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    Hello, everyone. I have had my own experiences with lucid dreaming, and have used my own unique methods.
    I am intrigued by the different methods you LD's share on here.
    I would be happy to give advice, as well as listen and learn.
    I'm a 16 year old female, and am Dutch by birth.
    I enjoy being alone, playing piano, reading, and hanging out with friends.
    Feel free to PM me, if you have questions. :)
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    Lucid dreaming, reading, mixed martial arts, drawing, basketball
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    Terror and Love

    by Lena04 on 11-14-2012 at 07:45 PM
    I was sitting in a meadow, surrounded by long, green, sweet-smelling grasses.
    I closed my eyes, and let the sun kiss my face, feeling completely at peace.
    I don't know how long I sat there, with my long hair billowing in the slight breeze.
    A thought crossed my mind. "It is better not to be happy. Because the disappointment of another of life's troubles will hit you with a force that takes every hint of happiness away." Those were the exact words.
    My eyes snapped open.
    A dark cloud was pulling itself across the sun. The wind picked up to insane speeds. My hair whipped itself against my face suddenly, stinging my cheeks. I felt a little wetness where the stingy feelings were. I put my hand up to my face, and there was a perfect, fine line of blood on my hand.

    I looked up, about 500 meters away was a train bridge. The fast approaching train was in grave danger. I knew it, yet, I couldn't spot what the danger was yet.
    All of a sudden I knew. The ducts of the bridge were shaking vigorously in the middle.
    I wanted to scream as loud as I could. Do anything to attempt to stop the train, with all its' passengers, but I know I could not.
    A hollow sound came from my mouth. "Ehhh." I bit my fist, and watched in HORROR as the weakened structure of the bridge gave way, and the train started diving head first in the churning water below.
    A lovely little girl flew out, her gaze caught my horror-struck one, as she was flying down towards the water. Her brown braids waved in the breeze. She looked so peaceful. Then there was a big bolt of lightening, and she hit the water with a humongous splash.
    The train hit milla-seconds after she did. Right in the same place. Animal-like screams filled the air. A pool of blood surfaced on the water.
    My stomach churned.
    Cart after cart, plunged into the river, with deformed bodies sliding in after them. Pieces of the bridge crashed in after all of it.
    It was HELL.
    I realized I was screaming now. My voice matched the others. The helpless ones I could not reach.
    The little girl. I caught sight of her again. How could she still be alive??? There was a huge cut on the right side of her face, that was gushing blood.
    I didn't hesitate anymore. I dived into the wreckage-filled water, and I was under. I opened my eyes for a split second and saw clouds of blood, and little white pieces, which I assumed were bones. I surfaced, with a gasp, and took in as much air as I could. I looked every which way, trying to catch sight of the little girl. I finally caught sight of her. She was clinging to a piece of the bridge, and I was felt adrenaline rush through me. I swam toward her, with long strokes.
    As a piece of train came rushing towards her, threatening to knock into her, and kill her, I made a lunge, and grabbed her arm, and yanked. She cried out in pain, but I pulled her into right arm, as the piece of wreckage came thundering by.
    "PUT YOUR ARMS AROUND MY NECK!" I yelled, over the noice. "WHATEVER YOU DO, DON'T LET GO!"
    She clung to me, and wrapped her legs around my waist, and I started swimming back.
    A big, rusty piece of metal with deadly, sharp pieces like swords sticking out of it, was headed straight for me.
    I screamed "HOLD ON!!" and I dove under. A piece of metal struck me in the head, and I heard a crack, and an excruciating pain rushed through my upper body.
    I felt myself slipping into unconciousness, and was vaguely aware of powerful arms grabbing me around my waist. "Where's the girl????" I remember, screaming in my head.
    Then.. Nothing.

    I woke up in my dream. Everything was blurry. A handsome face, that has haunted my memory for months, was above me, stroking my hair gently. Angry tears spilled from my eyes. "This can't be real!" I thought. "He's gone. He left. He's not coming back. He drove away."
    He pulled his sleeve into his palm, and dabbed at my tears with a feather touch. "Don't cry, honey", he said.
    I swallowed. "You left," I whispered.
    Confusion came over his face. "But I was always here. I've been here with you for the last four days. I won't leave you."
    He took my hand, and kissed it gently. "I promise," he said.
    He started to say something else. I was intrigued. Focusing hard.

    There were bolts of lightning/electricity, and I woke up with a jolt.
    I was sweating, and my heart was pounding like hell.
    I didn't know if I was happy or angry to be awoken from the dream.

    Updated 11-14-2012 at 07:53 PM by Lena04

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