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    I'm from The U.S.A.'s oldest city. I own a coffee shop in a rainy city and like to build freak bikes
    beer, building and bombing bikes
    Behvioral therapist
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    Monkeyking's Dream journal

    by monkeyking on 06-17-2010 at 12:47 AM
    Earth destroyed by a force from space

    I can only remember the lucid part of my very long string of dreams last night. I told myself I was going to go to the moon for expedition, but if not I'd try some tasks. I woke up and got a quick snack (a finger full of almond butter and a bite of potato salad) and went into this dream...

    I'm laying in bed in a wooden house and a large silver teddy bear attacks me. I realize I have fallen asleep and my fear dissolves along with the teddy bear and the paralysis. I stand up and decide I'm going to fly away from the darkened room to clear my thoughts. I try to fly, but end up projected through a long thin tunnel. I can only see seemingly never ending wooden walls and a smal opening way off in the distance. I close my eyes and the motion stops. I'm standing on a platform way up in the hills and I can see the lights of a city in the distance, gradually getting sparser as I scan closer to the large platform. I try to fly like I normally do but don't feel I have the usual amount of control. I close my eyes and decide to mix it up a bit by thinking "Rocket boot activate!" (I think I read that someone flies in that manner on this forum and thought it might be cool to try) I begin my rapid ascent as the rocket boot blast me into the sky. They are super fast and very responsive. I think about falling for a moment and feel the g's in my stomach as I begin to fall rapidly back to earth. I begin to look at my hands and refocus, because I can't really see much. When I do I notice the background come alive behind them, but when I take them away it still feelslike someone has turned the lights way down on. I decide to float for a moment, bobbing awkwardly in the air way above the ground and remember what it is I wanted to do. I felt like I was almost there, but couldn't remember. I tried to remember other tasks but could not. I reactivated my rockets and blasted into space. It is dark behind me and a mass of darkness sprinkled with light below me. Then the pillars of flame begin. first one below me to the right, then another, then a few more. I realize they are meteorites, and that the earth is passing through a belt of small meteors. Then I begin to see the fires on the ground illuminate the massive darkened sphere. I am floating in orbit on the dark side of earth watching as meteorites large enough to impact the earth bombard its' surface. I begin to think I am in control of the assault and witnessing a future apocalypse. As I think this, a very large mass, which I assume is an asteroid falls to earth, creating a collosal column of flame, followed by a brilliant explosion, illuminating the dust and debris clouding the atmosphere of the once blue planet...
    Don't remember anything before or after, but I wonder why I couldn't see behind me, and why so many small objects actually made it to the surface before 'the big one' hit. I think maybe it was an i assault from just outside of our orbit, NOT space debris.

    Monkeyking's Dream journal

    by monkeyking on 06-17-2010 at 12:46 AM
    Saturday Morning I slept in, on the couch with the TV on. Trying to wild did not work, but I did have a DEILD that was very interesting. Since I didn't write it all down I'm sure I forgot bits of dreams throughout the night/ morning, but I do remember the main body fairly well.

