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    Bunch of DJ's #2

    by k10kemorr on 12-29-2013 at 02:58 PM
    Had a dream where I was at a secret underground base in Norway and we were sending out jets doing secret ops from there. From there I had to learn all the intricacies of living underground. Also for some reason weed was legal at this base, so that was a whole other deal that we had to put up with. Most of the people from my work were there including my friend Scott. The underground part of the base was also mostly earth colored as if the walls were excavated. For the most part it was night time during this dream.
    The underground part of the bases had many rules and regulations as to how it was run. There was also a special class that you needed to take if you were military in order to be able to take some of the weed. Many people from my shop were secretly trying to take that military course in order to be put on the list that says you can smoke it legally. I knew full well though that it was still illegal for us, but everyone wanted to sneak away to this. Near the end of the dream it got pretty interesting as there were a few close calls that made my heart pound somewhat. Also there was this one part where I m running this one part of this underground lair which happens to be a bedroom area with a huge bed and for some reason everything is freaking me out in the room as I can see all the silhouettes. I knew there was nothing to be afraid of though, and there was nothing supernatural going on but I still had a mini panic attack. After that small part I ended up waking up to the sound of me pushing my laptop off of my bed.
    We all live on a small triangle dice. Whenever the die rolls one side of it is gonna get crushed and there's a 33 percent chance of that happening. i see all the small people around me and wonder why we aren't more significant but I can't imagine why.
    You choose your poison. At one point I end up bringing up all my stuff onto a ship and there's this one small African american kid that tries to steal my stuff from the boat every now and again. I tell him to keep trying. I remember thinking that I am about to set off on an adventure like Bilbo. We were heading out to thee open ocean. I remember seeing from afar that in this video game like reality there was a few normal boats and that there were the pirates of the Caribbean boats. It turned out that the people on the boat from the third world countries made it while many of their family members did NOT. Thankfulness for our predicament, no matter if you're getting robbed, starving, been through harsh times, you're suffering is what you make off it, and is yours to learn from and grow.
    Had a dream where Ozzy told me to shave my mustache because it was out of regs, but he had a chinstrap. Went on a journey because the world was ending, but I still had to check in to work. There was a town that I needed to go to to fix the water supply with an antidote but nobody wanted to drive me because they were too busy. Was a really crazy dream.
    Had a bunch of awesome dreams induced by galantamind. One was where I was in some sort of underground lair that you get to by a special train that a bunch of people get on and then someone pulls the emergency stop and the train crashes and you end up in some certain underground apartment thing where you have to face many different enemies with different powers. It seemed like it played out somewhat like dark souls and that you could level up. It seemed like it was a never ending series of choices that made you go up a spiral staircase as you fought many different and more gruesome foes. On te last floor you choose your fate and you either die b the hands of the midget wizard, some guy from dark souls or a few other people that gained powers after they exited the same train as you.
    I had another dream here I had met the love of my life at a giant school like area with humongous rides and giant arcades and a giant religious sect. We shared a hug love of Disney and for this one giant tall building where a bunch of people got together and played video games, but much more than that. In another small area there seemed o be a sort of religious corrupt sect of some sort that seemed good on the surface but ultimately was not.
    there was another dream where I was transported to this dark realm where I was some sort of evil king but eventually everyone got tired of me, but somehow i knew that I still had power there, and so did many other people. They locked me in this closet type deal, which was actually more like a special door where people could come and challenge me. There I was hung by my body and challengers would open my door, and as they came in I would throw them down a seemingly endless pit bellow me, never to see them again.
    I had a few other lucid dreams, where in multiples of them I met the same girl that I fell in love with. I can't remember them al but I do remember that it was strong feelings.
    Had a dream where I was on a tdy with a bunch of military people that I work with, but also for some reason there ere a bunch o my classmates that just happened to be there at the same time. it was a dream where we were tdy on a tropical island and wile everyone that was in m class was there for a reason that was unknown to me, I still had to work. There was a feeling of a fresh new start for me there because it was a tdy. When I talked to my classmates there they said that there was probably some ulterior motive behind why they were there but they didn't say. At work on the island there were a few incidents that happened. When we were trying to re position jets there was a fiasco with the tow job and the jet came loose. Everything was fine in the end though.
    At some point in the dream I realized that it was a dream and I started talking to the DC from my class. They wer really cool about me askinng them that if they knew it was a dream. Then we walked the beach just talking. At some point in the dream i thought that I would write down my dreams on y cop, but for some reason I had someone else laptop.
    Next I remember i'm back at work on the tdy and our senior was saying that we could al leave from work or go on this tdy where they would perform all sorts of experiments and tests on us to test us. The requirements were that we had to be a1c and we had to have our gi bill, as well as a few other things. There were a bunch of dreams that all stemmed off of this giant tdy dream with my workmates and classmates. It was overall really interesting and I knew that I had to write it down so that I wouldn't forget any of it.
    Me and a few other of my friends are knights and we are on a quest, but we are pretty late. I don't remember clearly much after that.
    I Live in a dorm room at the end of a row of dorms but its larger than normal and has its own yard. Light does not reach that far. I look at the time and see that it is seven forty and think that I am past the time that i need to wake up so I kind of freak out but am still chill. There is a back story as to how I got the room at the end but I can't remember. I wake up so as to go and wake up Martinez but its only five forty.
    Had a dream where I was working on aircraft at Hawaii and for some reason the other squadron hd to move a bunch of f15e's to the other side of the freeway via road. In order to do so they had to remove giant sections of the freeway with a harrier jet via airlift and then push the jest as they go over the open space with a tow vehicle wings of the jet got knocked so it fell off and I just remember thinking that it would take a lot of man hours and money to fix.
    I saw that we are based out of a certain area that seemed to be a large industrial complex. I was let off of work pretty early because on the white board it said that my assignment was already complied with. We end up doing a run with Robinson, Walser, me and a few other people there. They learned what happened to the other squadron by asking me, or rather I had to tell them.
    Had a dream where I was on a walking dead island. I was stuck in a building at one point and I watched Aziz Ansari die to zombie illness just outside my window. I also saw the police searching with their helicopters. Timmy from South Park flew me around in a helicopter as well a a bunch of other people. The building that we were in had classrooms and the like. During the first night we all find a bunch of pot to smoke and we divide it up. We only see a couple zombies for the most part. I don't remember much after that.
