    by CrimpJiggler on 11-05-2013 at 12:12 PM
    Someone "mugged" me, and told me to give him things of value from my house. I gave him some coffee filters, but it wasn't enough for him so he started hassling me. I attacked him, but it dawned on me that he probably had a knife. He dislocated his shoulder trying to slash me with the knife, so that was problem resolved for me. I went about my business as usual.