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      Ahh yes, I'd heard of that before. Checked it out, looks very interesting! My best mate is actually starting in stand up. He's written a short set that he's gonna do at comedy nights. I was surprised at how funny it was, it's good shit! Anyway I gotta get off, got band practice. Watch Schofield on crack! x
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      Yeee, I watched it at the cinema a few weeks ago, it really is brilliant. You need to see it. Man, I wanna read that, my mates just starting reading Love All the People now, says it's well good. It's the one that has his poems in and stuff isn't it? You heard of Swede Mason? He makes some amazing remixes, haha type Philip Schofield on Crack into youtube.. Enjoy x
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      Yes, he's probably my favourite comedian.. Among George Carlin and possibly Doug Stanhope. Revelations was ace but relentless is the best. He's just on fire! I recommend you watch American: The Bill Hicks Story if you haven't seen it already. It's fucking great. Bill Hicks is the best man x
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      Goatboy as in Bill Hick's character Goat Boy?
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      Goatboy as in Bill Hick's character Goat Boy?
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    by Goatboy on 04-05-2011 at 04:24 AM
    This is just the end of the dream i was having, I could only remember this part despite my efforts. I was in a house I didnt recognize, though felt comfortable in it like it was my own and my family was there. I was at the computer and had headphones on, in the left and right ear were two different voices. And they argued back and forth about things but only I could hear them. I would look around my house somewhat paranoid hoping nobody else will see me doing this. I suppose they were similar to the shoulder angel and shoulder devil, in that they seemed to be opposites. Whether they represented good or evil or anything is beyond me, I cant even remember what they bickered about.
    non-lucid , dream fragment

    The Acrobatic Room and the Stick Fight

    by Goatboy on 06-23-2010 at 01:31 AM
    June 21 2010

    This first one is a bit hazy since I remembered it while showering and didn't record it.

    It consisted of me, Jessica Alba, and one other person. We were in some dark industrial looking room and we had to do a bunch of acrobatic stunts in order to get out of the room, like I had to flip off this platform and do a handstand on this bar connected to the door to drag the door down and then somebody else would hop over and pull me up. At some point Jessica started to talk to me about how she simply told another actress while on the set that she was going to ass fuck her. And I was like oh wow ok, and she went in detail even gave me a vision of how she did it, but the whole time i wasn't in the vision, i was still conscious of my surroundings.

    And I think that dream gave influence to this one, it was late at night, and I was sitting in my living room watching TV a show about the " Top Insert Number Here Sexiest Women in TV". So cool, I watch that for a while until my brother comes in and starts to ask me what im watching so i tell him and when he asks the channel I give him that too, but I was uncomfortable with the whole thing and just wanted him to go back to bed. I turn the program off after my whole family ends up waking up and walking around, and my little bro ends up telling my parents I was watching that. I remember going into the kitchen and looking into the fridge and the pantry and seeing yogurt everywhere, and I was like wow we have a lot of yogurt. Skips to me telling my mom and brothers good bye as they drive away to go do something and my Dad is bitching at my bro about how he always leaves half empty yogurts all over the house and i end up throwing a spoon on the ground out of anger lol. Me and my dad go back inside and we tell each other good night and I go back to watching my show.

    I was in this grassy clearing, flat where I was standing but off in the distance it was hilly and bright, with a body of water stuck somewhere in between the lands curves. There were two males in front of me, whos faces and voices I cannot recall. They had long bamboo like sticks much like mine and I was engaged in combat with them, for training purposes. One was much better than me, and also much older and wiser, the other still a student but had more experience than me. We went on exchanging blows, I held up pretty well, I even broke the students weapon at one point and it fell on me. After a while everything transformed, the people around me into my friends, and the environment as well. It got darker and I perceived myself with my friends in a neighborhood. We were looking through a fence that consisted of vertical square black metal bars and we were on a hill looking through it at a culdesac where my friend Dylan was setting off fireworks. And we were trying to communicate with him, but he couldn't hear us, his dad drove away on a motorcycle(wasn't aware of him before his departure) and he began to set off more fireworks. We keep trying to yell at him to tell him to save some for us, and this kid I hate was with us in that moment said "Ya save the fireworks!" and I was like "aw fuck" in my head.