    Almost partied with that dude from LMFO during the dream. He was walking around carrying a bottle of something. It was a once day and there was a library to the left down this road and at the end of it was tow buildings, one of which was a lube and I forget what the other one was. I get some hassle from other kids around but I put them in their place by acting suave. I go into the library but for some reason I take off my pants.
    In this dream I find myself back on my home island. I notice that it feels very very real. Somehow I end up in this cave up the side of the fountain facing outwards towards the water. I see a gigantic meteor fall out of the sky and decimate an entire area of the island in a heartbeat. There are huge waves crashing about and weird weather. I really do feel that this is the end and I feel sad that I will never see my family again. It turns out though that my family is in another cave to the left of the one I was in. Family friends, cousins, and my grandma was located in that cave. I started to talk to them about how this is the end and that we could not survive another strike like that. Just as I say that another gigantic meteor comes crashing down, this tie to the left and I see another portion of my island become devastated. There was intense feelings of realism there. That is what I remember.
    Had a dream where I was back at school as well as a dream where I was doing something else I can't quite remember. What I do remember is that I was at my elementary school library.
    There was another part of this dream where I am playing basketball with Nguyen and there is a part where I am outside shooting hoops ad inside my old school gym. We see people going out to party.
    Had a dream where I went to Malloch's party and there was burnt gyoza there. He was flirting with two girls even though he was already married. This house party was set up at a huge college/modern/theater area where for some reason I was walking around with my cousins and my sister and mom and we were investigating a crime scene where an alien had just died. We were trying to cover it up but at the same time we were trying to bust it wide open. the aliens had purple blood which i remember because i saw a nearby elevator that had evidence of purple blood.I really wanted to investigate these vents but they were up at least sixty feet up in the air. There happened to be a giant stack of plastic boxes, grayish in color all stacked onto one another in a pyramid like fashion. My family came and we all got into it and I counted that I could go up and down it in four leaps.
    Had a dream where I Was with Courtney and
    Had a dream where I was batman and I was chasing after Harley Quinn, Joker, and Scarecrow. We were inside of a building with the joker and Scarecrow and the building is full of poisonous gas. Its a multi tiered building. It seems that the Joker has come up with some sort of extra strength laughing gas or something in a certain part of this area. I am viewing third person then I become batman. We end up chasing them around except because of our presence there , the Joker needed certain items that he didn't have to activate something that he had, and we had those items. I believe it was some sort of wireless signal type device. After they get that they disappear and we start looking for them. I end up going throughout the maze because I saw that they were gone. they didn't go through the part of the maze with the thicker poison, but for some reason I had to go into that area. When I did get to those poisonous gas area, the dream ended. if I tried harder I could have gone into dream exit induced lucid dream.
    In this dream I am hanging out with some people from high school. Some people from other grades, as well as Egoraptor and Jontron. For some reason in this dream I have a reputation of always sleeping on the job or something. We walk around to a bunch of different giant arcades, some of which has Disney and barney characters. Inside one of them I go in with my mom to see what they have and it is actually raining inside of one of the restaurants. Next thing I remember I am out on the ocean in a kayak with egoraptor and jontron and we see two whale sharks as well as what we think is a bull shark. They were very close to our boat and we were all flabbergasted. Then I end up jumping on top of the bull shark which turns into one of those long necked prehistoric type sea monsters and I ride it back to shore. While I dismount I realize that I have to go see my classmates at a shop further down the street. When I get off of the dinosaur I a given an option of whether to allow the monster to forget or remember our encounter. I let it forget it so I don't get eaten. then I walk down the boardwalk with my Nintendo ds and meet up with Jordan and Nainoa. They seem much smaller than usual. we go down more and we end up seeing Nainoa complaining about traffic rules and how dumb they are. Everyone mentions my 2ds and says that its interesting. Then the dream ends and I can't remember much more.
    Had a dream that I was in the military still but I was in some sort of new college. It was like a large gray building. We had a few really easy classes. I was with people from my high school, but all my classes were applicable to the job in the military. They were really really easy. I remember talking to David Paik and finding out from him that we have a meeting that was to discuss about how our college gets paid for and that it was mandatory. Also the next day was going to be a not have to go in to work sorta day.
    Had a dream where I was at the mall with my cousins and we went to a shop where my friend Tyler was running the stand and we bought a bunch of weed from him. Met up with my older cousin at the mall.
    Had a dream where we had a high school reunion at a mall. There was a dance party. I had met up with some chick that i knew. For some reason I was looking after her kid. Was having a good time until I lost the kid.
    Had a lucid dream with my Aunty at one point, and then with my mom. I flew around and taught my Aunty to fly and how we could change the weather. I flew around with my mom on my back.
    Had a lot of dreams having to do with dogs.
    Had an awesome really vivid lucid dream where I was able to fly around and try many different things. I flew around near an ocean and terra formed some land. I also Terra formed the ocean by making giant waves become cylinders. The experience was amazeballs. It felt very real, I could feel all the little details of it. The cool ocean breeze, etc. I end up fling near a large flat rock face and decide I want to climb it by singing the Hercules song I will find my way. I get to a point where I can't go much higher so I phase through the mountain side into the dark interior of the mountain. i see matrix code and I reach for a door and open it to another area that is inside. In this area I see and face slenderman in a few different forms. One of the forms looked like Jack skellington.
    Next I see a couple of cute asian girls or possibl white girls walk out. One has a pirate costume with purple trim. i liked her a lot. I fliirted with her a bit and then walked to this other area of this malll. The middle area was another clinder tpe area with steps all around it. I lose track of this girl but then I see her on the second floor, where I am encouraged to go and get her. I climb up a tall tiled lightpole to get to her. i then end up outside walking down the street where I see a google road car drive past me and take pictures.
    Before this dream i had a somewhat ocf a nightmare. I dreamt that me and my family was on a pretty ritzy resort island. Everything was fine and awesome. Then I remember ending up back in m room iin Hawaii. I find my ipad and a bunch of other electronics are destroyed but I don't let it get me down. I take out m drawer of electronics and I go to town. I then end up back at the island somehow after we go to school and work.
    Back on the island resort there were a lot of stuff to do. The floor was stone and each room had something different to do. There was a room with free food out. Eventually though there was an event where we somehow ended up running from large green demon looking things. A group of the other tourists ended up in our room tring to hide from it. I nearly get a bunch of us caught, and eventually I get caught by one of them as they open up the side windows and just drag me and a few other people out. It turns out that I just end up waking up to find that I am okay but still in the dream. the island was devastated but we were all making due. it seemed alike a really down to earth place.

