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    1. I have a strong preference for EDM, I've fallen asleep at rave clubs before because the music was so comforting. But, like I said before, I'll listen to just about anything. I'd have to say that my favorite EDM besides dubstep is electro, they're both tied up there at the top for different reasons. I listen to more dubstep than electro especially these days because I'm a lot more chill than I used to be when I would go to clubs and stuff a lot, but electro hits me in a... special way. This is one of my favorite electro songs:

      http://soundcloud.com/djexceed/chocolate-puma-bingo-players-disco-electrique-exceed-remix-1 (it's not on YouTube)

      I can't even begin to describe how it makes me feel. Granted, I listened to at the peak of the furthest I have ever been from ordinary consciousness.
    2. I have a feeling I might over do it as well soon, I can't stop listening to dubstep. I've started to forget what I used to listen to.

      What other music do you like?
    3. It's pretty good, huh? That's one of my favorite old songs. And undoubtedly, I just had to be sure. I haven't been focusing on dubstep in a little while because I overdid it for a long time, but I'll see what I can pull out of the old memory banks. Lemme build up a PM playlist and I'll send it to you!
    4. That song.... is amazing. Feel free to recommend dubstep to me any time haha, I'm still in the learning stages XD I have two close friends who have been 'teaching' me about dubstep and I love it, although I'll always be a classic rock guy at heart lol. I listen to dubstep whenever but it's always better in the 'right' mindset.. isn't everything?
    5. Looks like a good list. Skrillex I like, and I've listened to some of the other stuff before but mostly I listen to the older, chiller, and more trippy stuff. I've been listening to dubstep for almost three years now. I'll listen to literally anything, but dubstep is probably my favorite genre, or at least among the top. Do you just listen to dubstep regularly, or do you listen to it in the "right" mindset?

    6. 160GB.... that's like 150GB more than you could need. I'm impressed.

      My dubstep playlist isn't very big, I've only been into dubstep for about a month thanks to a friend. I'm more of a blues/rock/metal type of guy. I listen to a bit of hip hop/rap as well though.

      I sent you a link to my youtube playlist in a private message if you want to take a look, wouldn't let me put the link on here.
    7. Not a whole lot, I've been trying to find music all day for my new 160 GB iPod. I'm finally giving my ears a rest! What kind of songs are on the playlist? (Dubstep, obviously, but I mean more specficially. )
    8. Hey! Not much, listening to my dubstep playlist on youtube and thinking about going to bed haha. What about yourself?
    9. Hey, what's up?
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