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    From the Start - Jul 9th

    by London on 07-10-2013 at 05:34 PM
    Night: July 9th
    Morning: July 10th
    Bedtime: 11:53 PM
    Waketime: 11:55 AM

    Mantra: I remember my dreams

    Start of night:

    Woke up 8:48
    Woke up 9:20

    Vivid Dream:

    This dream starts off with me in a car with a few other people (didn't look to see who it was), and my friends older brother. There was a huge party that night and I needed Mary and he just asked me if I wanted to buy off him, I said sure. We got to my house with his car oddly parked on the grass when there is an open driveway ,and I run in the house to make sure my parents aren't home. Of course, they have 10 friends over that I have never seen before. I make the buy, run up to my room, and put it in a suitcase wide in the open. I come back downstairs and the scene changes into some place in my house. As I'm ready to go to the party I go and grab the weed but it's not there, I look everywhere in my room and scramble through boxes and my toolkit where I keep things for my bike. There is no weed to be found -- can't remember what happened next but I remember the argument in my brothers room about what happened to my weed and tried to get him to give it back to me. He didn't seem as mad as usual when he catches someone in my family and he seemed to be joking around with me and makes me feel like an idiot for not hiding it well. I try and get him to sympathize with me about how much money I spent but he doesn't really care. --scene change -- Sitting on a bed at my friends house talking about how we're going to get alcohol for the party. It turns out, oddly enough, that a bottle of vodka in a dream is $1.1175. His parents walk in and I can tell they are going somewhere fancy because his dad has on an suit/tie but covered in a jacket. His mom has a dress on. His dad thinks we're leaving now, and he says that the time is 11:00. We say we're not leaving now, followed by his mom saying that we're going to be leaving much later, around 11:45. -- End of dream

    End of night

    Vividness: Highest I've ever had
    Thoughts: Surprised I remembered this much. This wasn't even after I woke up. My brother came in for a minute conversation and I just lied in bed until one thought sparked me to remember the whole dream. It's still very fresh in my mind as I'm writing this. I made up for last night lol!!

    From the Start - Jul 8th

    by London on 07-09-2013 at 11:30 AM
    Night: July 8th
    Morning: July 9th
    Bedtime: 11:31 PM
    Waketime: 6:25 AM

    Mantra: I remember my dreams

    Start of night:

    Woke up at 1:30 AM

    Notes- Thoughts (or non-visual dreams) about being aware I'm dreaming in my mind. Odd feeling

    Up till 2:01
    Up till 3:08
    Tossing and Turning
    Up till 3:40

    Woke 6:25 for work

    Remember nothing

    End of night

    Vividness: None
    Thoughts: Maybe tomorrow I can make up for this, weird gap in sleep for almost 2 hours. Wasn't tired, couldn't fall back asleep. I don't take any medication so that doesn't help.