    Had some other non lucid dreams that had to do with Hawaii probably.

    Had a dream where my sister and I were at home with my mom. We came back to visit and we were talking about how our lives were going. For some reason I bought 2 cup noodle saimin and one pork saimin and we were eating those. It looked like we were at my house at first but then it switched over and it all seems to be a pretty normal dream as it seems very close to real life. Sister was playing league of legends so we were talking about that. I get to see my cousin Shaun as he comes over. When I look outside I find that I am in my old house back in Hawaii. I distinctly remember the taste of the cup of noodles that I got and was eating.
    Had a couple dreams where I was watching a bunch of nerd have a wedding. It was this one guy with salt an pepper hair and this other chick It seemed they were having a star wars wedding. On the left side there were a bunch of family and friends. On the right side of the wedding part there were a bunch of well known nerds like Michio Kaku and that one black dude.
    Other then that I remember watching giant advertisements in the sky, probably sponsored by Disney. The one I remember the most is the one where there are giant genie legs in the sky and then it becomes a whole long commercial.
    There were a bunch of other parts to this dream that I can't remember fully right now.
    Hung out at a friends house and we were trying to spades but we couldn't find the cards. Hung out watching dbz with his sisters. They had a lot of dogs and their house was pretty big. Sister's room on the left, parents room in the middle, Watson's room on the right.
    Had a somewhat nightmare that I had to do a research project on a recent death. The weird thing was that these deaths were caused by a demonic force. I remember vividly seeing some of the deaths occur and I remember after revisiting some of those houses that there was a small amount of hair stuck in the vents for each of those houses, everyone drove Mercedes, and that all of the old ladies cats would always stay outside of their owners houses. the project that I had to do for class had to do with the info that we got from each instance of research.
    Had a dream where i was with another friend that was much more powerful than me at the time. It was almost as if I was trying to gank someone in league of legends with him as we were chasing someone down. We were at some sort of giant pond that as setup like a track field. I was trying to lure the guy out so we could get the kill but he wouldn't fall for that. He notices that I split up with my teammate so he thinks this is his chance and he sprints after me. I realize how far I've gotten and sprint away from him and jump over the pond with a jump or a double jump. this goes on for a while and we are going full speed. at some point i end up jumping over again and going over fences. the chase is intense, so much so that it becomes day time. I end up going through fences and over gates. I end up running into some other person at a new setting which is like a ghetto part of the city. Its a giant Sasquatch looking kid. He tries taking me out but he doesn't get me. I run into another kid then i switch dreams

