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    fever dreams

    by Dareloth on 12-08-2012 at 09:03 AM
    i am fairly ill, getting over a virus today. last night it peaked while i slept causing an eerie dream and then quite an intense nightmare:

    i had a dream that a man whom i have seen come into my work was wandering around my house in the dark. i saw him and kind of said hello and goodbye, implying he should leave. i noticed one of his ears was bleeding but didn't say anything as i wanted him to leave, not stay and discuss this. i got him out the door and as i walked back to my bed room i felt fear of faces in the dark. i told myself it was in my head but got out my cell phone to light up the room anyway.

    i believe i had a brief awakening and then i had this dream:

    it's night time and i'm driving toward a bridge to see my mother and wondering whether or not i'm going the right way. as i crest a small hill my car leaves the ground a bit like jumping a ramp. then i notice i can't see the lines on the highway. i try to close my eyes for a second and then find i cannot open them! i feel the car swerve a bit and fear i will drive off the bridge into the river. i feel the car fall and then hit water. i feel it sink and begin anticipating the freezing cold water pouring in. i think about breaking a window and swimming up but truly and deeply know this is the end. i'm full of terror and yet i still say something sarcastic: "well i guess this is the part where i die." i finally get my eyes open in the dream to see the inside of the car and then i awake in real life, quite shaken from this disturbing dream.

    largely the intense fear was directly on par with what it would be in reality, however i do not usually have dreams like this and so i think my mind was creating a dream in relation to the turmoil my body was going through in trying to eradicate the virus.
    non-lucid , nightmare