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    Dream paralysis turns into unintentional lucid.

    by LucidLucius on 08-03-2013 at 08:24 PM
    During the night I had been having dreams where I couldn't move at all or open my eyes very much. I had woken up and decided to lay there for a bit. Soon I had fallen it of bed and tried to stand up but whenever I did I fell down like lag in a video game. I held out my hand and tried to close the door without touching it, and it closed. I was dreaming!

    I kept trying to stand up but it was still glitch isn't up. I wondered if this was happening cause I was in between the two worlds, awake and asleep. So I yelled "Fall asleep!" And I could finally move a little more. I yelled it again, and soon I could jump out the window. I jumped out and glided to the ground, the blinds were wrapped around me for a second, but were soon gone. I was finally outside.

    I still didn't know how to fly but I looked up and like, brought my weight up and soon I was flying. I turned around to see the ground and saw that I was flying backwards so I got a little scared that I might crash and turned back forward. I controlled my flying by tipping my shoulders to the way I want to go, and how much I tipped the, was how much I would turn.

    I was flying around for like five seconds when I heard a lawnmower and I saw someone mowing their lawn. I flew over to him and pick him up by his armpits, and started to sing "A Whole New World" suddenly an Arabian man appeared and started to sing in the background with me. I realized my voice sounded awful so I shouted "Play A Whole New World" and amazingly it started playing after about a minute, the guy faded out and so did the music and the scene slowly shifted into a pure white building with rafters.

    I left the building which turned into my local mall. I saw a girl from my school hanging out with a girl I didn't know, and I went over to her and started to feel her breasts. I lifted her shirt up, and started to kiss her but I started waking up. Before I realized it I had woken up and almost yelled "Fall asleep" but it was too late.

    Lesson here is that I cannot have dream sex ever, cause this always happens. This is also my first one in a couple weeks, so I broke my dry spell.
    I also have if this was a WILD or a DILD or what...
    lucid , memorable

    Advanced TOTM

    by Brony on 07-24-2013 at 06:05 PM
    This is my first lucid dream without any supplements, so this is a HUGE milestone.

    Something had happened which had killed me, and I suddenly realized I was dreaming. I went inside a house which exploded as soon as I went inside. I went to another house which windows broke as I got close. I saw someone in there, and I had to tell them that I was dead, and they had to find out who killed me.

    The guy was in a panic and about to leave, but then I told him to stop. He started to run down the street but I easily kept up. I forgot what I had been saying to him, but he calmed down. I proceeded to explain how I died and how he as to find out who. (I still knew I was dreaming, I just wanted to have some fun.)

    After I told him, I decided to leave and stabilize the dream a little bit. I remembered the advanced task, and decided to try it. I was pretty doubtful but I did it the way CL did and held me hand out, saying something along the lines of "Hello Mr. President." I felt a hand grab mine and I looked back. The first thing I did was laugh cause I was lodging onto an arm coming out of a 15 foot pitch black Obama's calf. I had trouble keeping up with him cause he had a big stride, so I shrunk him (the first time I've ever done anything like that). He soon was the size he should be, and the color. I went in front of him and he for some reason had garbled Obama speech. I pulled my fist back and slammed it into his face. I tried to punch him a lot more but the dream started to glitch up and wouldn't let me. He reacted by making a small little "Hmph" noise and looking like he was about to cry.

    Record skip.

    I was on my families patio and I had a big toy recurve bow, i decided to try and spawn a quiver in my hand but the dream suddenly became unstable and I just saw a quiver floating in my FOV. I prepped myself for a DEILD but I had a false awakening into another dream.

    TOTM Basic i

    by Brony on 07-18-2013 at 09:43 PM
    I did a WBTB waking up at 4 am and took some vitamin B6 200 mg.
    I was using an induction in the form of audio, something my dad gave me.Suddenly I was in another dream in my room. I tried getting up but it felt like I was being held down. I tried too hard and woke up back in the other dream.mi went back in and was still in my bed, this time I could move with difficulty. I got out of bed staggering around, and looked out the window, which was changing size back and forth. I tried to push through it but I couldn't. I decided to think the way CL does and thought "It's not there" I jumped through and my dream became so crisp I thought I woke up. When I was out the window I realized I had just jumped through the window screen that blocks bugs. I started to freak out cause I was in the air and didn't want to fall. I started to try swimming which worked, it also got the screen off of me. Once I realized I was flying, I decided to try and fly without swimming. I was thinking about it then I decided to throw myself forward. I started to zoom around the neighborhood which looked like a mix between an ancient city, and a modern one. I went to some walls with holes in them, like giant holes. I decided I wanted to try the TOTY which is the Egypt one. So I said "Through this hole are the pyramids." As I was about to fly through it, I saw a DC she was pretty fat wearing lavender clothes. I decided to do the TOTM, and hugged her. She got creeped out and pushed me away, (turned down by a fat chick ) The dream ends there.

    First DEILD

    by Brony on 07-07-2013 at 05:49 PM
    The dream started out in a Walmart where I knew I was dreaming but had no control. These little colored balls yelled out "Only five more minutes" I was confused and asked if that's how long until the dream ends. Suddenly I was in my bed, I decided to try a DEILD and laid there. Suddenly I felt some vibrations and then, I realized I was dreaming. I got out of bed which was difficult, and saw nothing but darkness. I felt my way around to the bathroom, and finally some light! (Yes!) I looked in the mirror and saw me even though it was still dark, and I decided to try a couple things that I saw in Ophelia's DJ. I looked in the mirror at myself and willed myself to have a great adventurers outfit like from Fallout 3. Nothing happened. So I decided to try the mirror portal thing, and pushed my head through it, it felt like gel and was rather difficult. Soon my head was through and I saw the same bathroom, except dumbbells hanging from the small window. I decided to go downstairs and saw my mom with two tvs and the Simpsons changing characters very quickly, it's hard to explain. Anyway, I went outside and saw it was dark even though it was like 10, so I decided to try and will the sun up. No luck. I started to get mad and asked the dream to send a guide to help me, all of a sudden something growled at me from one of my neighbors driveways, which caused the dream to collapse. I tried rubbing my hands together but I had already woken up.

    I had used a mild technique before I went to sleep by writing down a mantra 10 times.

    DCs Say the Darndest Things

    by Brony on 07-03-2013 at 08:19 PM
    Wasn't really a DC that said this, unless you count computers. I was on my school laptop doing a statewide testing and on the screen was the question:T Rex asuaral assault rifle? And the answers were: yes, no, and can you repeat the question. It would have been perfect if maybe was in there.

    Another dream I had last night, the character T-bag from Prison Break was throwing sharpened GameCube discs at me and getting them stuck in my back so I went up and choked him out. He yelled "THE RIDDLER" as he passed out. Melatonin dreams are freakin weird.