    I talk to someone that is staying over at my place and he says that someone has seen coming over and opening my door and throwing stuff at him or hitting him so i get paranoid about m open door. I wait for him so i can counterattack but he never shows up. I also have a few false awakenings and a real one..
    Had a long series of lucids and a false awakening, going into space and a lot of stabilization techniques. I got to meet up with some o my friends from Hawaii and we went and chilled. Ended up going to some small shops and a bar to get cigarettes and I saw another shop that had a lot of cool nerd stuff in it. I also remember from a previous dream that there was a series of fireworks that were going off that I saw while i was near the pool. Every once in a while the fireworks would come back.
    During one of my lucid dreams I had a long talk with some dream characters about if they knew that they were dream characters. They were two lold ladies. One was giving me some sort of weird hand massage or exfoliating thing with a bunch of hot black rocks on m hands. I asked them a few questions but they didn't seem to be all that distressed about it. I remember making a bunch of crystals for them because that was their currency. After that I went on my way. I also had a somewhat disturbing short snippet of a dream were it was about trypophobia and how the children of that one frog with holes on its back like to dig deeper and latch on to the bottom for as long as possible.
    Had a whole dream about an island of walking dead type deal. Same as I've had before.
    Had a dream to Cali for vacation from work without telling anyone. I also saw a pilot pilot a small aircraft as a secret mission.

