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    19th Lucid Dream

    by Matt1 on 04-17-2013 at 08:55 PM
    April 16, 2013 - 2/4 hours in - 5-10 minutes - WBTB, SSILD, RC

    I slept for two hours, then was awake for two hours, then did 6 SSILD cycles of gradually increasing length, then went back to bed and had this dream after 2 hours.

    I forget how I become lucid, other than that it was through inhaling through a closed nose.

    I tell four other people, two of whom I know in reality, to do the same thing. They do so and are shocked at the result. I tell them it was possible because we are in a dream. They let out a sigh a relief.

    Later I am in the kitchen. I remember my goal to break things of value. Other people are here and I tell them what I am going to do. They don't really want me breaking anything, and I remind them it is a dream. I then begin breaking various vases and plates that are in here. I throw each one on the floor, and part of it breaks realistically, but the largest portion remains unbroken. I pick up a brown one and they want me to skip that one, which I do, and I say that I skipped it just in case I am sleepwalking, although I don't really believe that is a possibility.

    I move on to my next goal of burning something of value. My memory of this part is not too good, but I am in the basement trying to burn something in the water heater burner. Other random burners fire out of the pipes near here.

    After this I am not sure what I should do next. I remember the third goal of driving around and smashing things, but I know attempts at driving a car ruined previous lucid dreams (twice). But it is all I can think of, so back upstairs, I go out to the garage while feeling in my pocket for the keys. I slightly feel what seems like the key ring, but I cannot make them appear.

    The door to the garage faces the garage door to the outside, unlike real life. My car is not here, but someone points out a garage door leading to another part of the garage. I open this door and my car is the same color, but a different shape, and says "PORSCHE" on the back! I am very happy about this, that I have a cool 'dream car.' I somehow have the keys and use the key to open the door.

    The seats are a medium-brown leather, and have a new-leather smell, making this the first time for me the sense of smell has been engaged in a lucid dream. I marvel at how real it seems. I rub my hands more often than usual during this part because I never got further than this before. I look for an ignition, a place to put the key, or a button, but there is nothing for starting the car. Something points to a little black plastic thing sticking out of a part of the dash, so I pull it out and it is just the right size to nestle a quarter in it. I do so, and the car starts. Whatever works, I guess.

    I finally did it! I back out of the garage and drive straight into the street. The street is not like any specific street in reality. It is wide and has highway lines painted on it, but the lines angle in and out, like there were turn lanes and so forth. The acceleration is unrealistically fast. I slow and turn right. I smash into a few objects, and I also smash into another car, with no damage or impact felt by me.

    During this part, lucidity and realism steadily falls. Driving and the scenery is more and more like a video game, but I don't notice at the time. I don't remember the scenery much, but I do remember a road turning into gravel and becoming a causeway high above the landscape, which even in the dream I remember as being like a video game.

    I get bored with this eventually and somehow end up back at home. P. is here just lazily sitting, and I am mad that he wasted his time in a lucid dream. Evidently at this point I am just barely lucid, not realizing that P. is not his real self, but just a dream character. Outside the window, three lanes of jammed traffic end abruptly in front of the house, with a truck carrying a large board game, or a sign with a picture of it. The game is called "Mike" and that name is written on the box in cartoony, orange letters. I recognize this as something I dreamed earlier (whether it actually was I don't know) and describe this to P. as something I dreamed earlier. He says he dreamed the same thing and I and someone else in this room am shocked at this. I ask the name of the game in his dream and he gives two other, random names, and then I 'know' he dreamed something different. I want to scold him for wasting his time in a lucid dream, but I don't get to it before I wake up.

    Updated 04-17-2013 at 08:57 PM by Matt1


    18th Lucid Dream

    by Matt1 on 04-09-2013 at 02:53 AM
    April 6, 2013 - 4.5 hours in - 2 minutes - WBTB, FA, RC

    I set a WILD alarm every 30 minutes starting 3.5 hours in, and the first time I got up to drink water and use the bathroom, and each time the alarm went off I would FILD for a little, then did a reality check and was awake, and fell asleep quickly thereafter.

    I forget the early lucid part of this dream, but I don't think much happened.

    I am laying in bed and I plug my nose and I can inhale and realize I am in a dream. As I reminded myself to do previously next time I am in a lucid dream, I don't hurry out of bed but rub my hands together and move slowly. I don't open my eyes, but wait for visuals to appear, which they do, despite not really feeling like my eyes are open. The lighting throughout the dream is low, like a room in the early morning with the blinds closed.

    Once out of bed, I run right through a wall next to the door, which is on the wall perpendicular to the wall it is on in reality. I pass through like it doesn't even exist. On the other side is an identical wall a few feet away, which keeps repeating each time I pass through, although with a slight variation in how far away the next wall is. While doing this I remember that this was one of my goals for my next lucid dream, so I do it a couple more times.

    I then move on to my other main goal, of falling backwards, and then instead of passing through a wall again, I turn to the right a little into what seems like an empty room, but I don't look around. I let myself fall backwards, which I do until I hit the carpeted floor (like my bedroom which I started in) and stop suddenly. It doesn't hurt at all, but I 'wake up' in bed.

    I think it likely to be a false awakening and I plug my nose and can inhale. I leave my bedroom and am heading up the basement stairs for some reason. I am looking at my phone and it has only the background of the home screen, which shows a clear sky at night, much like it would be in reality. I go towards the kitchen and decide to look at the phone more, since I accomplished my goals. Now it looks like reality with all the icons. I look for Angry Birds, so I press the "Apps" button, which gives me four evenly spaced icons, each one having to do with Angry Birds. During this time I remember not to stare at one spot for too long, so as not to cause waking up. One icon is called "Toss" and I select it.