    Red sea beach/Egypt, pre-pyramids
    I'm cooking in this kitchen I've never been in before. The floor is on a slant and I'm watching myself scramble to cook ribs and lamb for a table who's order has been forgotten as if from afar through a video camera. I gain first person perspective to see that the kitchen is a total mess and nothing is stocked. As a result of all of the running around I have to do, I screw up one of my orders and realize I am missing ingredients for the forgotten order. I decide to go into the cooler to look for a replacement after sending the server out to ask the table what we can do to rectify the situation. I walk into a store and begin shopping. It's a huge Wal-Mart type store and there are sporting goods and outdoor items in the section I'm in. I'm momentarily confused and one side of the dream is gone, as if it hasn't rendered yet, when I realize I'm dreaming.
    I get very excited and things become a bit blurry. I look at my hand, every wrinkle and line. I turn my hand over and on the back there is what looks like a red oval temp. tattoo. It looks crackly,like it has been there for a while. It says something in the middle like "red 66" I know there was a number but I'm not sure what, but that was the gist of the fake tat. I laugh and marvel at how realistic and clear my hand is and decide it's time to get rolling. I take a few steps and am on a sidewalk outside in a residential neighborhood. There are trees and houses to my left, and to my right the road separates me from a huge park block, sparsely dotted with trees and lush, manicured grass. I decide I'm going to fly while I decide what to do, so I jump and land back on the ground, thinking it feels a little harder than normal to fly, but shrug it off. I often have a hard time just taking off and usually have to jump once or twice before awkwardly hovering for a moment. I do this and it feels for a moment like I'm just going to fall back to the ground. I flatten out and bend my knees up as If I were skydiving and begin to fly up and forward for a bit before my legs dip below my body and I begin to fall. I realize the physics are a bit different than usual and that I have to angle my head down and feet up with bent knees to go higher, even out to stabilize and head up to lower my altitude. I shoot upwards in an extreme tilt and I feel my stomach rush upwards with g-forces. I'm up in the clouds slowly flying and adjusting my flying ability. I usually do this way up high because I feel distracted by the proximity of the ground when I'm having flight issues and it can make me wake up or hinder my ability to fly. I play with this inverted flight while slowly descending before deciding the controls are a bit tricky. I say normal flying mode to no avail. I close my eyes and say 'normal flight NOW' and my flight normalizes. I've only been flying above the park in the clear at this point, taking in the beautiful sights while getting in control of my flight. I do a quick loop and increase my speed when all of a sudden a huge gust of wind blows me quickly to my right. I'm being blown completely sideways so the front of me is facing the wind while I fly backwards. I hit a few tree branches as I try to maneuver out of this terrifying wind. For once the pain actually hurts. Typically I only know it hurts, while not actually experiencing the pain. I stabilize and decide very quickly that I ought to get to Egypt to see how the pyramids were built. I close my eyes while flying and say 'Egypt Materialize' and when I open my eyes there is a beach. The waves look like they are tiny and rolling in very slowly because of my extremely high altitude. There is a storm rolling in far in the distance. I think maybe this is the Red sea and the beach is just the floor of the sea itself. I can't see the other side of the sea, but there are signs that it isn't an ordinary beach. I'm unconvinced it's the parted sea in the dream but not so sure since one side of the dream again hadn't rendered and there was something funny about the "Beach". I close my eyes again and think the word Egypt over and over, attempting to will it into existence. I open my eyes and there I am over the park again, only this time I can see a tiny oasis with palm trees around it. I attempt again to command Egypt into existence completely, this time saying 'The Great Pyramids of Giza'. Nothing. I try closing my eyes and summoning Heliopolis, and when I open my eyes I am flying over desert proper. There is a huge palace. half in construction and seemingly built onto a structure that was still being built itself. There are short towers of wide girth, and the whole thing is surrounded by this stuff that seems like a crude, ancient barbed wire equivalent. It isn't the pyramids, but it's old and in the desert. I decide that someone inside would have some answers for me, so I fly into the perimeter of the palace and am spotted by guards, who being shooting projectiles at me. I decide that getting caught by ancient soldiers and identified by the powers that be as a flying man was not necessarily the best idea, so I hide. A soldier finds me sneaking around and I use my mind powers to knock him unconscious. I drag him into what I thought was a storage area of some sort, possibly a holding cell, but am not quick enough to dodge the guards who were making their rounds through the hall. See, as I was dragging the soldier into the cell, the roving guard realized he was not at his post, and began calling for him. This roused him a bit and his moaning tipped the other guard off. I was inside of one of the towers. It was dark, but light was streaming in through windows and laying window shaped spots of light on the dusty, brick floor. The bricks, I now realize, are a sandy color and are extremely large. I climb up into the rafters of the tower, which seem like supports specifically for climbing and working in the upper levels. There is incomplete construction, but it seems more like the old structure is being taken down and was only serving to facilitate something else being built. The guards assist their fellow soldier and send one off to report to someone higher up. I hear something along the lines of 'he is going to want to hear this for himself' and there is a sort of seriousness. I assume they are calling the captain, or someone higher up. I'm trapped in the rafters for some time when all of a sudden a very large. old man in a business suit comes around the bend along with a few guards. He looks right at me as if he knew where I would be and says. Come down from there. I try to climb higher and find an escape up and out of the top, but am unable. 'We've been waiting to talk with you' the man says and follows it up with 'I'm glad you didn't just kill the guards. You could have, though they didn't deserve it.'. Climb down and stand face to face with the man,the guards move to grab me, spear-like weapons in hand. 'it's ok...' the man says 'this needs to happen.' There is a pause and the man tells me I should have just stayed in the kitchen and that I'm now terminated for abandoning my job post. He adds that my quest for knowledge and answer to certain things is foolish. I almost don't hear that part and begin to defend myself by explaining that the kitchen was a mess when I clocked in and that there was absolutely no prep done before hand. He tells me there is no excuse for poor performance and that I'm fired regardless of what I say. I become confused and angry and the man laughs at me. He tells me that I'm stuck at a dead end and I'll never find the answers I seek. He taunts me for the ease at which I become distracted and I grab him by the throat. The guards again surge forward and he stops them again. I force him to his knees and he simply tells me that I can kill him and it isn't going to change that fact that I won't make it. I squeeze harder and begin to yell at him to tell me what the fuck is going on. He begins to gurgle and I can feel his windpipe beginning to shift in my hands. I scream louder and squeeze and force him backwards. He's already on his knees and his eyes tell me he is about to pass out. I stop squeezing, realizing that if I kill him I'll never get him to tell me what he's talking about, he is unconscious and I yell at him to wake up. He opens his eyes as if he were faking and says something along the lines of, 'I'm more than you'll ever know, boy.' and disappears. The soldiers are walking side by side away from me and the dream is fading.