    Pretty Cool Dreams while listening to Celestial White Noise

    by k10kemorr on 11-27-2013 at 04:56 PM
    There was a dream where I was at some sort of island theme park. It was supposed to be pretty scary. I was with Nguyen and a few other people. We stayed there for a while. There were a few of the higher ups frying there as well for some reason.
    There was a pretty intense part of the park, probably one of the three parts of the park where you get toured around by some clown looking guy, and randomly throughout the ride he would go crazy and you have to calm him down in order to progress without anyone having to be taken. It was a very intense and somewhat scary ride. There was a whole fiasco with who I was staying with and the clown. They didn't look like the clown from it, but they somewhat did. The face paint on the one clown would change color when he went insane during the ride.
    Watson was there with us, and he ordered a bunch of video games to the park address but he wasn't there to pick them up the next day because he was probably missing or something.
    Then I went with some of the higher ups from my work from the park to another part which was in a house hotel area where my grandma and aunty were staying. There were a few interesting things that happened there and then I got a ride with them back to the park. There was another part of the dream that involved them and my work more heavily but its pretty hazy.
    I get back to the park and have a pretty intense moment where an entire hall of people turn into the clown looking things, it was kind of scary but moreso just intense and in tents. I end up finding out why the clown was so crazy though when I try to escape from the park one night through a flashback.
    In a past life the clown was in fact a starfish whose daughter starfish got destroyed by the waves and rocks and environment. Life is hard for other creatures. He dragged her to a place near the ocean and rocks where he could sort of protect her and try to help her heal, because starfish can heal relatively easily. He ends up turning into a large barnacle to protect her. I just remember intense feelings of sympathy for the clown starfish barnacle, and it all made sense why he was so angry to me at the time. Then the dream ended.
    There is a pretty major dream, kinda vivid, where at the end of it, we end up somewhat around Las Vegas celebrating something and a small cruise turns into a large extravagant one.. It seemed to be around Hawaii because there were huge boats and also F15's in the water that we were all riding. It was an amazing celebration There was some production as to why it was being recorded as well. I think it was after work in my dream. I had a feeling that I had never seen this before even though I am from Hawaii.
    I cant recall the rest of the dream as of right now.
    an extensive dream about me, Nguyen, Scott and my Catholicism teacher as well as all the people in my weekend catholic school as we go out, learn, and get into hi jinx. we end up having some lessons I forget which kind. Then I end up talking to my friend Nguyen, as we need Halloween costumes... We go to a mall and we buy two nun costumes that pull away into other costumes like party boy. we the go to our catholic class via shuttle, where we meet my friend scott, who has now turned into a douche for some reason and feeds me some bs story about how he had moved or seen his house where his mom and him used to live where he was beaten by his dad as an excuse for being a douche. He slaps an old man on the face in the subway.
    then we go back to class after trying to figure out what we re going to eat for lunch as we cant decide, we almost don't have lunch.
    At class there are many people i know. It is held on the top floor of some building in a city like pearl city. we talk and our teacher seems like an asshole. I see some of my cousins in my class and one of them is singing a song by Die Antwoord. I am pressured by the teacher to see if I am going to volunteer for whatever thing they had going on the next day, which I was hesitant to do because I had no clue. Then we went on with our lives after the class and having decided that I wouldn't go on this excursion the next day, as I still want to have a weekend. Then the dream ends.
    I go to a convenience store with my mom and sister and Martinson. We get into a small confrontation.
    Had a WILD. Went into SP then got woken up by a little boy. Room was small. He said "she" wanted to see me. Went to see a somewhat scary dream lady that I turned into my memere. I decided I wanted to get away at that point so I fell through the ground into a backyard. There was a few trees and dogs there. Pretty vicious dogs but I love them so I let them bite me. I go into another scene where its a beautiful open field and I fly around. The weather is so nice, and there's pine trees. The weather gets darker and on top of a hill I see Kim Jong Un. I fly away to a desert area where the world gets like runescape and I think im in WoW. I start to walk around the crowded halls. I have a movie like vision of two girls in the town. Sisters.
    Had a crazy dream where We were travelling across country with a bunch of people, some high school classmates and whatnot and we went to a very high class party. There were a lot of drugs and debauchery going on at this party. That was pretty much the extent of it.
    Had a dream where i was in my old house and every night a demon dog would come and try to harm us but we would hold it back.
    Had another dream where a dog used a paint brush in its mouth to paint a large canvas in the back yard
    Had another dream where we were all staying at my cousins house and we were going to have a huge pot luck. Some of the people that I work with were there such as Lawson and Harris.
    Bunch of awesome dreams last night. Had one where I was going through some sort of fun house where some somewhat evil things popped out at you and it was a test of whether you could handle them all. Spirits and stuff would try to enter your body. After I got out of there I went up to this other place and saw my aunty who turns out was taken over somewhat by these evil things. Then I woke up in a somewhat military barracks where we all had bunk beds. They said it was code red mopp 4 because the room was painted red.
    Then I had some other dreams which were all very vivid. After flying around in one of them because I knew that I was lucid, I tried to conjur something, but for some reason it wasn't working. I also toured my aunty around because I knew that she was taken over by demons. When I got tired of the dream I fell through the floor to see where I could go to next.
    Had a dance battle with Nguyen just while i was taken over by the grim reaper who actually looked like a muppet. I was part of an organization that was housing a girl child that its members were keeping her hostage because she was the key in unleashing the Old Ones. There was a jerk at the head of the organization now who basically runs things in the background Me and a bunch of my real life co workers were all a part of this organization. He tried to get all of our contacts through each other by forcing us to give him our contacts but some refused.
    Had another dream where I went to a mall with some friends, but it wasn't a huge mall. I tried to impress my friends with a display of acrobatic skill by jumping all over the place in the mall and doing some cool stuff. There was an upper area in the mall which was a sort of play area which was like a rotating skating rink but instead was a moving platform that span and you had to run with it and try not to fall off of it because it was very high in the air.
    Had another dream where I was back at home and for some reason my dad was there as well as my mom. My dad basically took over my moms room and my mom was left to stay in the living room, which was weird because it was her house. There were quite a few interesting dreams this past week and this past night The most interesting was the one where we were part of an organization that was corrupt and there was a figure head that was a little child who was a mere pawn in the whole thing.

