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    9/9/13 2nd lucid dream!

    by Lightcaster on 09-09-2013 at 02:51 PM
    In my front yard. Not sure how I realized I was dreaming, but it may have been that many of my dreams lately have been in my front yard. After becoming lucid, I walked around taking in how real it all felt. I was about to feel the ground, when I remembered my goal of eating something. I wanted an apple. I put my hand behind my back and felt an apple materialize. When I brought my hand back there was a dark red apple. It was the best apple I have ever tasted. Just the right mixture of sweet and sour,softness and crispness. It turned into a plum after a few bites, but that was good too. :P

    I then tried to think of what I wanted to do next I remembered my other goal of finding a wizard, and getting him to teach me magic. I closed my eyes and thought of the inside of a castle as I spun around. When I opened them, I was underground. Everything was brown stone, but well lit. I kept having to crawl through perfectly square holes, and at some point it turned into minecraft -_- I found the wizard at his castle, but he was just a minecraft mob that could fly. I was having problems making the fight "fullscreen" and I just "shut down" the game and found myself in the kitchen.

    I remembered the task of the month for august, so I went looking for a dream character to ask the meaning of life. (not sure if I forgot it is september or just wanted to do the task.) I found my mom and asked her, but she just said "What?" and started scolding me for random things. I found this too un-dreamlike, and lost lucidity.

    I then went to my room and my desk was covered in schoolbooks and children's books about racial and religious toleration. dream fades.

    Notes: I am happy to have had another lucid dream, and I had better control in this one. The apple thing worked perfectly, but the Teleporting was not what I wanted. Also I really need to avoid my mom in dreams. D: All she does is scold.


    by Lightcaster on 09-04-2013 at 04:06 PM
    Ok.. I guess the dream started with me and my sister having supper at some complete strangers house, but their dining room looked exactly like ours. It was an older man and lady. (their hair was graying) We had a massive amount of buffalo chicken tenders, and some fried mushrooms that a kid brought out to the table. I told him that they looked like the pokemon, "Shroomish", and he agreed then left.

    Before we ate, the lady wanted to say a prayer, however she brought out a painting of some windmills, and a random notecard and repeated a short prayer over and over again. When she was done, we talked and ate, but I don't remember much of the conversation. The mushrooms were gone almost immediately, but the buffalo chicken tenders seemed limitless. My stomach seemed to also be bottomless, as I ate a great many, and enjoyed each one. They weren't very spicy, which was good because there was no ranch dressing as far as I remember. The man had about seven on his plate, and was just picking at them.

    At some point during all of this, the scene around us had changed and we were now in their back yard. Our hosts got up from the table and walked into a garage. I followed them and found that the garage was bigger on the inside and full of trees.the man kept trying to put the woman in a tree, but she kept falling out and she was hitting the ground pretty hard. I told him to put her between two branches securely, and walked around a bit. when I came back, the man was standing by a ladder, looking much older than before, and the lady was on top of the ladder, limp as a sack. I somehow knew she was dead.

    I walked outside yelling "Forget this, I'm going inside, out of this rain!" The sky was very dark and it started to rain while I said it. I walked to the table and grabbed a two liter of red soda and some of that wonderful chicken. Then I went inside. After a while, The Doctor (Matt Smith) ran in and gave me a speech about not hiding from storms.

    I went back outside, and my WHOLE family was there. The old man had turned into my grandfather, and he gave my sister and I massive rolls of dollar bills, including some 100's. Then we all went to Dragoncon, where we waited for a premier showing of Dr. Who. There was a life sized weeping angel statue that actually moved when nobody was looking. (I actually convinced myself that it made sense because we have cameras that can track eye movement.)

    While we waited, I played with a soccer ball with some kids who may or may not have been my cousins. They were wearing full body costumes. The dream fades here.

    9/3/13 Finally a Zombie Dream! :D

    by Lightcaster on 09-03-2013 at 04:53 PM
    My house was wider than usual and there were way more windows along the front than there should be. Every one of them had an AC unit to which my father was attaching wrought iron spiked grates. I went out and started to argue that the zombies could use the grates as hand holds to climb on or rip off the AC units. He said that wouldn't happen.

    I then turned around and saw two zombies in our yard. I picked up a 2 x 2 board and gave one of the zombies an experimental smack on the head. It didn't seem to care and they both just slowly started to walk towards me. I kept hitting them and even started trying to stab them with the board as if it were a spear, but none of this had any effect.

    My dad seemed amused by this and told me that they can't be killed that easily, and that a large group of them would be an unstoppable force. We went inside and it started getting dark. I don't remember much more other than being frustrated because all the doors, including the front door, kept opening somehow and everyone else was sleeping. (doors often fail me in my dreams. -_-)

    ~FRAGMENT: This was a longer dream, however all I remember is that I was at my cousins' neighborhood, and there was a basketball hoop that also had some hole underneath it where you are supposed to throw balloons. I was good at the balloon throwing part, and my cousin was owning the basketball part.

    9/2/13 Scorpion Hunt and an Exorcism

    by Lightcaster on 09-02-2013 at 04:27 PM
    I was at a lake, when I noticed that there was a trampoline on the other side of the boundary line for the swimming area. There was also a massive sparring dummy floating out there too. I swam there and started doing stuff, when this random blonde girl started flirting at me. After a while, I told her that kind of flirting doesn't impress me, and suddenly there was a boring sob story/flashback thing. I'm not going to write it, but the point was that her ex boyfriend was an ass.

    After the flashback we were in her room. We talked and became friends. Suddenly there was a scream. we went outside to this three walled building where there was another flashback of a massive scorpion dropping down and stinging her mom. After much searching, I found it in her mom's sock drawer.

    (I don't know what happens between these parts)

    I was at Walmart I was looking for something, when I noticed some guy with short brown hair just standing with a vacant expression on his face. I turned around and walked into the blonde girl. she was looking at me through a cracked magnifying glass. she gave it to me and walked away.

    I tried to look through it, but there was only one place you could see through at the top left, and you had to put your eye close up to the glass. The man who had been expressionless said that the glass could show things that should not be seen. I looked at him with it, and a demonic face was floating outside his, and it was laughing.

    I was scared, but I also remembered how the 12 apostles drove out demons, so I started in a quiet voice, telling it to leave the man in the name of God. Nothing happened. I then yelled something like "In the name of Jesus, I command you to leave that man alone!" The man was still standing emotionlessly, But when I used the glass, I saw the demon was now standing in the middle of the store. I commanded him to go back to the abyss from whence he came. He sort of evaporated. The man sat down and started crying, and the dream ended.

    8/31/13 Fragments of Traveling

    by Lightcaster on 08-31-2013 at 04:17 PM
    1. Traveling with my cousins (to dragoncon?) We stopped at a hotel with wierd phones everywhere. My aunt called and asked which one of us pooped on her couch, and we said it must have been the dog. o-e

    2. My family was beginning a journey, and we stopped at same aunt's house for supplies. I wanted to take their rootbeer, but they wouldn't let me.