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    1 DILD, 2 Non Lucids

    by dragonzrmetal on 03-02-2014 at 10:21 PM
    I had a few dreams I remembered last night, I forgot them mostly while trying to remember the lucid.
    I haven't done a dream journal in a while which is bad, but I have been remembering dreams each night, which is good. I've improved my sleep patterns which is good, I admit I have been sleeping poorly for many months.

    I'll start of with a non-lucid which was quite vivid from 2 or 3 days ago.

    It would appear I was going to Spain, for a school trip which I am not really going on IRL, which I am rather pissed about. Point is, I am in a bit of a rush getting everything together, because I am leaving in about 10 minutes.
    Screw clothes and toothpaste, I packed my combat robot, transmitter and chargers. (Even the servos had chargers? 0.o) I decided although I had four servo chargers, I only needed one, so I took a charger for the battery, and a charger for the servos.
    Later, I am downstairs, presumably with my combat robot and whatever else I packed, and someone else from my school is taking the strings off my guitar, because apparently I am taking that with me, and breaks the B string. Okey dokey.
    Later, I think I am on a coach, maybe an airplane, with some other people, and we are going somewhere. Then, we're at some sort of metal concert, with people dressed up like GWAR, and then the audience is dressed up like star wars people, and aliens and stuff, and GWAR and the other band playing instigate some sort of fight between their fans, like a wall of death mosh. The band isn't really GWAR, just similar, to be honest I don't listen to GWAR, but I am right now anyway. We are not in the mosh pit, we're looking down on them. There seems to be an argument between the people dressed up as monsters, and the people dressed up as star wars. Then they start having a massive fight, fisting each other, and these mini muscly pac man oompa loompa people boss it up.
    The end.

    The other non lucid I remember well is in the garden by the rabbit pen, and I appear to be running errands in some sort of Jurassic Park, and after being attacked by a Stegosaurus I try to convince the palaeontologist guy that they should be classified as medium herbivore, and he grudgingly agrees somewhat while playing with a dinosaur bone.

    The DILD involved me being in my school and in one of the music rooms waiting for Metallica to play to us, and I was pretty damn excited. I was somewhat amused they usually do 2 gigs in the UK per tour before leaving, yet this time they decided to play to a school, but I wasn't complaining. Before they were supposed to come, I think I was playing some guitar. Then people started coming in waiting, and we waited. I don't know exactly what happened while we were waiting, but I did a reality test, first I just blocked my throat and tried to breath, and I could still breath, so I assumed something went wrong, automatically put my hand over my nose and could still breath, so I instantly became lucid when I realised, but I couldn't quite stabilize, and I lost the dream. I usually don't have a problem stabilizing, it might be because of the reality check, I don't usually become lucid by doing the reality check, so I might have been more lucid than usual, or something. Anyway, for some reason I couldn't stabalize and that was that. And I still didn't get to see Metallica. (Not that I would really want to, Metallica hasn't been good in years, they don't play their songs right anymore.)
    lucid , non-lucid , memorable

    Non Lucid

    by dragonzrmetal on 02-25-2014 at 08:00 PM
    I was really tired last night, too late up, a lucid just wasn't going to happen. I did the sensory excercises anyway for a bit, and I recalled one dream, not a fragment, but a complicated story, about moving house, and the people moving in were already here and I had no idea. Not really that an interesting dream, hopefully tommorow I'll have something better to post.

    My house may or may not be a dream sign.

    Updated 02-25-2014 at 08:04 PM by dragonzrmetal