    Bunch of DJ's

    by k10kemorr on 11-18-2013 at 10:17 PM
    I had a dream where I was at a club at my high school. I was there with a few other friends that I hadnt seen in a while. Basically the whole club deal was inside of what used to be our auditorium. I saw many people from High school and all of the girls I knew where in questionable outfits. I was showing off some of my lame dance moves which includd this one move where I did a handstand and took off one of my shoes and kind of span around on it. Anyways I had a very fun very long night and this part of the dream reminded me of another dream I had that was at the auditorium.
    So the auditorium top floor was a club while the flow bellow it was the actual theater that was being used for some activitiies. I was inside the club, which seemed like a large warehouse with music playing and was gettingn a lotta attention. One girl smelt my jaket and was weirded out by how it smelt. All the girls around me seemed to give off an aura where they were intereseted but were somewhat inndifferent to me at the same time. After I got tired of that area I went to the entrance which was outside in front of te auditorium. I saw a good sized line in front of the heater and walked outside for a while and did my dance move. I heard a bunch of peple say "you think that youre so cool, huh?". I then went babck inside the buildinand went to the floor bellow.
    The drama teacher, who was some sort white blond dude with short hair, was tring to shoo people out of that floor because soon he was going to have a meeting. He asked me if I was in some way part of the drama club when I was in school. Me and a few other dudes said yes and we started talking about how we used to deck tech for plays and whatnot. He said that they were oging to have a club meeting soon. I was there witha few dudes from work, including one very large dude. We saw a bunch of little kidsd come into the room for this dramam clsub meeting. The big dude came in and tried to give this one kid a high five but the kid wouldn't because he was intimidated by his sizez.
    Then the drama club teacher started talking to use about a petitition to keep the drama club name the same. It would cost eighty three bucks per person to keep it the samme and the new name wasn't all that different because they had just ammended the name change somewhat already. I felt that it wasn't worth it. Then I woke up.
    tHERE WAs a few toy story characters in this dream.. In it I had made a bet with someone or something that I could survive the night. It was me and another person that I cant remember, probably a toy, vs this female toy and another toy. the female toy group seemed like the bad guuys. Anyways the challenge was set in a huge field and it was whoever made it to morning wins. there was barbed wire fence that lined the field as a sort of boundr. There was a lot of flying and maneuvering in this dream as well as team work as to which toys that we were going againt
    it wasnt a scary dream by any stretch, but moreso a challenge. I had used many fdifferent techniques to overcome me and my parterns adversarie which were, in fact, much more inherently stronger than we. I was fighting the smarter female toy while my partner fought the bigger and more aggresive other toy.
    We tried to play many tricks on them in order to win, even going so far as cheating. Near the end of the dream the female toy turned into woody and I elieve I was a lesser known toy that was jealous of him. Woody wouldnt let me live it down though and just wanted me to give up by the end of the night because by all means we had lost. I ended up ripping woody to pieces on tthe barbed wire but that didn't do anything. He just reformed himself afterwards.
    At the dawn though I was still jealous of him and his popularity but we had a good heart to heart talk. It turns out that I made a deal with Goodwin and his big rottweiler black guard dog like the one from up that if we made it to the morning we would survive. He granted mercy on us because we had fought valiantly.
    I woke up in my aunty's room. I was laying on the floor and I knew that everything was fine. I owned two dogs in this house, they were brand new. one was a poodle and the other was a normal brownish mutt. For some reason someone threw some dog treats on the ground but the brown dog wouldn't eat the treat so I picked it up with my mouth and gave it to the dog. I distinclty remember the taste of dog food. I also wondered why I did that, because dog food tastes way bad. I also knew that the room was red and my aunty mel lived there. then I awoke.
    Vack before when we were still fighting tme and my partner had used many clever tactics which included using the momentum we ogt as we traveled around the field arena and trying to make our opponents collide with some objects like a canopy from a jet. It seemed that our power was directed from how many people believed in us.
    Had a bunch of lucid dreams. Each had to do with going outside and looking at the stars. One i had to defeat a badguy with superhero powers. Another i jus found people that i knew and talked to them.
    I asked a dream charater if he knew that i was in a drewam and he g rabbed me by the shoulders and sc reamed yes! We were waitin for you to realize this.
    Had a bunch of other dreams that i dont remember that well, most of them lucid.
    it is set oon a boat. There is Sgt Shreiner there as well as s ome other people fro work. I don't know where we are going but it seems to be on some sort of adventure. We had just moved on from other modes of transportation to this one. On this new set of transportation there were a few people lready on it and they seemed to be a group themselves. There were a few different types of people but mostly old ladies, or at least there wer some. They were diggin on Sgt Shreiner. They even made little banners and designs for us, one of which was streamers connected to small Cardboard wings that were hand cutout. Sgt Shreiner talked about losing his hair and also I ended up in a room with another person and an old lady.
    in the room we were all getting ready to sleep, as it was like a hotel room. I was setting up my iPod dock to play some music on y headphones but it would only play out loud.
    Before this whole ordeal with the boat there was another part of the dreamI don't exactly remember what we were doig before, but it seemed that we were all collectively trying to get away from something potentially harmful., llike some sort of apocolypse.
    There was another set of dreams where I was with my family. We were travelling all over the place. We stayed in a bunch of different hotels, and I was by myself in a huge room. I think that we were near a huge amusement park, then we ended up and my grandparents house. there was a stack of bugs and the bee