    Unfortunately, at this point my WILD alarm goes off again, ending the dream. This is very disappointing, but I am happy I accomplished my goals with time to spare to goof off.

    Updated 04-09-2013 at 05:07 AM by Matt1

    lucid , false awakening

    17th Lucid Dream

    by Matt1 on 03-26-2013 at 09:33 PM
    March 26, 2013 - 5 hours in - 15 seconds - WBTB, WILD, FILD, FA, RC

    Every 20 minutes, for a total of 5 times, I had the WILD alarm go off to wake me up to practice it. However, most times I figured on doing nothing, thinking (wrongly) that I was too awake and I should try it some other time. Then I lay comfortably and alternate very, very slightly tapping my index and middle fingers of my left hand.

    I do it for maybe 30 seconds, at no time feeling any perceptible change in anything. I see the patterns of colored lights, but I see these when awake and tired also. Eventually I saw a blob of light that seemed in a sense to be like seeing the window through my eyelids, so I waited a little and then tried to plug my nose and inhale. Up to this point everything felt exactly like reality, yet I inhaled successfully. I can hardly believe it - I transitioned seamlessly into a dream!

    I think for a second to try to remember my goals, and I think of breaking something. I try to get up out of bed, but feel a 'change' and do my reality check again. I have woken up, possibly triggered by opening my eyes too soon or by other in-dream movement.

    Updated 03-28-2013 at 10:00 PM by Matt1

    lucid , false awakening

    16th Lucid Dream

    by Matt1 on 03-23-2013 at 03:13 AM
    March 21, 2013 - 7.5 hours in - 3 minutes - WBTB, SSILD, MILD

    Woke naturally a couple times and tried to fall right back asleep, then woke naturally after 6.5 hours and did about 6 SSILD cycles of gradually increasing length. Afterward I did a mantra of "1, I know I'm dreaming, 2, I know I'm dreaming, 3..." while trying to visualize each digit up to 25, then went back to bed.

    I am in a car with dark seats and T. is driving and E. is in the back seat.

    I am looking at a menu of sorts which on its list has something called a male restaurant and a female restaurant. I think this to be strange and as I think more about where I am, I find that I cannot remember how I got here. I ask E. if anyone else is in the back seat and he says no. I plug my nose and try to inhale, but I expect it to not work, since everything seems so real. I can do it but I don't have the right grip, and I do it again and I can definitely inhale. I rub my hands and try not to think about how I am actually lying in bed, and just take in the scenery.

    The trees are bare and the ground is covered in snow. The scenery consists of fields and patches of trees mixed about. We are on a wide urban style street with curbs. A street goes off to the right, and the street sign has the name of a real life street a couple miles from where I live. A yellow sign reads "Park Closes Gold." The road narrows and the curb ends and it becomes a road closed in with trees as we head slightly uphill. A green stoplight appears which we go through. There are a couple more green lights, and the road transitions in and out of an urban style road with curbs. Those stoplights on the curbed sections of road are on metal poles, and those on the country-style sections without curb are on wires and/or telephone poles.

    As a country road it goes down a hill and I notice that we are going very fast. I fear this will eventually destabilize the dream, so I will it to slow back down. At this point I don't seem to have any awareness of the car anymore. Ahead on the horizon is a large steep hill, and before that point there is a railroad crossing, although this one has green lights, not red ones. A train is coming and I speed up trying to beat the train, although I think to myself there is a good chance I will be hit, ending the dream. I barely make it through in time, surprising myself, but the road curves fairly sharply to the left without me and the visuals fly to the left a little but run out. I don't try to keep the dream and let myself wake up.

    15th Lucid Dream

    by Matt1 on 03-12-2013 at 04:43 AM
    March 11, 2013 - 9 hours in - 2 minutes - WBTB, SSILD, MILD

    Was practicing quick DEILD-style WILDs every 15 minutes via alarm starting 3.5 hours in, but just kept going back to sleep on each alarm, and at about 4.5 hours in I just turned those off and fell asleep normally. I then woke naturally about 5.5 hours in and stayed up for about 15-20 minutes, then did the cycles and mantra resulting in the 14th Lucid Dream. On the 3rd awakening (some were natural, some by alarm) after this I did about 6 SSILD cycles of gradually increasing length, then a mantra of "1, I know I'm dreaming, 2, I know I'm dreaming, 3..." while trying to visualize each digit up to 25, then laid down and went back to sleep.

    One of my relatives has died and I am very distressed. I plugged my nose when seeing it happen, but it seemed like I couldn't breathe, so I thought it was real even more, and kept wishing it was all a dream.

    Me, J., R., and others are sitting at a table in some room. I think again how much I wish this were all a dream and I decide to count my fingers to check again. My hand looks normal at first glance, but I count 6 fingers! I plug my nose and inhale again, this time trying three times, and each time it becomes clearer that I can breathe. What a relief, this is only a dream! I don't notice who the other people at the table are, evidently still thinking I know them so it doesn't matter.

    I show them how I have extra fingers, and ask them what they think. Then I show them how I can inhale with a closed nose, and ask them again what they think. I have to tell them that we are in a dream. I don't remember their reactions much, but I think they are somewhat surprised. I don't really know whose dream we are in, but I suspect it is mine. At some point I tell them to hold on, and I look at my hands again a little to stabilize. My right hand has many short fingers. Shortly after this, I wake up.