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    Non-Lucid dream from the morning of August 23

    by Find on 08-24-2010 at 07:07 PM
    It was a quick dream, the kind you'd normally get while just falling asleep.

    I saw a window. It was slightly open so I could tell that it was night. The drapes (the window in my room has blinds) were fluttering around. I started seeing an orb floating around on the outside of the window. I jolted awake.

    Can't remember anything else from that night/morning.

    (I dunno how to edit the title. This dream is actually from the 24th, today.)

    Updated 08-24-2010 at 07:10 PM by Find


    Lucid dream from the morning of August 22

    by Find on 08-23-2010 at 07:21 AM
    (Excuse me if I've forgotten some of the terminology that people use on this site. Summer has seriously impared my intellegence.)

    I woke up this morning lying on my stomach. I was still a little tired, my eyes felt all creaky still, so I decided to try and WILD. It'd been a while since I'd even attempted to have a lucid dream, and I didn't really have anything else to do.

    It took, like, fiteen seconds before I started feeling tingles all over. The pins and needles sensation made it difficult to stay still. I tried to concentrate on the images that were starting to appear on the backs of my eyelids. Saliva started filling up in my mouth as I tried not to think about swallowing.

    The images I started seeing started out normal. Usually, I see a very dim fireworks display or I see a tunnel. Today I was going through a tunnel. Colors started to stabalize, and become more vivid. I realized that the tunnel I was going through wasn't just a tunnel... it was a vein. The fleshy color of the tunnel gave it away, that, and that my mind had labeled it all on its own. A few seconds later the tunnel ended in a square, metalic colored grey, room.

    Plastic things covered the ceiling, wall and floor. They were white, and made of what a plastic folder would be made of, slightly transparent. Their approximate size was twelve inches by three inches. I can't remember the exact words that were written on them, but I know that they had to do with my memories and/or functions. On the first line of writing was a title of either the memory or function, and the second line I think, but I dunno, had numbers written in a smaller print. The third line had what I knew were nucleotides, ACGT, and I think U was there...but I don't know why. The some of the plastic things were covering a copy machine-looking thing.

    I left the the room through a rectangular archway. The next room I entered was MUCH larger. It was square, also. I was standing on a balcony that ran across the sides of the entire floor I was on. There were no rails. I found an elevator went on it, and ended up on another floor that looked similar to the one I had just been on. I headed for a door that was on the adjacent wall. My dream self started to reconnect with my body and I woke up.

    Upon waking up I realized a few things.
    1. I had been walking inside of my own mind. It wasn't just a dream, I had been very close to the 'control room'.
    2. The layout looked very much like my old school (one of my dream signs) and the place I was in had walls and floors similar to Nordstrom (I like that place.)
    3. Had I continued to the topmost floor I would have been at the 'control room'.

    From there I started thinking of all the things I could have asked for: The ability to read minds, to grow taller, thinner, be a better violinist, see auras, whatever I wanted. If I ever have another lucid I'm going to try and end up over there and see if I was right.