    We were in a normal room in a normal house. There were toys that were animate and a large number of pets, mostly dogs. There was something inherently demonic about something in the room, but I can't remember.
    i had a few lucid dreamss where i was the hulk and and there was also another hulk and his son and we would all go out and give hase to each other. We lived on a hill overlooking a giant expanse of ocean. There were tall rocks jutting out of it.
    There were also very long ribbon like sea monsters in that water, probably a few football fields long. Most were a light purple in color while the last was a light bron on top almost like a certain type of shark.
    I remember during our morning chases I felt very happy. It was an interesting feeling. I knew I was in a dream, but I wanted to try out a different way of flying, so I tried this. Leaping from place to place. I could feel gravity and weightlessness at the same time. I wasn't able to hop out of the water so easily though.
    There was another portion of a dream that I dont remember that well. The end of the dream there was a very realistic depiction of a toy plush clown putting himself together bit by bit. From the loose shiny yellow material that made up his suit, to the Red puffballs that made up his hair and nose. I remember that I was watching this whole scene in the form of an animated comic book, with each panel being a different animation.
    Slowly the clown put himself together, it seems creepy, but it didn't feel creepy at the time at all. Soon enough the clown toy started to take human shape. It was jack nicholson's face on the clown, the white makeup only being absent on his face.
    In the dream the party was continuing on. There was a lot of different things to do, llike rides and such. We were all just having an amazing time. It was weird though because there was some sort of conflict. We all ended up in bunk beds in one of the rooms ater an extensive session. Then for some reason we had to leave. There was an issue with drugs or something. We ended up going to this big mall area, where my dad ended up talking to some shady guy that was selling drugs and buying them. He got all giggly and then tripped hard. There was a part of this dream that we all ended up going to the bathroom.
    Anyway I think my dad had a bad trip, but I wanted to try out the DMT in the dream. I asked him if that was possible, and he tossed me a small bag with the drug in it. His only words were "Don't drink it, you will get a massive panic attack. Smoke it" and left. Before I was able to take the DMT though, I sat down and tucked it underneath me. I had a false awakening though which I knew because when I woke up in my room, that wasn't my room, the drug was still tucked underneath me. Thats how I got into a lucid dream.
    I was in my room and I stepped outside. I tried to turn it to day time but it would not work. I started looking at a distance far away and as I start to get up to fly someone is behind me. He latches on to me and I fly. It seems he is supposed to be somewhat scary, but I am not scared whatsoever. I start flying backwards to that spot.
    I am in Norway for work. I vividly remember seeing Norway from a distance above it, almost as if looking at a map. It was really beautiful. We were near an area that was by the shallow water. I somehow got home, but returned and noticed that I was somewhat paranoid that I was going all the way home, and I still had to go to work.
    I am back in Hawaii at my grandparents house. For some reason I am helping my aunty clean up the yard by raking the leaves. The tree I know that is there in the yard is in a different position than I remember, and even though their dog is already dead, there is a lot of dog poop lying around in the yard.

    Collection of DJ's

    by k10kemorr on 11-08-2013 at 01:10 AM
    I had a few dreams about work, some involving dogs.

    I had a dream where I was in a somewhat dangerous situation where I was at a house that buried underneath the house there was a good bit of treasure. It was unsettling treasure because it had to do with something morbid or something to that nature. The plot of land that these high money making schemes could be hatched were all decently expensive. There was a lot of trickery going on with the price of the land.
    One woman was making a good deal of money off of it , while also selling the lots for a very high price to another man who didn't really have the money for it until he ran into some money through a 120 million dollar inheritance of sorts. He then bought the land easily then somehow me and my unidentifiable friends were able to acquire it from him. There was a good bit of gruesome things that happened to some of my friends because that same woman hired some men to come and try to get the fortune that we had found on her old land and bring it back to her. We were tortured to some extent and a few other things.

    It was an interesting and heartwarming tale.

    There were a few other dreams that I slightly remember as well.