    It occurs to me that the bricks looked a lot like the blocks used to make the pyramids. I'm still dissatisfied about the quality of the Red Sea and Pyramid possibilities. I didn't think I was having a 'building of the pyramids' dream because I was looking for the pyramids and planning on asking the natives how it was done. I must have been there while one was being built and therefore didn't see any pyramids. This is just speculation and may try this again.
    The fact that half of my dreamscape was un-rendered may have also kept me from realizing in- dream that I was witnessing the Red sea parting. I did think about these things afterwards and just am not sure.

    Monkeyking's Dream journal

    by monkeyking on 06-17-2010 at 12:45 AM
    tons of false awakenings this am. My lady woke up sick and was complaining intermittently all am.

    Me and my lady are living on a couch of a dining area in a huge casino boat. There is a large cream colored couch we are sleeping on in the midst of passengers enjoying cocktails. There are windows wrapping around the entire room to reveal the ocean and horizon in every direction. We cover our heads to sleep. I hate that there is no privacy, but everyone treats us as if we aren't there, so It's OK. There are TV's on in the lounge and the news is making my mind run, full of current events. I decide to get up and use the bathroom. In the hallway an old lady stops me and tells me my $700 dollar rent is past due. I tell her I know, and give her some excuse as to why I hadn't paid it yet. I return to the couch and this time we're interacting with the guests about current events and enjoying ourselves. I begin to think that, while this isn't terrible I'd really like some privacy for the amount of money I was spending. I thought at the beginning that I was going to be paying less than $700 a month. I get up to get a drink and end up at a train junction, confused as the man running the train tells me to get on. It looks like a bus inside, and the scene in the cruise ship lounge has turned into this train/bus. Then aisle is cluttered with shoes and food wrappers, and everyone is living here with us. I begin to wish I had time to have sex with my lady in private and start to think about how to make it work given the lack of privacy.

    I wake up and tell K that I'll work for her. She says I don't have to and I roll over to go back to sleep.

    I walk into a room where there are some strange sex practices going on. Someone says he's going to get Champagne. I walk into the hallway, the walls are black and gold, and looks like a strange mansion with expensive chandeliers, etc. There is a hot plate on a counter with a big pot full of hot dogs. The water is boiling over so I turn down the heat. I put a whole steaming hot dog in my mouth. It's hot but doesn't burn me. I chew it and continuously blow to regulate the heat in my mouth. As I walk w back into the room the guys are trying to open up bottles of Crystal, thinking they need an opener. There is a Spanish maid in sexy clothing on her knees on a lavish day bed and a well dressed man squirting her down with a super soaker full of champagne. She asks if he's done and he barks 'It's good for you!' and continues. I decide I've had enough of hotel innuendo so I walk outside. Tim Curry walks into the room so I stay. He's dressed like he's shooting for 'Rocky Horror Picture Show' and is extremely tall. His hands are way too big and his eyes have large dark circles around them as if he's tired. His head is way too big and it's a bit creepy to look at his. It's obvious he's shooting some strange foreign fetish film with a 'Rocky Horror' feel to the wardrobe. I watch for a while as Tim gets direction from someone behind me. I decide to leave.

    I wake up to kaitee complaining she doesn't feel well and offer to open the shop for her. She refuses to let me and I go back to sleep.

    I'm on Foster riding a 20" silver bmx. The physics are all wrong and I'm suddenly aroused. I'm trying to ride without being noticed, but there are pretty girls all over. I decide to do sweet tricks instead of hump the bike, but the bike has a mind of its' own. I cruise past a group of people waiting for the bus on 70th and there is a cute alt girl, blonde hair with a blue streak. I'd like to impress her so I turn around to do a trick. It's a lame trick, but everyone claps but her. I ride into the street and have a hard time getting out of the oncoming lane, which has no cars. I also can't check to see if anyone is coming behind me. I will myself across the double yellow line and onto the side walk. There is a bank and I begin bunny hopping onto it and doing bar spins off of it. I land a huge jump onto a slanted wall and jump off into a 180. I ride around a bit and end up by a park full of DMB hippies having a sing along. It is terrible but I decide to hang out and do tricks in the park. A house materializes around us and I rush outside to grab the bike before it gets stolen. When I get inside, they are naming empty bowls of food and hanging them like art. Everything is named ____eater, or son of _____eater (e.g. Mooseeater) I find this extremely funny. My friend Dutch is there and we talk about bikes and drink PBR.