    The pleasant beggar and Super Terry Crews

    by Goatboy on 06-21-2010 at 05:52 PM
    June 20 2010

    Me and Zac were in an area I later made out to be Austin, though it looked nothing like it, it still later held the metropolitan theme. But now it isn't Austin, its just an area me and Zac are in, I never tried to make sense of where I was. We had guns, and I remember shooting those guns into the glass of nearby stores and what not. My clip ran out and I didn't know how to reload it so me and Zac were just hanging out in this building and we start to hear something in the room behind us. We go check it out and there's a guy back there holding a door up as cover and just kind of bouncing around. Scared the shit out of me and I got the hell out of there, in the process I left Zac behind, and that's the last time hes in this dream. I flee to this awesome looking fountain thing I cant remember what it looks like, but it was huge. I feel safe there and continue to explore the area around me until its Austin, in "Austin" there is a "Little England" and a "Little Mexico" I explore both and eventually end up at this platform with 2 stairs attached to it one leading up the other down and there's a nice old man begging for money. I refuse and he smiles and goes on begging to others, eventually I go back to him and ask him how to get to "Little England" he tells me where to go but also tells me of a short cut. I try the short cut and report back to him that its not working. And I cant really recall much, but I think we got in trouble with the authorities.

    Next dream Im at Zacs house with Dylan first thing I recall is me lying in bed trying to sleep and Zac and Dylan try and sneak in to pull a prank on me, I felt it before I knew what it was, Zacs mom filled me in telling me it was a fire extinguisher and if she wouldn't have caught them it would have been worse. After that I got up and hung out with them, and I remember telling them the events of my last dream, only the homeless part though and all about Austin.

    It was humans against super-humans in some soccer game of sorts. I eventually remember becoming a superhuman and am told to punish one of the members for something, the one I had to punish was Terry Crews.

    I remember swinging from a rope idk why, and eventually Terry starts bitching that his legs are tired and he has to piss so I let him go, it was dark outside and we were on a soccer field again. While Terry is gone a shadowy man shows up and we talk, all I remember talking to this mysterious figure about is Terry and I remember seeing him laughing. All I can recall.

    This is a short one, it was in my house with my mom, little brother and myself. My little brothers friends were trying to see if they could come over and they were having a conversation from across the house about it. I told Josh "Mom doesn't want them over." so he told them to leave and that's it.

    A Regretted Decision

    by Goatboy on 06-19-2010 at 06:01 PM
    June 18 2010

    Not a good night for dream recall, In fact I didnt even remember these fragments until later this morning at the end of my WBTB attempt.

    The first thing I remember is watching my friends drive away through the trees. They were going to go hang out somewhere, and I requested to be dropped off here in this odd wooded area. I quickly began to regret the decision, confused I went and knocked on the door to this odd looking building, I cant begin to imagine its purpose there. In the building were three people, two men and one women, one of the men answered the door with a smile, but not for me, clearly a facial expression left over from the conversation I interupted. He said something I cant recall and another man came to the door. He started telling me what I have to do if I want to leave and I remember him telling me that I have to insert coins and call for a ride using the payphone that I didnt notice before. I told him my intention wasnt to do all that but simply call for the ride and I told him "I have no coins." Eventually he surrendered his cell phone and told me to make it quick. I called but the call didnt work or something, this is where it starts to get really hazy, he got mad after the first call failed but he let me try again. I was pacing while I was talking, and at somepoint the location of the dream changed to my kitchen, really hazy and then the dream ends.

    The next fragment picks up in this cabin somwhere, atleast thats what I made it out to be. And my friends were there and so was this chick named Ashley. I remember she was facing the couch with her knees on the cusion talking to alex who was behind the couch, so she was kind of bending over and i remember staring at her ass going "Damn.". Eventually I walked over there to her left and I think talked to them and the dream ended. All i could remember.

    I think the problem is im getting to much sleep and being way to lazy. Rather than 1:30 to 12:30 and doing nothing through the day ill start waking up at 9 and being more active during the day. Hope it helps the recall.
    non-lucid , dream fragment

    Schools Out!

    by Goatboy on 06-18-2010 at 10:06 PM
    June 17

    I was in my school again for the third dream in a row last night. It was the last day, and the celebration was related to the math classes, like they set it up or something. There were 2 teams, and I know think they were influenced by APb, one team chasing and the other fleeing and we were all using rollerblades. I was on the fleeing team, and my friend Zac on the chasing, though he tried to help me some since we were friends and didnt pursue me with such zeal as this kid named Jaret. I was in a pretty crazy chase with him for a while but i lost him at the other end of the school and he stayed there until i peeked down the hall and he saw me and came after me.

    Once school let out I remember on my way outside I passed a few principals and remember saying "Oh shit." and sped up. The game was over, but I remember chasing my friend Cameron just for fun, he fled out the door and I did the same and chased him a bit out into the parking lot until we all stopped. I remember I slid to a stop.

    With it being summer time and all, I can be pretty certain that if I am in school, I am dreaming. I just have to remember that, and hopefully add some clarity to my dreams.

    Updated 06-21-2010 at 06:32 AM by Goatboy