    I have a very uncomfortable dream of owning a house and going on different little roadshows for a certain show. i am helping out for a web show called Game Grumps. We were filming about a certain subject whereas I made a video in response to their video. They made it as if they were camping and it looked like they were in California, but really they were in a place like Michigan, which is where one of the members was from in my dream.They start to make some jokes about the whole thing, and then they seem to be asking me for a video response, which I oblige them quickly.
    It seems the program that they were putting on had to do something about camping outside or something and the possible dangers. There was a spider that lifted up its forelegs in one of their videos. I ended up getting footage of one of those spiders in my house in Hawaii. I was able to kill the first spider pretty handily. The next spider though was pregnant and as I chase it around it lays its spider babies everywhere. It ends up that all of our little indoor dogs as well as their puppies end u covered in these spiders and then i force myself to wake up. It wasn't so much a nightmare, just it gave me a very weird feeling. I woke up with that feeling on my legs as if things were crawling around. Nothing too crazy but it was something.
    .as a few people from my high school. We had a few people in charge of the classes as well as a teacher. We were just coming back from summer vacation and we were given an assignment. Our teacher gave us an assignment where we had to write down our name, title of our report, date due, and some other info in the to right hand corner of a page, then we had to put a bunch of math and other info, like visual graphs and whatnot.
    I found it really hard to concentrate and I kept going back to neon graphing paper and lined paper. For some reason Die Antwoord was playing on the tv in our classroom. The two class leaders left the class to run some errands and we were all left to do our assignment and clean the classroom. Sra Rowell was one of the people briefing the class on some graphs that we could use. I was also sitting next to Hanna and Sam and we had a few conversations.
    It was a pretty unassuming dream overall. I just remember being so frustrated because I was having a very hard time concentrating
    I had a dream about two nerds. They were also crew chiefs. They used to be friends in college. They were now in a war game against each other. The nerdier nerd starts to stand up for himself for once and the revelation is that you are who you hang out with. We are a byproduct of habits and associations.
    I was in a large air field in the desert. I was crewing B52 bombers and c13's. The air was especially cool. We had to BPO those big jets all by ourselves.
    I remember a sort of mall. I was happy in this dream, or at least that I had that dream but I don't remember it very well.
    I do not remember any dreams from the first part of the night. I did have SP when I tried to wake up to write down in my DJ. There was a possible FA but most likely not.
    We were all working at a large building. I was with some coworkers as well as my mom was there. One of my coworkers wives were trying to come on to me. There was much work to be done.
    I remember fragments of a dream where I was in a huge mall of some sort.
    I remember a part of a dream where I was crewing a jet with Nguyen. We were near the edge of a taxiway parked alongside it. Near the back of the aircraft there was a steep grassy hill. To the right of us there were a few young girls who were specs. They were working the other jet. Their work area seemed much cleaner and niver than ours. It had a bunch of new equipment and there tools/area had a yellow, construction color to it. There were a bunch of seven levels working the jet with me and Nguyen Sgt Dennis was expediting. He made a joke to the girls next door to check AMAD hydro servicing. I thought he was talking to me. We then went back to our jet and found out that we had to run it up, so I got the comm cable and started hooking up and told nguyen to get the comm headset, but he wouldnt listen. I felt like kind of a dick for being stern with him, but eventually the staff ssgts yelled at him to go get the tools. We also had to breakdown the jet, i told him to get some of the covers but he wouldn't listen. sgt mitchell yelled at him to get the intake covers. Dream ends before the mx run and I stay still in my bed still somewhat euphoric and in a dream state. my mouth is dry so I like my lips and get out of it.
    I saw a brown pitbull come up from the foot of my bed and jump at me, I was very calm and thought of no harm or scaredness. Eventually he dissipated and I watched the foot of my bed just waiting for something else to pop up. I was very calm though and felt no fear. I then began rising up after thinking that if this was a dream I could levitate. I did after the sleep paralysis wore off and then fell back onto my bed in my brightly lit room. I get up of the bed and start trying to stabilize it. I yell increase clarity now and everything does get clear. I say stabilize dream now as well and look at myself to anchor myself in to my dream. My hands are somewhat transparent. Im wondering why I start fading from the dream and come to find outthat my eyes were open in real life.
    I had a bunch of other small somewhat light dreams. I felt like I was still lightly dreaming and I hadn't gotten in to a deep sleep yet.
    I had a continuation of the last dream with Nguyen and I at our jet. There are again a whole bunch of people crowding around our jet, but it turns out that we are helping launch out both our jet and the one next to us that the girls were working on They seemed very new, but during startup there were a few problems. Nguyen started getting pretty angry because he was being boxssed around. Sgt Rustica came up and he was pretty rude to another chick who was a couple jets down and nguyen didn't like this so he didn't want to be respectful. After that Jones tried to borrow some tools from us to fix some problem with the right MLG and come to find out we didn't even have a crew chief box. One asian girl came over to my box while I was looking for tools, and commented on how it wasn't a normal box. The major feeling I remember was that I screwed up and got the wrong box.
    After that I awoke and stayed still in my bed until I believe that I dreamt bout having sleep paralysis, except it was different
    cont this time because my room was quite well lit, but also my eyes were open.
    lucid , non-lucid , dream fragment

    Disjointed Half Asleep Dream Journal Entries

    by k10kemorr on 11-03-2013 at 01:53 AM
    A few disjointed, misspelled, fragmented DJ entries that I made while half asleep.

    I had many dreams last night on vitamin b6 that I can remember, but I didn't write them down right away.

    There is a group of us. It is a large mall like area with a somehwat Disney theme. I end up going around a lot with my family, my mom and sister. I end up eating at a lot of places with my mom and sister.
    With my firends aI also walk around a lot with Nguyen and whatnot. He tries to get him to pay for some things. we end up going to some sketchy part of town where someone with a syringe shoots e up with heroine against my will.
    ~~~ about ro bands or something. I remea retty o had pink short, spiked hair.al, which i also knew her frienpopular band that I had heard of.
    Dream fragment. Nuyen was in the dream and it It turns out her husband was part ofime before.this girl from a r had tlo do with workat it was a happy dream. I remember that at one point we w
    Masa, and micah. It is in a bathroom, and the toilet overflowed.
    I hear Shannon and scott discussing about working out. I surprise them with the facct that I a there.
    I see a pinkk shrt hair girl with somewhat

    I see my friends Shannonlow spikes iin her hair. I a with McDonald and he mentions There was some drinks to have been had..ere over at a place near Sgt Dolgikhs house and for some reason we were waiting near it it.