    I wake up (I think for real this time) and tell Kaitee that I'll come in later and give her a few hours off. She refuses and I go back to sleep, dreamless.

    Monkeyking's Dream journal

    by monkeyking on 06-17-2010 at 12:44 AM
    Keep it up, NM. The brain is plastic, and the more you find ways to work it out, the more it will expand and enable itself to do more, clarify better etc.

    Last night. Non-lucid

    I have a new girlfriend. She is amazing; professional, beautiful, attentive, selfless, totally into me. I'm pretty smitten with her. We're cuddling and I'm telling her that my parents want to meet her. I tell her we're going to go to dinner with them Friday evening. It is dark and we're under the covers, getting ready for sleep. She whispers in my ear that she doesn't want to go out to with my parents and explains she was hoping we could get out of town for the weekend, since we have both been working so much. I tell her how wonderful that sounds and explain that my Mother would be crushed if we bailed. We discuss it for awhile. We have great sex, like we're in a dream.

    We're at dinner. The place looks like some seedy video poker place with a sushi buffet in the main room. We have an indoor balcony seat overlooking the buffet. It looks like folding tables covered in cheap cloth. On top of that are bags of ice that look like they were purchased at a gas station. The tables are wet and the sushi looks terrible, almost like it's been sitting in the ice bath in contact with the water. My new lady starts to talk about how terrible it is to eat animals and I begin to think she's a bit annoying about her diet. I eat a piece of sushi. It is canned tuna fish and cream cheese wrapped in white rice. Nothing short of terrible. Edible, but what I would expect from some redneck Asian themed party. I begin to think going vegetarian doesn't sound so bad after all. I look at my girlfriend. She has dark brown hair, fine, and just below the shoulder. It's parted in the middle. She's wearing thin rimmed glasses with oval shaped lenses. White button up blouse buttoned down just enough to be sexy and still be appropriate for my family. I can't see under the table but I guess she's wearing a dark sheer skirt that cuts off just below the knees. I bet she's wearing her comfortable heels;The short ones with just a thin black strap and buckle to tighten them on.

    I'm at some party. It's a warehouse I've visited before in my dreams. Months back I broke into it during the daylight while my friends kept an eye on the security guard. I was looking for a backpack I lost at a party presumably just like this one.
    I'm riding a mini-bike with my friends through downtown Portland. We're arguing about whether we have time to catch a train and go Zoobombing before going home. It's pouring and we're soaked. Some of us catch a train, others miss it or stay behind. The city isn't quite right. It's toobright in spots and the max line is all wrong. I'm on the max trying to figure out what's not right...

    The sounds of an autistic man breathing in and out of a harmonica wakes me up. It's 5:13. I can't really remember any of the other dreams I had, and I'm sure I've left out big sections. My recall really sucks when I'm at work. (I stay overnights and get to sleep. It's part of my job)

    Monkeyking's Dream journal

    by monkeyking on 06-17-2010 at 12:44 AM
    When I sleep at work overnight I get an odd feeling in the bones of my lower leg that keep me from entering SP. Also there are many other factors that affect my ability to stay asleep, so I often forget the interrupted dreams until much later.


    I'm in a dark house and there is a presence there. I know the person from somewhere, but this time he feels old. I cannot ever see him. There is a painting of a fire on the wall that seems to illuminate the dark room from within. I telepathically tell the man I wish to control fire and suddenly I am scrutinizing the painting as if with a looking glass. I'm making the fire glow white hot in places and grow cold in others. I'm shaping the fire and fixing it's intensity. It has become a mighty efreet, trapped not in a bottle, but in the piece of art, is the piece of art. Telepathically the man asks me "Do you dare release the djinni?" I can feel the anguish of the trapped fire being and it is fairly intense for a minute.

    There was much conversation after that which I cannot remember. Before this were disjointed dreams about old friends and approximations of St. Augustine, FL. The moment I was inside the house I became lucid without even having to acknowledge it. If it wasn't for the Dream guide (at this point I'm thinking the guy I can't see is just that) I might question whether I was lucid. It was just such a smooth transition; no excitement, no need to validate. A request for power from some unseen sage was the only thing important.