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    From examining shrubberies to flying.

    by Midgard on 06-25-2013 at 12:56 PM
    I don’t really remember how the dream started out since it was such a long dream. What I do remember is that in the beginning of the dream we had to make a task for mathematics as homework.
    Me and my other classmates are looking out of a window at a shrubbery. The shrubbery had something to do with the exercises we had to make by tomorrow. I made my notes about the shrubbery and attempted to make the exercise. The exercise wasn't too hard so I completed it in a reasonable amount of time. I heard another classmate (Sam) complain about the exercise, he said he made it all wrong because he was thought the small bush on the side of the shrubbery was part of the exercise as well. “He should have looked better before he begun the exercise” I thought to myself.

    At a certain point after this I realise I’m dreaming.
    “I’m dreaming, so now I can fly”. I wanted to test that by jumping out of the top window of our house. At this point I am standing in front of the window and I look down through the window into the garden below. “Better be sure I’m dreaming before jumping out” I think to myself, because all of this sure looks realistic. I do the test by imagining there is a horse in our garden, I look down and sure enough all of a sudden there are two horses grazing, a brown one and a white one. I decide to take it one step further and imagine that there are now cows grazing in the garden, the horses morph into cows.
    “I am dreaming for sure”. I get ready for the jump by crawling outside of the small window. Now my feet are the only thing holding me in place while my body is floating horizontally in the air with my arms down the side of my body. One of the horses, the brown one, launches towards me and when he is nearly at my height tries to bite my hands off. “That horse sure can jump high” I think to myself. He launches again but fails to reach me and falls back towards earth. I prepare myself mentally to make the jump and fly. I hope I don’t plummet towards the ground, since this is the first time trying to fly in my dreams. I push off and for a moment I’m dive-flying towards the ground, but I manage to gain control over my flight and navigate myself upwards. “I’m really doing it, I’m flying”.
    I fly through the street that is positioned next to my house with my arms stretched in front of me like superman. Beneath me I see my best friend (Lieven) and his dad walking. “Hey Lieven, I’m dreaming, I can fly”. I land next to him and tell him again, “Isn't this great, I can fly.” “Ah, I wish I could do that” he said. “But you can, just do it” I replied. I’m still walking besides him and am looking at the forest besides the road (the forest that is positioned behind my garden). “Look Lieven, look at the castle that’s hidden in the forest”. I try to imagine a castle but that thought doesn't manifest itself in my dream so I just leave it alone. At this point a realize I ought to stabilize my dream, I rub my hands together and see what happens, but there is no noticeable difference in clarity so I yell “become brighter” but still no effect. Must be because the dream is already very clear I think to myself.
    I leave Lieven behind and walk up the bank besides the channel. I want to fight a monster, like I read on the internet. So I imagine there being a monster on the top of the slope in climbing. And sure enough there is a giant armoured troll awaiting me. “I’ll bring him down with my guns” I think to myself. I start shooting at the beast with the gun that has now appeared inside my arms, but the gun doesn’t seem to affect him in any way. Besides me there is a bucked filled with a various array of weapons and I take another one but to no avail, so I decide just to kick the monster with my boot and that seems to do the job as the monster falls into the channel on the side of the road.
    I continue walking down the road and on the left side of the road I spot a little digital clock. I walk towards it and see that it notes the amount of time I have left in this dream, which is not much according to the clock.
    I just want to do one more thing before I leave, I want to have sex with Linde (a good looking girl from my class). I am now in a room by myself, “let’s try to summon Linde” I think to myself. I read that you can do that by drawing the outlines of the person you want to create in the air with your hands, but it doesn't quite work out for me and nothing happens.
    At this point I think about the TOTM that I read about on Dream views. Being naked in front of an audience isn't going to work since I don’t have much time left and there is nobody here, so I should do the task where you look in the mirror. I leave the room and walk towards the bathroom. As I enter the bathroom I think to myself “I hope there aren't holes where my eyes ought to be like I read on Dream views the other day”. I bring my courage together and walk in front of the mirror. I am relieved to see that my eyes are still as they should be, in fact I look quite normal, but then I see the distortion in my refection. There is a strip of the mirror that is bend like a mirror in the mirror palace. Because of this, my head looks quite funny as I move around.

    I begin to lose grip over my dream and stray into a non-lucid dream.
    I tell my best friend Lieven about the wonderful lucid dream I just had, he is sort of jealous since he hasn't been able to have a lucid. “I didn't learn for my test I have from mathematics, but so what, I had an amazing dream instead.”
    I wake up for real.

    Updated 06-27-2013 at 02:49 PM by Midgard

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